Is Who's Companion Too Hot? Was Sam's Hell Lukewarm? Pedis for the Dead? And More Qs!

DoctorWho_ClaraWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Community!

1 | Is Doctor Who newbie Jenna-Louise Coleman almost distracting levels of pretty? Like, does anyone even remember what the midseason premiere was about?

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2 | Are Orphan Black‘s foster siblings Sarah and Felix darker, more twisted versions of Revenge‘s Emily and Nolan?

3 | All that talk about Victoria’s first son on Revenge being raised in a “Dickensian” orphanage was kinda obliterated by the nice nun we just met, wasn’t it?

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4 | How much Vampire Diaries fan fiction do you suppose the Good Wife writers consumed in the name of “research”?

5 | How is it that The Walking Dead‘s Maggie looks like she just stepped out of a Banana Republic dressing room? And who gave Andrea her antemortem pedicure? GMA_StanaKaticLastly, is the possibility that Carl will grow up well-adjusted about as dead as the kid he shot in cold blood?

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6 | Who do we think took the fall for Good Morning America‘s Josh Elliot asking Castle‘s Stana Katic if Kate and Rick will ever get together? The segment’s producer? The show’s research intern? Elliot himself? (LOL to that last one.)

7 | Seriously, how weird must one be acting for The Following‘s Emma to exclaim, “You’re being weird”? Also, after Jacob dropped off Claire’s dress, did he also send in a hairdresser for her “date night”?

Popular TV Shows 20138 | Has anyone on TV ever said the word “bulls–t” with more conviction than Dallas‘ John Ross? (Maybe Justified‘s Boyd?)

9 | If a simple Google search tells us that gasoline left sitting in a tank will last mayyyybe a year or two, what pray tell are Revolution‘s Humvees running on?

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10 | How has Cougar Town managed to make so comically right the so totally wrong sexual tension between Ellie and her best friend’s hubby Grayson? Perhaps it comes down to the way Christa Miller delivers lines like, “I’d do you…you know, if Jules and Andy died in a car crash”?

11 | Did you have to rewind Smash and watch Ana’s aerial ballet performance of “Reaching Out for You” a second time after realized the whole scene wasn’t an elaborate setup for her to come crashing to the floor and suffer some terrible injury?

12 | Whose head is still spinning from Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated‘s magnificent mythology dump this week, which revealed past Scooby gangs such as “the Fraternitas Mysterium” and “the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery” and made a Twin Peaks reference to boot?

Popular TV Shows 201313 | Could the mid-screen placement of ABC’s How to Live With Your Parents banner during the closing tag of Modern Family have been any more obnoxious? Speaking of that scene, who’s going to try to make Luke and Phil’s “Flip-Jacks” this weekend? And how perfect was the casting of Justine Bateman aka Family Ties’ dim, boy-crazy Mallory as a grown-up version of the Dunphys’ dim, boy-crazy Haley?

14 | Was Supernatural‘s Hell sufficiently creepy? Or would you have preferred for it to remain an off-screen entity?

15 | Did Elizabeth’s wig on The Americans give you a Velma-from-Scooby Doo vibe? And how did Phillip’s rug stay on during that fight with Amador?!

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Popular TV Shows 201316 | How adorable was the Nashville daughters’ cover of The Lumineers’ “Ho, Hey”? (Within that scene, one TVLine reader asks: “Did you giggle at Rayna turning her head just as Deacon says ‘ho’?”) And who knew Chris Carmack had such a great voice? Finally, wasn’t it satisfying to see Avery taken down a peg… or 10?

17 | As fantastic as it is to have Bobbie back on General Hospital, is Jackie Zeman’s “ever-evolving” face proving a bit of a distraction?

18 | What was more infuriating on this week’s American Idol: Lazaro Arbos landing in America’s Top 3 or Nicki, Keith, Randy and Jimmy all failing to include the transcendent Candice Glover in their personal Top 3 lists?

