Exclusive: Revenge Poised to Kill Off a Core Character in Season Finale

Revenge Season 2 Finale Major Character Death SpoilersBy the time the credits roll on Revenge‘s two-hour Season 2 closer on May 12, the Hamptons population will be down by one.

We’re not talking a plane-explosion fake-out or Tyler-Daniel-on-the-beach switcheroo. Series creator Mike Kelley tells TVLine exclusively that “one of our core cast members will not survive the finale.”

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Even better, he adds, “Our audience will not have to wait to find out the identity of the person that didn’t survive. We will let them know within the two hours.”

So who’s headed to that big benefit gala in the sky? Click through our gallery of possible victims, then hit the comments with your predictions.

And if you need a hint, we’ll leave you with this cryptic Kelley comment: “It’ll be a surprise who it is – and it’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

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    • i agree it’s gotta be conrad or ashley. heck even both! they’re pretty meaningless in terms of storyline..
      ps .. it makes me so sad to see all the jack hate! :/

      • Radha says:

        Thank you! I DO NOT GET all the Jack hate. It’s like fans automatically hate a character if they are nice and honorable. On a show with all these conniving characters, it’s good to have Jack to sort of balance it out. He has chemistry with Emily and I like him much more than Daniel. Let’s put it this way: I’d rather Emily hook up with a corpse than have her be with Daniel. I was further irritated when I found out that they were dating in real life. THAT is why the writers changed their minds to kill off his annoying douchebag character on the beach.

        • Kathryn says:

          I don’t hate Jack but I find him boring. I saw the chemistry between Emily and Jack the first season but since then there hasn’t been any warm/affectionate interaction at all between them… I haven’t seen a spark at all (granted the writers haven’t given them any opportunity). The closest it came was on the beach during Jack/fauxAmanda’s wedding… and Emily looked a bit wistful. But I bet that viewers that started watching in Season 2 don’t get the connection at all…probably can’t see why people are rooting for Jack and Emily.

          • Regal says:

            I saw season 1 and I don’t get why people are rooting for Jack and Emily.

          • Vicky Crawford says:

            I STILL SEE A SPARK!

          • Joy says:

            I definitely see a spark between Jack and Emily! Even in season 2, where they’ve been keeping their distance because the timing isn’t right (because of Fauxmanda, baby Carl, and all of Emily’s secrets). There has always been a chemistry between them, even when they haven’t had the opportunity to explore it. I’m just praying Jack will soon know Emily’s true identity and they’ll eventually ride off in the sunset together…. :)

        • Ugh, really? Didn’t they learn from the Brothers and Sisters mistake?

        • MM says:

          I’m fairly ambivalent over who Emily the character dates, but that Emily and Josh are dating IRL annoys me too. Probably because I still feel burned after B&S and Alias and all those other shows where real-life co-stars’ romance has gone sour and ruined the show.

        • JE says:

          I love Emily and Daniel together! They make a GREAT couple! There is definitely chemistry bx them! I really think Emily loves Daniel, but she cannot allow herself to really show it because of her “mission”. It does not look like Emily and Jack are going to get together because he does not trust her and this has caused him to not feel anything for her now Daniel truly loves Emily and would do anything for her. He puts her before his family. Actually, she would be better off with him because he truly loves her and she does love him more than what she thinks..

          • Natalia says:

            I 10000% agree with you

          • She doesn’t love him anymore. She did but after he chose not to expose his parents for David Clarke’s murder, as well as being an accomplice to the conspiracy and many other crimes his parents have committed, she hates him. He’s just a pawn in the game now.

      • WingsStef says:

        Love Jack! I really hope that Jack does not get killed off… if he does he better be told the truth, but I don’t want him to die. His storyline has been juicy lately, that could be a good or bad thing…

        • Joy says:

          I love Jack too! I hope he doesn’t die… he’s so close to learning the truth and he and Emily deserve the change to ultimately be together.

      • lacye says:

        i aGREE they are both not important to this show, they could both die and it would still be able to contunie without concern. Plus i cant stand either of them especially ashley

      • Joy says:

        I’m so glad other people feel the same way! I’ve never understood the Jack haters. He’s NOT boring–especially now that he’s (slowly but surely) learning the truth. I cannot wait until Emily confesses the truth about her identity, and I’m praying it happens during season 2’s finale. Please don’t kill off Jack! He and Emily belong together!!!!

