Mad Men Season 6 Preview -- Plus: Can You Guess What's Going On in 10 Premiere Photos?

In an exclusive red carpet interview with TVLine, Mad Men star Jon Hamm revealed the journey that ad man Don Draper will embark on during Season 6 of the acclaimed AMC drama (premiering Sunday at 9/8c).

“It’s true to character,” Hamm shared. He then added with a laugh: “How vague is that?”


Such is the super-secretive world of Mad Men, where one would be more likely to coax the formula for Coca-Cola out of Robert W. Woodruff than procure anything resembling intel on the happenings at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (or whatever the agency, if it even still exists, is currently named, in whatever year Season 6 takes place).

On the topic of the firm, Hamm reminded that as Season 5 closed, “Things were looking up — even though we had issues with how Joan was treated, and the unfortunate passing of Lane. So, it’s on an upward trend. We’ll see if that trend continues.”

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Speaking of the late Lane, series creator Matt Weiner says the character’s suicide “was sort of the message” of Season 5, that “the money is not enough to keep these people alive. So in terms of the success of the agency, you’ll have to watch. But I can say that [this season] is a new story.”

Though possibly not a less-dark one. “The first episode [of the series] opens with a guy jumping out a window. The show’s dark,” Weiner reminds with a chuckle. “I’m comfortable with that sort of being what our brand is, in a way. But I don’t want it to just be depressing for the hell of it.”

Elisabeth Moss, who is returning as Peggy, echoes the boss man’s sentiment, saying, “I don’t think it’s going to get any lighter! If anything, it gets more in-depth into why it’s so dark and why these characters are so dark. [It] looks a little bit more into what makes them who they are.”

In fact, dare we say things may (may!) be looking brighter for, to put forth one example, Pete Campbell and his family. “Trudy is a little happier than she was last year,” Alison Brie reports, adding the caveat: “At least based on her wardrobe.” (With reporting by Meg Masters)

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TVLine now turns it over to you, the savvy Mad Men viewer. Since next to nothing can be disclosed about the two-hour season premiere, flip through these photos and share your best answers to the 13 questions we raise.