Castle Episode 100 Recap: Murder, Mystery, Party -- Plus: Show Boss Answers Burning Questions

Castle_Episode100_MarloweEpisode 100’s quotables and observations:

* Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe making a Hitchcock-like cameo, with wife Terri Edda Miller, as the writers Rick first trains his binoculars on

* The Castle title card strobing the number 100, and the pen’s spilled red ink spelling out “100.”

* As Kate hugs Rick after confronting him about his “obsession,” she lets slip a knowing smile that he can’t see.

* Beckett’s Caller ID photo for Castle was Nathan Fillion’s Season 1 portrait

* “How many murders do you think we’ve solved since we met?” “Maybe 100 or so…?” “Here’s to 100 more” — Nielsens allowing.

* Kinda obvious the real case’s security camera footage was a set-up; as Beckett noted, the vic conspicuously never revealed any tell-tale features

* At first I thought Rick was a bit mean by responding to Gate’s absence from the party with “Good,” but then I realized they needed to (albeit illogically) keep her out of the scene so that Caskett could embrace and such. But really, what bill of goods was the captain sold to account for this elaborate charade/gift? Let’s all assume she absolutely knows what’s up by now, ‘K?

* RySposito striking 2/3 of the Charlie’s Angels pose in the doorway

* “I caught him red-handed! Literally red-handed!”

* “Look at me. He’s gonna let me in.” — Dolled-up Kate, when Rick questions if the “killer” will invite her inside. Indeed.

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During Castle’s West Coast broadcast, Marlowe answered some burning questions and shared other “wink-winks” via Twitter. Such as:

* The “body” rolled in the rug was a nod to a Season 1 episode.

* His favorite line from the hour: “‘When you do it, it’s an illegal search. when I do, it’s just illegal.’ Love that Castle logic.”

* The neighbor’s apartment, including the windows/immediate exterior, was its own set on a soundstage.

* A stock shot of the 12th precinct’s exterior was recycled from the series pilot.

* Yes, Marlowe & Co. knew the episode would air on April 1 aka April Fool’s Day before the wrote it.

* What were Marlowe and his wife talking about in their cameo? “How we shouldn’t be actors!”

* Will the issue of Gates knowing (or not, as if) be addressed? “Yes. Soon.”

* Will Kate call Castle “Rick” anytime soon? “Just you wait.”

* Will there ever be a Castle/Beckett baby? “How many season do we get?”

* Though Beckett at one point refers in passing to “one of the things I love about you,” will she ever specifically say those three little words to Rick? Again, Marlowe responded: “Just you wait.”

What did you think of Episode 100? At what point did you suspect that Castle was being played? And did you spy any other “Easter eggs” in the episode?