    • slizabeth says:

      Or Declan.

      • Ann says:

        I hope it’s Declan. He’s useless,

        • it won’t be him. jack has already lost too much– his dad, his dog, his wife. they won’t make him lose his brother too.

          • Joy says:

            Thank you for understanding! Seriously, Jack has lost enough loved ones already. Leave the poor guy alone! Declan may not be a master Revenger, but his presence is certainly not useless.

      • Belle says:

        They can’t off Jack before Emily tells him she is really Amanda…and then his last dying words will be – I’ve known all along, then he’ll smile, touch her cheek and then close his eyes.

        • bonnie says:

          i think it will be jack they kill off…on his death bed amanda will confess the truth to him and he will die knowing the truth….she gets on with her revenge and jack knows the truth but doesn’t live with the knowledge that he was deceived by the real and fake amanda.

    • The letter J says:

      Please let it be Ashley!

    • I’m thinking that one thing we’ll see as the show progresses is all the “heroes” gain a reason to want to take revenge on the Grayson’s for their misdeeds. Emily has what they did to her father and Jack has to what they did to his wife. It gives them a reason to be enemies of the “bad guys”. What I think the death needs to accomplish is give one of the other heroes or potential heroes a reason for them to hate the bad guys.

      That’s my take on it. Otherwise, really, the death just becomes a reason to trim the fat when it should be used to move the narrative forward.

      • kels says:

        in this case, i think it should be Declan, giving both Jack and Charlotte a reason to join the fight against the Graysons. wouldn’t it be cool if those two got together (over the baby, their grief, and their hatred for the Graysons)? a little weird, but that would create some interesting tension in the storyline.

      • Joy says:

        Oooh i like your take on the finale! Although the death could hopefully do both: trim the fat AND move the storyline forward. :)

    • Belle says:

      Conrad or Ashley would not be a surprise to Emily…It’s gotta be Nolan or Jack – those are the only two above that would rock Emily to her core!!

    • Kristen says:

      My immediate thought is Ashley, then Charlotte or Declan. I can see how Jack losing another person close to him would further fuel his Grayson hatred, but that might seem like overkill for one character. Ashley is utterly useless to me. She needs to leave. I wouldn’t mind Conrad leaving, but I think he serves more purpose than Ashely. Charlotte will most likely stick around, but I wouldn’t mind if she kicked rocks.

    • trish says:

      i think its ashley!

    • Bonnie Graber says:

      Please, please not Nolan. He is my favorite. Aiden is adorable and that would be too horrific. Ashley or Declan would be my choice. Conrad plays an evil person very well so he has to stay. Those would be my choices.

    • Let me offer this theory:

      It’ll be Daniel, and Victoria and Conrad will blame Emily for his death, thus giving THEM a reason to seek revenge against HER.

    • Sophie says:

      Ashley or Charlotte

    • lacye says:

      please be victoria, man i just really cant stand her, but she is too much of an asset to this whole show and i doubt they could kill her and still make a show, and conrad isnt that important so probably him, please do not be jack, but if it is, that will allow for more need for revenege for emily! and to be honest i use to root for aiden but im not sure anymore… i kinda feel bad for daniel, i think he really loves emily. but I am a hopeless romantic always!

    • Jadescouch says:

      I think it’s going to be Declan, his character hasn’t been worth much to the show. However I don’t see why it would be such a huge surprise to Emily. Daniel would be to her character… he could go too, the script recently has had him shutting down his responsibilities. My 3rd guess is Jack, but I can’t see it, too much story line to be had there yet….and would be weird to off him after offing Amanda earlier…

  1. Joni says:

    Would be interesting if it is Jack, Emily would inherit a baby.

    • Shaun says:

      um,no…pretty sure Charlotte or Declan would.

      • Kristin D says:

        Actually, since Ems was the godmother I would not find it to hard to believe they legally set her up as the guardian. Is Declan even 18 yet? I know Charlotte is- but I would not leave my kid to an 18 yr old rich kid. Not that I would want this to happen. It would be awful.

