Is Who's Companion Too Hot? Was Sam's Hell Lukewarm? Pedis for the Dead? And More Qs!

DoctorWho_ClaraWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Community!

1 | Is Doctor Who newbie Jenna-Louise Coleman almost distracting levels of pretty? Like, does anyone even remember what the midseason premiere was about?

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2 | Are Orphan Black‘s foster siblings Sarah and Felix darker, more twisted versions of Revenge‘s Emily and Nolan?

3 | All that talk about Victoria’s first son on Revenge being raised in a “Dickensian” orphanage was kinda obliterated by the nice nun we just met, wasn’t it?

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4 | How much Vampire Diaries fan fiction do you suppose the Good Wife writers consumed in the name of “research”?

5 | How is it that The Walking Dead‘s Maggie looks like she just stepped out of a Banana Republic dressing room? And who gave Andrea her antemortem pedicure? GMA_StanaKaticLastly, is the possibility that Carl will grow up well-adjusted about as dead as the kid he shot in cold blood?

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6 | Who do we think took the fall for Good Morning America‘s Josh Elliot asking Castle‘s Stana Katic if Kate and Rick will ever get together? The segment’s producer? The show’s research intern? Elliot himself? (LOL to that last one.)

7 | Seriously, how weird must one be acting for The Following‘s Emma to exclaim, “You’re being weird”? Also, after Jacob dropped off Claire’s dress, did he also send in a hairdresser for her “date night”?

Popular TV Shows 20138 | Has anyone on TV ever said the word “bulls–t” with more conviction than Dallas‘ John Ross? (Maybe Justified‘s Boyd?)

9 | If a simple Google search tells us that gasoline left sitting in a tank will last mayyyybe a year or two, what pray tell are Revolution‘s Humvees running on?

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10 | How has Cougar Town managed to make so comically right the so totally wrong sexual tension between Ellie and her best friend’s hubby Grayson? Perhaps it comes down to the way Christa Miller delivers lines like, “I’d do you…you know, if Jules and Andy died in a car crash”?

11 | Did you have to rewind Smash and watch Ana’s aerial ballet performance of “Reaching Out for You” a second time after realized the whole scene wasn’t an elaborate setup for her to come crashing to the floor and suffer some terrible injury?

12 | Whose head is still spinning from Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated‘s magnificent mythology dump this week, which revealed past Scooby gangs such as “the Fraternitas Mysterium” and “the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery” and made a Twin Peaks reference to boot?

Popular TV Shows 201313 | Could the mid-screen placement of ABC’s How to Live With Your Parents banner during the closing tag of Modern Family have been any more obnoxious? Speaking of that scene, who’s going to try to make Luke and Phil’s “Flip-Jacks” this weekend? And how perfect was the casting of Justine Bateman aka Family Ties’ dim, boy-crazy Mallory as a grown-up version of the Dunphys’ dim, boy-crazy Haley?

14 | Was Supernatural‘s Hell sufficiently creepy? Or would you have preferred for it to remain an off-screen entity?

15 | Did Elizabeth’s wig on The Americans give you a Velma-from-Scooby Doo vibe? And how did Phillip’s rug stay on during that fight with Amador?!

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Popular TV Shows 201316 | How adorable was the Nashville daughters’ cover of The Lumineers’ “Ho, Hey”? (Within that scene, one TVLine reader asks: “Did you giggle at Rayna turning her head just as Deacon says ‘ho’?”) And who knew Chris Carmack had such a great voice? Finally, wasn’t it satisfying to see Avery taken down a peg… or 10?

17 | As fantastic as it is to have Bobbie back on General Hospital, is Jackie Zeman’s “ever-evolving” face proving a bit of a distraction?

18 | What was more infuriating on this week’s American Idol: Lazaro Arbos landing in America’s Top 3 or Nicki, Keith, Randy and Jimmy all failing to include the transcendent Candice Glover in their personal Top 3 lists?

19 | Has a more perfect romantic interest for Community‘s Abed ever existed than coat check girl Rachel? And could it be that we actually liked Pierce this week, and a lot more than the increasingly annoying Chang/”Kevin”?

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20 | Will Scandal‘s Harrison ever get anything resembling a B-storyline/defining character trait?

21 | Were you able to stomach NBC’s gory Hannibal? And while the show is actually quite different from The Following, didn’t the pulsating music in the opening scene remind you just a bit of the Fox series’ heart-like beat?

22 | Is Tabatha Takes Over a lot less fun when the staff members Tabatha is bossing around are decent, reasonable human beings?Popular TV Shows 2013

23 | Were you making the same “what the heck is happening here?” face as Today‘s Al Rocker when guest Liza Minnelli gave cohost Natalie Morales an extended singing lesson? Also: Does this show still fall under the NBC News banner? And why hasn’t embattled co-host Matt Lauer been given more props for the thoroughly tenacious grilling he gave public enemy No. 1 Chris Brown this week?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!