19 | Has a more perfect romantic interest for Community‘s Abed ever existed than coat check girl Rachel? And could it be that we actually liked Pierce this week, and a lot more than the increasingly annoying Chang/”Kevin”?

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20 | Will Scandal‘s Harrison ever get anything resembling a B-storyline/defining character trait?

21 | Were you able to stomach NBC’s gory Hannibal? And while the show is actually quite different from The Following, didn’t the pulsating music in the opening scene remind you just a bit of the Fox series’ heart-like beat?

22 | Is Tabatha Takes Over a lot less fun when the staff members Tabatha is bossing around are decent, reasonable human beings?Popular TV Shows 2013

23 | Were you making the same “what the heck is happening here?” face as Today‘s Al Rocker when guest Liza Minnelli gave cohost Natalie Morales an extended singing lesson? Also: Does this show still fall under the NBC News banner? And why hasn’t embattled co-host Matt Lauer been given more props for the thoroughly tenacious grilling he gave public enemy No. 1 Chris Brown this week?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bill P says:

    Jenna-Louise Coleman is not to pretty. I think she adds a lot of spunk to the role. To me she seems to be able to go toe to toe with the doctor without missing a beat.

    • mia says:

      Agreed! She is beautiful (its tv, everyone is) but more importantly she’s spunky and pushes the Doctor in a way we haven’t seen from a companion in a long time.

  2. bend22 says:

    Jenna-Louise Coleman IS hot and adorable. Huge potential!
    Already love her.

  3. Chel says:

    I cannot explain how much I loved Abed and Coat Check Girl Rachel. Brie Larson nailed that and I want to see more!
    And I’m glad Pierce is being nice, not because I have ever had any great love for Pierce, but because I’d rather see him go out on a high note than with the Study Group hating him.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Totally agree. I loved this episode and i laughed out loud multiple times. I love Pierce and i thought he had such a great non-racist-non-butt-of-the-joke role in this episode. The email bit was funny but it would have been funnier if Joel hadnt been saying for years that Chevy is so bad at technology he’ll say “my email is back in New York”. I also loved everyone else in the episode. Chang was funny and subtle, Annie and Shirley were funny and fun, Abed and the love interest are so perfect i hope she sticks around for a long time…and the Jeff/Britta story line was so sweet.

    • Jazz says:

      Abed and Rachel are seriously the cutest thing ever! I really wish Brie Larson could recur as Rachel because all of Abed’s previous “relationships” have been one episode appearances. I also agree about your thoughts regarding Pierce. This was one of few episodes I’ve actually liked his character.

  4. Kvivik says:

    With regards #17 – Jackie Zeman’s face is nothin g compared to Lesley Charleson’s mangled face. OMG!

    • Laney says:

      Maybe I’m just used to Leslie Charleson’s because she’s been on, but the day Jackie Zeman came back, all I could think was how I remembered about 10 years ago thinking she’d had too much plastic surgery. And how I missed those days. It’s sad; she was way too pretty to have done this to herself.

  5. Ram510 says:

    Cougar Town was great this week! I’ve honestly always liked the chemistry between Laurie and Grayson

  6. Dan Sorenson says:

    Karen Gillan was WAY hotter then Jenna-Louise Coleman, but I Jenna is pretty adorable.

    • ggny says:

      agreed. Karen Gillian was hot. Jenna is a adorablely cute

    • Eli says:

      Considering pretty much everyone who works for this site is either female or gay, I don’t think we should expect them to be good at estimating how hot a woman is ;)

      • mia says:

        Riiiight, cause women and gay men know absolutely nothing about aesthetics. If we’re going to live in the land of stereotypes, at least do it right.

      • Ben says:

        And anyone who measures a girl by how ‘hot’ they are is clearly a teenage straight male? Lol, Jenna-Louise has to be one of the most pretty women on TV from my perspective, easily. She is in the boat as Jessica Brown-Findlay and Emilia Clarke. Of course, this is all subjective stuff.

      • Danielle says:

        And what’s to say one of the writers isn’t female AND gay? Making them, by your standards at least, perfectly capable of estimating how hot a woman is.