        • Devon says:

          That’s a really good point about not wanting to leave your baby with an 18 year old rich kid, it strikes me however that a Vigilante Billionaire, who is out to avenge everybody she ever loved, Is possibly Not the lesser evil in this case??? ;) I honestley think Ashley is the one to be cut (possibly literally??) but I fail to see how that could advance anybody’s story as she is Duller than a bag of pebbles, and has Nobody to love (on screen ofcourse). I can’t help but think it will be Aiden though…. Mainly because his death serves the most logical, if you consider it will really ignite Emily’s thirst for blood (if she should need another excuse) but best of all It will free her heart up so when Jack is one mourning faux-Manda he can sweep Ems off her size 5’s….. Plus when she confesses all to him and he forgives her, they can raise baby Carl whilst acting as Grason Take Down Tag-Team???

      • Joni says:

        Well as Emily is the godmother it would make sense otherwise Charlotte would have been godmother. The purpose of godmother to my understanding is a secondary responsibility of guidance, support and should anything happen to the actual parents become caretaker of the child….

        • Sarah says:

          A godparent, is to offer spiritual guidance for a child. That means nothing to a court of law. So if no “relation” is available to take the child, the child would likely be out in the foster system. The only way a godparent gets responsibility for a child is if there are guardianship documents saying so :)

    • Joy says:

      All I can say is that Jack had better not die!!!! He and Emily belong together. Let Daniel bite the dust. Or even Aiden. But Jack had better not receive even one scratch!!!!!!

  2. Esaul says:

    I hope not Nolan. Doubtful. But I hope not. I enjoy Henry Czerny’s reaction so I hope it’s not him. Ashley maybe. I could see that. It wouldn’t be Jack ’cause of their past. Daniel…less likely. So I’m thinking Ashley or Aiden.

    • Ann says:

      I’m thinking it’s Aiden. He’s going to die saving Emily.

      • Esaul says:

        Mhm. And this opens the door for Jack/Emily or Emily/Daniel. Who knows at this point.

      • Debbie J. says:

        It doesn’t say on the listing of pix, that these are the only possibiliites….
        I’m gonna hope for Aiden, although I like him and what he has done for Em and gone through on his own…..

      • JohnQPublic says:

        It can’t be AIden, he wasn’t listed in the possiblities.

      • Lia says:

        Hope it’s not Aiden. I really like him and think he really loves Emily and she cares a great deal for him.

      • Joy says:

        That would be sweet…. I really like Aiden, but I don’t feel he and Emily are meant to be together forever (that role belongs to Jack!). So he could bow out gracefully by dying to save Emily. Which would be believable because he’s a volatile character who genuinely seems to care about Emily, and his death would definitely surprise her–and propel the show into season 3. The other option is that he could end up with Ashley. But we’ll see what happens!

    • Stacy says:

      I don’t think it can be Aiden because he hasn’t been on the show since the pilot. He was only introduced this season!

  3. jimbo says:

    Jack, please.

  4. Michael says:

    I agree; I liked Conrad a lot this season, but I’ve always felt he could leave. Victoria’s relationship with Daniel is more important than her one with Conrad.

  5. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh, please not Nolan!!!!!!

  6. Meg says:

    Hopefully it’s Conrad, Declan, or Ashley.

  7. NCSouthernBelle says:

    If they kill off Nolan they will kill the show.

  8. MM says:

    As long as it’s not Nolan.
    Ashley and a few others can buzz off

  9. Ale says:

    AIDEN PLEASE! He has been the worst character of the season

    • Val says:

      I’m putting my vote in for the horrid Aiden. A terrible addition to the show.

    • Lo says:

      I’ve never understood the Aiden hatred, I’ve always liked him. He treats Emily as an equal, he’s not trying to dominate her like childish, petulant Daniel and he’s not mooning over her like emo Jack. Moreover, he sees her (and knows her) for who she really is and accepts all aspects of her, even the parts he doesn’t like. In my opinion, he’s the best match for her (so far). Plus, he’s easy on the eyes LOL

      • Kathryn says:

        I couldn’t have said it better! I totally agree with you, Lo.

      • deme says:

        THIS! Aiden came in and completely usurped every previous male’s position in Emily’s life and she didn’t mind one bit. And neither did I. He became Emily’s sidekick, lover and friend. I love the character and it appears the writers do as well.

