One Life to Live First Look: Llanview Heats Up!

One Life to Live Spoilers Sexy LlanviewLife in Llanview apparently took a turn for the sex-ay during One Life to Live‘s lengthy “hiatus” — and we’ve got your first look at the touchy, feely, skin-on-skin-filled teaser touting the soap’s revival.

The Online Network‘s One Life will live again beginning Monday, April 29 on both iTunes and Hulu, but not all is as we left it in the Land of the Buchanans Llanview early last year.

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For one, Natalie — whose better half John McBain has been moonlighting with Sam Morgan over on General Hospital — seems to be unsuccessfully fighting a serious attraction to erstwhile (?) badboy Cutter, while Todd has apparently forgotten all about Port Charles’ Carly and is once again looking to love on Blair.

Oh, and did we mention that all of OLTL‘s youngins are now not so young and sexing it up all over town? (Because they are.)

Press PLAY below for a glimpse at the smokin’ hot goings on in the fictional Pennsylvania town, then hit the comments (or a cold shower).