Is the Mother Dead? Did Revolution's Power-Up Lack Pop? Arrow Hits Funny Bone? And More Qs

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, Revolution, The Voice and New Girl!

1 | Which Grimm visual made you gag harder: The Sandman’s incredibly gross tongue or his spooned-out fly eyeball?

2 | Who did “Zou Bisou Bisou” better: Mad Men‘s Megan or Degrassi‘s Zig?

3 | Do any Revenge viewers actually care what happens to Padma? (Bueller…?) And were we alone in thinking Jack hadn’t bought the story about Kenny Ryan’s boat?

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4 | Who’s having a hard time buying that The Walking Dead‘s Rick would’ve seriously considered handing Michonne over to the Governor?

5 | Any Good Wife fans think it odd that Alicia seemed to begrudgingly take that call from Grace during her emotional chat with Will at the precinct — the same daughter that just minutes earlier she feared was being targeted by a killer?

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Popular TV Shows 20136 | So, with regards to The Voice‘s judges: Christina who? And Cee Lo who? Given Shakira and Usher’s instant — and very charming — chemistry with Adam and Blake, what are the odds that the former panelists actually don’t return when their “other commitments” are finished?

7 | Are you getting the feeling that the final words of How I Met Your Mother‘s May 2014 series finale might be, “Now let’s get dressed for her funeral, kids”?

8 | Burning Dancing With the Stars question: WTF happened to Ingo Rademacher’s Aussie accent?!

| Carrie Diaries fans, are you loving Walt’s thoughtful coming out arc as much as we are?

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10 | Did The Following‘s Claire lose any of your sympathy when she willingly went with Joe’s people, for a second time? Also, what happened to Ryan’s alcoholism? And did Jacob’s hallucinations give you hope that we’ll see Paul (in some form) for the duration of the season?

11 | Shouldn’t Revolution‘s rebels — and that includes Charlie and Danny,Revolution - Season 1 who were but ankle-biters when the power went out 15 years ago — have expressed a bit more shock and awe to see a big ol’ mechanical helicopter in action?

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12 | In Sundance’s riveting Top of the Lake, isn’t Elisabeth Moss giving off a very strong Gillian Anderson vibe?

13 | Are Mike Vogel and Nestor Carbonell’s Bates Motel cops in on whatever is going down in that creepy picture book Norman found?

14 | For a second there, did you think NCIS: LA‘s “Red” trucks would unfold/transform into Optimus Prime?

Popular TV Shows 201315 | Did you experience a slight Mags Bennett flashback when New Girl guest Margo Martindale stepped into that church aisle and started channeling Elvis? And are you bummed that Dennis Farina’s legacy on the show will now, regrettably, be contained to an episode revolving around horse semen?

16 | Whodathunk that Justified‘s li’l ol’ Ellen May would play such a pivotal role in Season 4? And that unsettling rocking chair business aside, how nice was it to see Winona back before the imminent finale?

17 | On Smash, didn’t Karen’s slight gasp at finding Jimmy, not Derek, at her door render their fast-and-furious end-of-episode makeout session slightly menacing/awkward? And does Karen’s blind buzz-up mean she’d have hooked up with whichever fella got past her doorway first? Finally, two seasons’ worth of Karen-Derek sexual tension is going to pay off before the season finale, right?

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18 | Was anything funnier this week on a drama series than Arrow‘s Felicity doing her “Grr, stop being bad or I’ll arrow you!” interpretation of the boss man’s shtick? And is watching Alex Kingston not speak in her British accent one of the strangest things?

19 | Given American Idol‘s record-low ratings and the pointlessness of her interminable critiques, is Mariah Carey worth even a quarter of her eight-figure paycheck? Wouldn’t the producers be wiser to use some of her salary to clear new and Popular TV Shows 2013fresher songs going forward?

20 | Um, what do you call Scarlett’s strange lingerie/pajamas on Nashville — a bralet with slip skirt? And could it be more obvious that Juliette and her ma’s sober coach will hook up?

21 | Richard Simmons’ General Hospital return: terrific or train wreck?

22 | On Vampire Diaries, how many hundreds of years does it take to get over an ex? Never?

23 | Would a kiss from Scandal‘s Scott Foley have gotten you to stop thinking about Tony Goldwyn?

24 | Has Project Runway‘s Layana — with her inflated sense of how good she is, constant put-downs and taking credit for Daniel’s design when things didn’t go her way — stealthily become one of the most unlikable contestants in the show’s history?

25 | If Sofia Vergara fails to score a fourth straight Emmy nod this year, can we blame her performance in those diet cola commercials?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!