      • SAM says:

        Agreed. Never understood why people hated this character. I thought that he was the only bearable part of the stupid Initiative storyline.

      • Evie says:

        I so, so, so agree! Must be all the Jack/Emily shippers who hate Aiden. I mean, as long as Aiden is there, Emily has no reason to run back to Jack.

        • Joy says:

          I am Jack/Emily shipper, but I don’t hate Aiden. I actually like him, and I think he’s the best one for Emily–right now. But ultimately, I believe that Jack and Emily belong together. Aiden and Ashley (hmmm Ashden anybody?!) could get together and make for a beautiful British couple, especially now that she’s proving to actually have a heart. Then they can all go on double-dates and live happily ever after! :D

      • ratneck says:


      • Carm says:

        I agree, he is the only adult relationship Emily has.

      • yes very easy on the eyes..so handsome and sexy to boot.. love to hear him talk

    • JB says:

      I so agree. I was sad to see him not listed.

    • N says:

      Yes! Aiden! I don’t care if he’s not on the list.

  10. flem_snopes says:

    I hope its that British dude. He does nothing for the show.

    • Aryn says:

      AIDEN IS NOT A CHOICE PEOPLE – see the pictures and names above!!!

      • Louis E. says:

        Is the list offered confirmed by Kelley,or just presumed by TVLine,to include the one who dies?
        Those of us who want Aiden gone ASAP will seek hope wherever we can find it!

  11. a says:

    Please please please let it be Aiden. I know it was reported that he was upped to series regular for next season, but hopefully they’ve heard fan reactions and changed their minds.

  12. Jake says:

    Declan for TV graveyard! Puh-lease!

  13. Chanel says:

    It has to be Ashley. She is useless.

  14. Rob says:

    I’m thinking Daniel or Charlotte. They already messed up Jack’s life enough to kill Declan..it’d be too much in one year for him. Victoria is invincible. Conrad and Ashley dying wouldn’t matter that much to Emily. Aidan just got added as a series regular, that would be foolish. They’re not gonna kill off Emily’s best friend Nolan because then everyone would stop watching because that is cruel and unusual punishment. Daniel is for sure less likely than Charlotte, but he’s a stronger possibility than anyone else. My money is on Charlotte. She’s Emily’s sister, and central to every character’s lives. It would be a HUGE blow to Emily to lose her sister who doesn’t even know she’s her sister and that she may be responsible for her death would kill her on so many levels– the Daniel level, the Declan level, and the personal level. It’s gotta be Char.

  15. Joey T says:

    i want to see aiden die, ive grown tired of him, but if not him then ashley

    • Aryn says:

      Aiden is NOT a choice people, so stop posting things that say please kill Aiden!!!!

      • Louis E. says:

        Some of us really,REALLY want Aiden dead,and what makes you so sure that the list TVLine offered definitely includes the character who will die,rather than being their guesswork?

        • Lauren Kirsch says:

          It was stated that one of the original 9 cast members who started the show would die. Although you shouldn’t give up hope because the actor that plays Aiden has been tweeting ominously. Maybe him AND Daniel die.

  16. J says:

    Kill Ashley. She’s evil, but not in an entertaining way like Conrad and Victoria.

  17. Lynne says:

    And let the hopes of it being Jack and/or Declan begin… Wait, it already has. My bad.

  18. tonya says:

    Charlotte somehow caused by Victoria & Conrad.

  19. Elyse says:

    hoping its my least favorite character Jack who dies!!

  20. It better not be Jack, I’m hoping Emily & Jack for end game!

    • Louis E. says:

      Jack is guaranteed end game.At the end of The Count of Monte Cristo,the Count,done with revenge,sails off with his new ladylove Haydee…I’m convinced that’s why we got Jack’s desire to sail off to Haiti in the pilot.

      • deme says:

        Well if you using TCoMC as a point of reference then she won’t end up with Jack. The Count did not end up with Mercedes (his past love) who had been married and had a son. Jack is Emily’s past, been married and now has a son. And you do remember The Amanda sank right?

  21. Diane says:

    Thinking Ashley

  22. Alichat says:

    I’m impressed that they are going to kill a core character. But now that they’ve dialed the Initiative stuff back a bit and gotten rid of Padma, I’m ok with the current cast. If they want to kill someone, Aiden or Ashley are fine. But neither fit the description given. Hmm…not sure I’m looking forward to this.

