All My Children Video: Your First Glimpse at Pine Valley's Returning Faves and Fresh Faces

While One Life to Live is aiming to sex things up in its upcoming relaunch, All My Children is taking a slightly more traditional approach. Translation: Expect lots of tears, backstabbing and melodrama from the fine folks of Pine Valley.

VIDEO | All My Children and One Life to Live Recaps

The following first look at the ex-ABC soap’s Hulu/iTunes revival (bowing April 29) features a mix of beloved vets (Adam, Brooke, Dixie, Bianca and David, to name a few) and loads of fresh young faces (hello SORAS‘d ones!) traipsing around the fictional Pennsylvania town.

Press PLAY below to watch the drama unfold, then hit the comments: Does this promo make you want to inhabit Pine Valley again?

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