New Spoiler Alert! Previews Killer Justified and Walking Dead Season Finales -- Plus: Exclusive Good Wife Casting Scoop!

Justified Season 4 Finale Preview TV’s Killing Season is upon us, and this week’s Spoiler Alert! marks the occasion with an episode devoted almost entirely to the Grim Reaper.

Our special guest, Joelle Carter, kicks things off my warning Matt Mitovich and I that Tuesday’s Justified finale features “some fatalities in the first 10 minutes that will make your head spin.” (The actress goes on to deliver a cryptic tease about the fate of her character Ava that leaves us wondering if she’ll make it out of the episode alive.)

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The conversation then shifts to past (R.I.P. Merle) and future (?!?!) fatalities on The Walking Dead (Carter even reveals which character she’d happily send off to slaughter in Sunday’s finale), after which I share my concerns about a certain Americans heroine that I’m convinced has an expiration date stamped on her forehead.

Lastly, Mitovich wraps things up by dropping a scoop about The Good Wife finale that, thankfully, does not involve anyone dying.

But make no mistake: This Spoiler Alert! absolutely kills. Press PLAY below and see for yourself.