  23. Kathryn says:

    Megan/Kimberly… did you leave Aiden out of the picture array on purpose… or is he an option? (Personally I hope not because I love Aiden….I think he’s such a better fit with Emily than Jack is… Aiden knows who Emily is and loves her as she is).

  24. PlugInKali says:

    I wouldn’t mind it if it were Declan or Ashley, but Jack has already been through a lot this season and Ashley’s death wouldn’t surprise Emily that much. So I think it’s going to be Conrad. After what happened to Amanda, and to Padma to a lesser extent, there needs to be a big casualty in the “bad guys” side, imo.

    • WingsStef says:

      And Conrad has been deserving it for a long while. Ha, what if Victoria did it? That would be wild.

    • Lopez says:

      Rumor is that it is Nolan. Please not Nolan or Jack. Take Aiden out he is a killer Emily is not a killer and she wants revenge in runening the Grayson’s and all responseble.

  25. lorna says:

    i hope ashley. cannot stand her. jack is awesome.

  26. Mimi says:

    The Graysons have to suffer, Charlottte would be a character we could lose and it would devastate Emily.

  27. Dochas says:

    As long as it is not Nolan, I couldn’t care less. I would hope that it’s annoying Ashley or sleeper Jack.

  28. Hugo says:

    Emily, Nolan, Victoria must be saved. Except for them, anybody could die on the show. Especially Aiden and Ashley.

  29. MissPepper says:

    If they really want to ramp it up they need to kill Daniel and have Charlotte step up. It would take a long time for Emily and Charlotte to reconcile if she ever found out that half-sister had a hand in/or knew about the death of her half-brother. Otherwise I think it’ll probably be Conrad.

  30. Nerdbot says:

    Killing Declan, Aiden or Ashley wouldn’t have a major impact on the audience. If it was Charlotte, it’d be different since she’s the constant reminder of what David Clarke meant in Victoria’s life and, of course, she means too much for Emily. Also, I doubt it will be Conrad, Nolan (especially after knowing that the cliffhanger will be related to him) or Victoria (she’s way too important to be killed so soon), I think the victim will/should be one of the good guys, maybe Jack or Daniel.

  31. MDS says:

    Declan, he’s useless

  32. mary says:

    Hmm. Declan, Charlotte, Conrad, Daniel or Ashley.

  33. Le081200# says:

    It better not be Aiden, or I don’t even care about a Season 3. I hope it’s Daniel. I’m so tired of the fauxmance with Emily.

  34. lore says:

    Um, he said it would “surprise” Emily, not hurt her. She’s been on the losing end of things way too much this season. I agree that it’s time for a bad guy to die! Conrad is useless; he can’t really go back to the business, and I doubt he’d really win the political run. He’s also been all over the map, plot-wise. HIs death could set up a very interesting love-hate relationship between Daniel and Victoria and give Daniel more “teeth” in the plot. I’m sure Conrad’s death would also surprise Emily without dealing her Yet. Another. Blow. Conrad!

    • WingsStef says:

      I agree, killing Conrad would also cause a big crazy storyline too. Daniel will have more fuel int business. He is the one that brought in this Initiative business into the Hampton. Also, even though we will find out who dies before the credits rolls, this would open up another one of those “who did it storylines.” And well, this spoiled death might not be the only death, but probably the only one with a major character. Though, I guess we will all see.

  35. Ryan says:

    Anyone who isn’t directly connected to Emily’s overall revenge/plane crash storyline isn’t necessary, and kind of annoying. Jack and Declan could leave. Having one of them die and the other leave the Hamptons next season would be nice.

  36. cms1979 says:

    Charlotte, definitely. Victoria will want Revenge for her daughter and Emily for her sister.

  37. Lyn says:

    As long as its not Aiden or Nolan, I’ll be OK. I’m hoping it’s Daniel, but I doubt it.

  38. If it’s Nolan, we riot. RIOT, I SAY!

    But yeah, I’m guessing Conrad or maybe Jack on an outside chance; if Jack dies it would show what could happen to Emily should her Revenge plans aren’t perfect and would raise the stakes.

