The Good Wife's Dylan Baker Previews Colin Sweeney's Latest (Perhaps Last?) Legal Quagmire

The Good Wife Season 4 PreviewYou can’t keep a good man down. And the bad ones? Well, The Good Wife‘s Colin Sweeney resurfaces this Sunday on the just-renewed drama (CBS, 9/8c), for a legal scrape that just might be the one that lands the slippery CEO in prison for good. TVLine spoke with Dylan Baker — who twice has been Emmy-nominated for the role — about his latest encore, though we perhaps led off with a question Mr. Sweeney would take “Objection!” to.

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TVLINE | So, what has Colin done this time…?
Oh, you phrased that wrong, Matt. What has been done to Colin? That’s what all the episodes are about, people doing things to Colin. Because really, he’s just trying to live his life like any other common Joe.

TVLINE | Noted. So, what aspersion has been cast his way this time?
This time, it’s all about him basically trying to regain his stature, to stop people accusing him of things, when Cary picks up a little tidbit that, because of the “three strikes” law, a case that just seems to be getting pushed down the road all of a sudden has an end date that’s very soon. And if, for some reason, that end date gets passed, Sweeney could spend his life in prison. All of the sudden, the heightened pace of the thing and the passion, the energy, gets ramped up and when everybody else says, “OK, now it’s time to get serious and get to work,” well, that’s when Sweeney has his most fun. He likes being in those situations where people are saying what they didn’t expect to say. I think the writers at Good Wife just love this guy, they love to put him in those situations where people are acting and behaving like they never did before.

TVLINE | It sounds like, because of the urgency of the situation, Will and Alicia are perhaps not the best prepared they have been for a Colin Sweeney defense.
Exactly. Exactly. And you better have your “A” game when you’re trying to defend Colin Sweeney.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile, how’s family life for him and the lovely Morena Baccarin (returning as Isobel)?
Well, she is still lovely, I’m happy to report. And [Isobel] is also conniving and will stab you in the back, and I mean that as the greatest compliment. I think that’s what attracts him to her, and this episode is all about: Should they go further? Should they unite in the holy, holy bands of matrimony? Of course, she knows his record, so she’s a little worried about where that would end.

TVLINE | Plus, that family unit did not come together under the most orthodox of circumstances.
Yeah, that is certainly explored in the episode, as well. Morena is just great fun to work with because she, also, just has no problem, no compunction whatsoever, saying whatever she feels needs to on the stand. Sweeney just loves that.

TVLINE | But could this be an instance where Mr. Sweeney’s luck has sadly run out?
It’s very possible — but then again, he’s the kind of guy that makes his luck for himself. He doesn’t leave too many things to chance.

TVLINE | What all keeps you and guest stars of your caliber coming back to The Good Wife? Obviously, the writing is aces….
No. 1, it is some of the best writing on television — and I think I may have said the same thing about Damages, when you and talked back then. I totally believe that in terms of network primetime writing, nothing can beat Good Wife. But the other thing is the atmosphere, and that all starts with [series lead/producer] Julianna [Margulies]. She makes it a place where you can get work done. You know everybody is going to bring their “A” game. They’re ready to fight off you, work off you…. This is the first episode where I’ve been able to explore and have fun with other people, like Josh Charles and Christine [Baranski], and I think it will go even further with Matt [Czuchry]’s character, Cary. All of them get to experience a little Sweeney, and a little Sweeney goes a long way!

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