Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Serenade: Is It as Harmonious as It Seems?

NBC’s reigning — and allegedly departing — late-night king Jay Leno and heir apparent Jimmy Fallon make light of the struggle for The Tonight Show in a video released Monday.

The two hosts lip synch a parody of West Side Story’s “Tonight,” in which they poke fun at recent reports that Fallon, the current host of the network’s Late Night, has received an offer to take over at Tonight by fall 2014.

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At one point in the spoof, the men sing, “I like you, you like me, we’re OK” — but Leno’s recent monologues suggest he’s not quite as cool with the situation as the tune suggests. After calling NBC executives “snakes” in recent weeks, he opened last night’s show by saying that he and the network had come to terms. “April Fools!” he then joked. “It will never happen.”

Watch Fallon and Leno’s duet below, then hit the comments: What’s your take on the musical interlude?