  39. Sunshine says:

    Kinda thinking Ashley. It says it’s a surprise to Emily… maybe Ashley dies as a result of her actually helping Jack & her duplicitousness is discovered by Conrad thus being killed after finally doing something unselfish hence a surprise to Ems.
    Just a thought!

  40. Percysowner says:

    I’m hoping for Jack, Declan, Charlotte or Aiden. Unfortunately I think the show believes if you fall in love when you are six it is a lifetime commitment, so Jack will probably stick around. Maybe making him revengy will make him more interesting. Declan doesn’t contribute much to the show, Charlotte would hurt Victoria, Conrad, Declan and Emily so her death would have more impact then her character, IMHO. Aiden just hasn’t worked for me, so I could see him go with no regret.

  41. SJ says:

    LOL at the idiots suggesting it’s Aiden. Do you know what ORIGINAL cast member means? Someone who’s been with the show since the pilot. My money is on Ashley. She is utterly useless and I’ve wanted her dead by mid-season season 1.

    • Kathryn says:

      Where did you hear that it is an Original cast member? This article says “core” cast member which just means it’s someone that is well integrated into the stories, not necessarily an original cast member.

      • Tiffanie Orr says:

        im answering the article here on tvline has photos of spoiler of cbaracters for you to guess and theres not a pic of aiden

  42. Lorena says:

    Is not Nolan, the show is having rating problems, and without Nolan, the show will sink so low .

  43. ZmaX says:

    My money is on Charlotte or Conrad (Ashley can go too, she really isn’t that important)

    But I think that Charlotte has a lot more potential as a character since she is Emily’s half-sister and she hates her family just as much as Emily (and once she finds out that her parent’s were to blame for Amanda’s death, she would definitely side with Emily and her vendetta. She could develop into a great character. But of course it’ll be even more emotional for Emily is Charlotte died.

    I feel like Conrad can be killed off since he isn’t that crucial anymore (since Daniel is in charge of Grayson Global. It’ll be great to see him die since he was supposed to be the one framed for the bombing of Flight 197. It’ll be a little piece of justice for Emily.

    that quote is vague, “it’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

    Any one of the characters’ deaths could be surprising to Emily, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to be any more upset about it. Emily has wanted to make the Graysons suffer for what they did, and Conrad randomly being killed by someone else would definitely surprise Emily and it would kinda mess with her own plans of dragging out their suffering.

    She’s spent all this time plotting her Revenge and then them ending up dying before she’s done with it would be really frustrating to her and would add an interesting twist to the story.

  44. Susie says:

    Declan or Daniel plz

  45. A says:

    Daniel, Charlotte, Declan, Ashley… I’m okay with any/all of those. Ashley seems the most obvious cause she doesn’t have any real ties to the show. But can we at least get Charlotte and Declan sent off to university so they stop wasting valuable screentime on their boring plots?

  46. C.C. says:

    As long as it’s not Nolan, I don’t care really. I figure it won’t be Jack because that’s who she’d most likely end up with when the show is over.

  47. MaryAnn says:

    I just hope they don’t kill Nolan, Jack, or Daniel. For me, if any of them die, the show is over for all practical purposes. I hope they realize that there are characters they just can’t kill if they want to keep their loyal audience.

    I am doubting it will be Victoria or Conrad. They are too key to the plot as “bad guys”, and it would limit the scope of the show for either of them to go.

    The most expendable of the originals is Ashley, but I am betting that they won’t choose her, if only because she is not important enough to make a serious impact. Most people don’t care one way or the other what happens to this character. (But if I got to choose, it would certainly be her!)

    My bet is with the people who guessed Charlotte. It makes sense that this would gut punch Emily, and leave her filled with grief for the fact that she would now never get to know her sister as her sister. It seems less likely that it would be Declan.

  48. I can see Declan because he has been pretty quiet so far, maybe Aiden he’s starting to get boring and same old-y. Definitely don’t want it to be Ashley, they need to resolve her past interactions with Emily, the whole bail out thing. Ashley discovering it was Emily who helped her would be an interesting plotline to follow and out of everyone she has the know how to discover the whole charade so if they kill her I think some interesting plot will be missed out on. Please, be Aiden he isn’t important and his death would be a shock to Emily at least.