Under the Dome First Look: 'It Just Gets Pretty Scary Very Quickly'

Under-The-Dome-Stephen-King-CBS“People’s eyes are gonna bug out of their heads when they see it.”

So promises Stephen King of Under the Dome, CBS’ adaptation of his 2009 sci-fi novel, which is set to premiere in June. And based on the following first look, King’s assessment appears to be accurate.

The 13-episode drama takes place in the New England community of Chester’s Mill, which inexplicably finds itself trapped beneath a massive, transparent barrier. And the show’s initial one-minute teaser gives us glimpses of severed limbs, bloodied handprints, ominously buried corpses and terrified screams.

“Two-thousand people secluded,” says  The Secret Circle’s Britt Robertson, who’s part of the ensemble cast. “It just gets pretty scary very quickly.”

The sneak peek also hints at the ways in which director Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish version) and his visual effects team will attempt to make those aforementioned eyes pop.

Under the Dome‘s cast includes A Gifted Man‘s Rachelle Lefevre, Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris, Pan Am‘s Mike VogelTrue Blood‘s Aisha HindsCSI: NY‘s Natalie MartinezSupernatural‘s Colin FordJolene Purdy (Gigantic) and Nicholas Strong (Nashville). Check out the sneak peek below, then hit the comments with your initial thoughts!