      • Angela says:

        I’m a straight woman and I’ve had many a moment where I’ve seen a girl and gone, “Okay, she’s hot.”

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    #5 what the heck was Maggie wearing, she looked ridiculous. And obviously there’s a nail salon somewhere in Woodbury so where’s the Starbucks?

    #7 Gack, Bobbie is seriously hard to look at, but Monica is right behind her. Please stop doing this to yourself ladies, it’s not attractive.

    • Jen says:

      At least with Monica it just seems like her face is super pulled back and tight. It’s noticable and she’d be prettier without that of course, but whatever Bobbie had done is awful.

  8. Alichat says:

    9 – Yes! Thank you! I asked that question last year when the helicopters flew with that magical gas.

    • Nate says:

      The Humvees are diesels which will pretty much run on anything, used oil, old gas and veggie oil are some examples.

  9. BH says:

    I am always so entertained by the wig technology on The Americans

  10. Becca says:

    The Vampire Diaries fan fic had me cracking up, Christine Baranski’s reaction was priceless!
    The GMA thing was ridiculous, she was on for 2 minutes and they couldn’t even ask a relevant question? But Stana handled it really well. Also, the 100th ep was amazing!
    Agreed, Christa Miller’s delivery is everything.
    Harrison definitely needs a story line of his own, which I feel like Columbus Short has kind of? been hinting is on the way on twitter

    • Angela says:

      I hadn’t heard about that GMA thing until this article…that is hilarious. I don’t even watch “Castle” (not a slam or anything, just a show I’ve somehow never gotten around to checking out) and I know that those two are together :p!

  11. Shannon says:

    Sam’s hell was a joke. Seriously. It took the deaths of many angels to rescue Dean from hell, yet Sam just walks right in and finds Bobby after 15 seconds of looking? The lore was that NOBODY except an angel could airlift someone from the hotbox. And Sam just walks right out of purgatory too? They just ruined a lot of old episodes for me.

    • Iwazaru says:

      When they showed the extent of Cas and Crowley’s collaboration towards the end of Season 6 I think there was a line from Crowley about how he remodeled Hell. That seems to explain why it was so easy for Sam to get in and out of ‘Crowley’s Hell’ compared to the difficulty the Angels faced between seasons 3 and 4 to free Dean (who was probably being guarded more heavily due to his role in the Apocalypse too).
      As for Purgatory I agree with you for the most part, the only thing I can think of that explains how easily he escaped is that he wasn’t looking for Cas, Benny knew exactly where to go and Sam wasn’t as preoccupied with saving Benny from Purgatory as Dean was.

      • Taylor says:

        Actually Dean went to hell before the Apocalypse happened.

        • Iwazaru says:

          His role in it was known before it happened though (having to spill blood in Hell to break the first seal and all the stuff about being a vessel/being ‘the only one’ that could stop the Apocalypse since he broke the first seal)

    • Tricia says:

      I’m not even sure this season is really happening. The amount of re-used actors that have been popping up this year is making me worry this is all a dream or Dean is still in purgatory or something. I really hope I’m wrong though and they just ran out of actors in Vancouver.

  12. S. from E. now says:

    #11 i was also certain that she would fall down and didn’t dare looking XD

  13. Stana Katic handled that stupid question really well. And I was just shocked when I heard it.

    • JAA says:

      Stana Katic is a class act. Shame on GMA given that both shows air on ABC.

      I would also like to know if/who took the fall

      • Grey says:

        I really want to know to. When they mess up on easy stuff like this it really makes me wonder about the major stuff, you know? How much can we trust what they report to us and all the “rigorous fact checking” they supposedly do.

  14. nora says:

    Stana Katic is a class act, love her reaction..

