Nashville First Look: Peggy Gets What's Coming to Her and Juliette Encounters Her 'Perfect Fan'

If we were you, Peggy, we wouldn’t get too comfortable in Rayna’s house — especially now that you’ve ticked off her dad.

In this clip from Wednesday’s Nashville (ABC, 10/9c), Lamar puts Teddy’s paramour in an awkward position: Sway the new mayor’s support back to the original stadium plan or Teddy will find out exactly who leaked the dirt about his divorce to the tabloids. (We’ll give you one doe-eyed guess…)

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Press PLAY to watch Peggy get blackmailed, then scroll down for another glimpse at the episode.

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Meanwhile, at the tour stop in New York, Rayna’s daughters go all fangirl when Juliette bestows the ultimate praise on Maddie. Press PLAY to watch the adulation unfold.

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Now hit the comments: Did you suspect Peggy was behind the tabloid story? And isn’t Juliette kinda cute with her preteen groupies?