Exclusive New Girl First Look: Jess and Nick's Unofficial First Date Takes a 'Fancy' Turn

New Girl‘s Nick and Jess are about to embark on their very first date. There’s just one little problem: only one of them knows it!

As the following exclusive first look reveals, the next episode of Fox’s hit comedy — airing on a special night, this Thursday at 9/8c — finds the not-yet-lovebirds hitting the town for a night out. Nick, however, refuses to confirm that their rendezvous is in fact a D-word.

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What’s more, Dermot Mulroney‘s “Fancyman” Russell just so happens to be on his own date at the same restaurant, making things supremely awkward for his ex and his not-so-secret admirer.

Press PLAY below for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Thursday’s installment, then hit the comments: Is Nick and Jess’ first date everything you’d hoped it would be?