  15. Tom Charles says:

    1 | Is Doctor Who newbie Jenna-Louise Coleman almost distracting levels of pretty? Like, does anyone even remember what the midseason premiere was about?
    No prettier than Rose or Amy
    19 | Has a more perfect romantic interest for Community‘s Abed ever existed than coat check girl Rachel? And could it be that we actually liked Pierce this week, and a lot more than the increasingly annoying Chang/”Kevin”?
    Rachel is GREAT! I really hope to see more of her. It’s always nice to Pierce acting similar to a decent person. As for Chang, what’s most annoying about him is that the storyline is being REALLY drawn out. We still have no clue who’s behind everything. Smart money of course is on City College, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex Osborne factors into things somehow.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m about 99.9% sure that Starburns is not going to come back, considering Dino Stamatopoulos is a good friend of Dan Harmon.

  16. ... says:

    2: Ooh, I didn’t think of that, but I definitely see it. I don’t know about dark and twisted (Revenge can be both of those), but they do have similarities, both individually and together.
    10: What sold it to me was Ellie’s “Or maybe just if Jules died” (paraphrasing, of course) voiceover. But I like them together, especially since Ellie can be a bit hard to handle when she’s by herself in being rude and judgmental.
    20: Agreed. He’s a cipher – a handsome cipher, but a cipher nonetheless. All I could tell you about him is that he’s a former lawyer and he has blind loyalty to Olivia. After that, not a clue how to describe him.

  17. Dilys says:

    No. I thought hell was a terrible letdown plus the fact that Sam just sashayed in and picked up Bobby in 20 minutes or so while it took Cas and a legioni of Angels 40 years to find Dean plus Crowley spent all of S6 looking for Purgatory a mess. I don’t understand how this type of script is approved. It was a mess and boring.

  18. A.Rae says:

    #8 – No one, and I mean no one, says that word better than my man Tommy Flanagan (Chibs on SOA). Seriously…

  19. Patrick Maloney says:

    5. You’re a moron if you think that the kid was not gonna shoot Carl as soon as he got close enough

  20. Lora says:

    I have a burning question: Who else gave serious thought to repeatedly slapping water in a bowl in an effort to be a badass like Oliver in the Arrow?

  21. Kim R says:

    6. I know!!! I couldn’t believe that! How embarrassing! Even the people behind him looked surprised by the question. Research your interview much? :)
    15…..or stay on through all the sex???

  22. Tony says:

    I have a massive crush on Jenna/Clara after only three eps. She’s so perfect.

    My wife nearly threw up during the final set piece of the Hannibal pilot. I was pretty disgusted by it. Totally glorified the violence in a way that I definitely am not coming back for another ep. I’ll stick with Bates Motel for my creepy prequel goodness.

  23. Terry says:

    So no one was wondering where that ending came from on Suburgatory? It seemed like a pretty intense character moment for Dahlia,one of the best characters on TV and not one person on the tvline team had any questions about it?

  24. lulu says:

    Supernatural pretty much destroyed its own mythology by having Sam waltz in and out both hell and purgatory. Does anyone give a crap on that show anymore?

  25. ollie says:

    #3 nun could still be “bad” or the home the kid ended up in. #14 it creeped me out which supernatiral hasnt done in awhile.

  26. Ana says:

    14) what people don’t get is that there was a remodalation of hell. I think it kinda fit Crowley, since he is all for professionalism. And Yeah, it was too easy to find Bobby, but what if that was part of the plan. Obviously Crowley knew Sam was gonna go for Bobby. He probably pieced the puzzles together. I think he wanted to play with Sam. Make him think he succeeded and then bring him down, Crowley is that devious. He just wasn’t expecting Naomi to show. Kudos for the whole transportation with Bobby/Benny though. Loved the effects.

  27. Danielle H. says:

    5) I have really strong opinion’s about Carl. Carl is a shining example of what people will look like growing up post-Walkers. You have to be cutthroat and cautious to survive. We’ve seen person after person die because of lacksidasical methods on this show, and I have a feeling it’s going to bite Rick in the ass one day. Carl did nothing wrong in shooting that boy; it was the right thing for their new society. There is NO well adjusted anymore. That world is gone. The Walkers are there to stay because there are simply too many compared to living people left. Carl’s arc is hands down the best aspect of the show because it’s such a fresh take on how people will change when/if an apocalypse occurs. Kudos to Carl for learning so fast. I TOTALLY call a series finale of Carl killing Rick for some poor decision he makes. THAT would be epic.
    11) I LOVED Ana’s performance. But I’m with you, I was waiting for disaster.

