Grey's Anatomy Recap: Truth and Consequences

greysblogOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Bailey practically needs to be restrained, she’s so pissed that Leah caused an outbreak of post-op infections in her patients. But, before the intern can pack up her stethoscope and apply for unemployment, new information comes to light that changes everything. 

THE AWFUL TRUTH | When Leah admits that she treated patients while she had the flu, Bailey all but explodes. (And that’s before one of the patients dies!) However, at the hour’s end, Leah discovers that she only had contact with two of the three infected patients. That leaves just one doctor who had contact with all three: Bailey. Uh-oh.

THE MORE YOU GENOME | Frankly, the episode doesn’t exactly start well for Bailey, either: She has to tell Meredith that she tested positive for more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimer’s disease. After that, Grey spends the rest of the hour trying to convince Derek to administer “a lethal dose of morphine the minute I don’t know where my keys are.” At least, she gets Cristina to agree to take Zola and “Fetus” upon her death. Well, for “three weeks every year,” anyway.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? | Remember Ethan, the kid whose parents were hospitalized following last week’s highway disaster? Owen bonds with him some more this week – and even manages to get him admitted when it looks like he’ll have to spend the night in the care of Social Services. And when he’s not playing surrogate father to the youngster? The doc continues to question Cristina’s treatment of the boy’s actual father (which finally makes sense to her when she sees him again with the moppet).

TRADING PLACES | Though Shane does his darnedest to remain teacher’s pet, Derek tells “his” neurosurgery intern that he’s been replaced… by Heather. “Brooks,” McDreamy says, “has an instinct for this that you don’t have.” As of this episode, she also seems to have a lifetime supply of minty-fresh chewing gum.

DISCHARGED | Rather than let Matthew introduce her as a virgin to his mother (Brooke English?), April confesses to her boyfriend that she’s not as inexperienced as she led him to believe. No big deal, he says. What is a big deal, on the other hand, is that she lied. So, when he checks out of Grey Sloan, it appears that he’s also checking out of their relationship.

Okay, your turn. Did you like the subplot in which the docs learned from their Syrian counterparts how good they had it? What idea do you think Richard wanted to pitch Jackson? They couldn’t… they wouldn’t really fire Bailey, would they? Hit the comments!