Was Hot-Button Glee Haunting? Is Grimm Slow to Love? Mad Men's Biggest Surprise? And More Qs!

Grimm - Season 2We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Mad Men, Cougar Town and Glee!

1 | Which Grimm storyline needs more caffeine: Juliette’s very slow-to-return memory or Rosalee and Monroe’s glacially paced romance?

2 | Nikita fans, on a scale of “Whoa” to “OMG! My Jaw Just Hit the Floor,” how would you rate Alex’s mutinous turn — and subsequent shooting of Ryan?

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3 | How worried were you that Melissa McCarthy’s physical comedy-filled Saturday Night Live monologue was going to end in actual injury?

4 | If Shameless‘ Lip — who deserves so much more in life — doesn’t go to college next season, will that be a heartbreaking disappointment? Or just realistic?

Popular TV Shows 20135 | Bigger Mad Men surprise: James Wolk’s guest spot or Linda Cardellini playing the mother of a college freshman? On a different note, can the show put a moratorium on characters tossing their cookies on screen?

6 | Why isn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ Mr. Bradshaw concerned that his youngest daughter Dorrit is dating a senior? Is he spending so much time at the “gym” that he’s no longer exercising his brain?

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7 | Are you still taken aback by how bluntly and matter-of-factly Revolution revealed the answer to the blackout?

8 | Who would have thought that Max Thieriot’s punk of a character on Bates Motel would turn out to be one of the series’ most compelling and — dare we say it? — sympathetic?

9 | Show of hands, New Girl viewers: Who thinks Cece will actually marry whatshisface? Anyone? Bueller? And did Nick’s “dead dad pass” work even once? (Aside from the day-glo track suit…)

10 | Um, there is no way in hell Mindy Project’s Winnebago-sized carry-on fit in that overhead compartment, right? And doesn’t it make so much sense that Mindy’s ex Josh was on coke the entire time they were together?

Popular TV Shows 201311 | Travis/Laurie ‘shippers, was the Cougar Town twosome’s first kiss all you’d hoped it would be? Or, now that you’ve gotten a taste of the duo, are they better off as friends?

12 | When American Idol‘s “powers that be” went and “reprimanded” Mariah Carey for not being a tough enough judge (as she noted during Wednesday’s performance show) don’t you wish they’d also given her pointers on how to be a little more concise? Also, was Jimmy Iovine ranking Lazaro at No. 10 out of six contestants a little too cruel — despite Mr. Arbos’ horrific rendition of “Close to You”?

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13 | Suburgatory‘s surprisingly dark turn with Dalia and Tessa: Yay or nay?

14 | Be honest: Did you have any suspicion that Nashville‘s Watty had been involved with Rayna’s mom?

15 | Whose stomach is still in knots from this week’s harrowing, heartbreaking Southland?

16 | Can there be a Nurses’ Ball on General Hospital every day? Speaking of, how are we all feeling about Patrick and Sabrina’s long-awaited romance? Was the honeymoon phase cut too short by Britt’s (likely fake) pregnancy bombshell? And wait, they can’t even mention Starr Manning’s name on the show anymore? She’s just “that girl” and “his girlfriend”?

17 | No matter how you feel about Glee tackling the subject of school shootings within a few months of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, weren’t the performances by the core McKinley cast absolutely haunting? On a lighter note though, does anyone really buy Beiste making a move on Will when she’s clearly been a good friend to both he and Emma throughout their courtship, engagement and subsequent relationship woes?

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18 | Was there anything funnier on TV this week than the Parks and Recreation tag featuring Ron Swanson vs. the banana?

19 | Who else was surprised to find out that Community‘s buzzy puppet episode was also a musical? By the way, which felty Greendaler was your fave? (We were partial to Jeff and Pierce.)

20 | How fun was it to see The Office‘s typically tightly-wound Angela unravel a bit during the press conference with that senator hubby of hers?

21 | If there’s a decrease in mushroom sales in the coming days, can we officially credit Hannibal as the cause?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!