  28. kmac0505 says:

    Forget about the fight with Amador! How did Phillip’s rug stay in place while he spent the night with Martha! She looks like a hair puller.

  29. Beverly says:

    My questions on the Castle 100th episode . . . wouldn’t Lanie have done a liver check or something to verify time of death or did they automatically trust the video? If she had, she would have realized very quickly that she had been dead longer than reported. An ongoing question with Castle is often the body is found at night but Beckett/Castle/Lanie don’t arrive at the crime scene until morning – is this normal for New York?

  30. Angela says:

    19: Abed and Rachel are so incredibly cute together. I like the idea of him getting into a relationship, I think it’d be a good thing for him to explore. And Pierce had some great moments in this episode (which is officially my favorite one of the season-it was hilarious (I cannot believe how it actually ended-props to Hawkins, that’s all I have to say :D) and sweet). I really liked it when he stuck up for Britta.
    Also, Chang’s never really bothered me, personally, but even if he had, I thought he had some good one-liners in the episode, too.

  31. Joe says:

    16. I just watched the performance on youtube and it, kind of, made me want to watch Nashville. The little girl, especially, was great in the performance; her reaction when the rest of them joined in was incredible!!!

  32. Temperence says:

    Candice not being #1 was more ridiculous by miles. I only vote for Candace and Lazaro – Candice because she’s the winner by miles, and lazaro because if he’s around elong enough he’ll get really good (he has the undeveloped potential). The rest? I hate country and Christian music, and I’m sick of a lifetime of bad R&B so none of the rest matter a bit.

  33. Babybop says:

    Can I just say that I’m in love with whoever mentioned Tabitha Takes Over? I thought I was the only one who watched it!!

  34. jj says:

    “Who do we think took the fall for Good Morning America‘s Josh Elliot asking Castle‘s Stana Katic if Kate and Rick will ever get together? The segment’s producer? The show’s research intern? Elliot himself?”

    All of the above. Just for not watching an awesome show!

    • Grey says:

      Truly. But that’s what makes it so bad. “Castle” is an ABC “in-house” produced show. *Maybe* I could forgive it if he had been interviewing someone from a show on another network but come on! You don’t even know *the basic current status* of a hit show in your own house?!

  35. Mel says:

    “And how did Phillip’s rug stay on during that fight with Amador?!” More to the point, how did Phillp’s rug stay on during all that sex with Martha?

  36. Karen says:

    I loved every sec of Supernatural. There was a lot of story being covered in that episode. I loved seeing both Bobby and Benny and wanted more!! I have watched this show since the first episode and I still love it!! And it is a “new” Hell according to it’s new “King” Crowley!

  37. 5. The better question is how is it that The Governor can drive to the prison with his army, attack and search the prison, massacre his army and then Rick & Co. can regroup, chit chat for a while, save Karen, and arrive at Woodbury before Andrea is able to get the pliers to break free?

    Also, what happened to all of the other extras we have seen around Woodbury this past season?

    I don’t really get why everyone, audience and characters alike, are all “How could Carl do that? He’s so ruthless and cold blooded, etc.” They told that kid to put his gun down. He did NOT. Instead of putting it down, he claimed he was going to hand it over and was approaching a kid a few feet shorter than him who he could have easily struck down.

    To avoid ranting too much, click my name to read my extended thoughts on my blog if anyone is interested.

  38. Bring more people to WD says:

    Bring some others characters back
    like Amy, Sophia, Lori, Andrea, or
    bring the Alice character but just like
    one from comic. I have some ideas
    for season 4 soo if you are
    interesting answer here.

  39. venus says:

    I like Jenna I think she is a fun sidkick to the doctor, I have to get use to her , but I like her.