Vampire Diaries Recap: Hung Up on a Girl

Vampire Diaries Katherine Gives Elijah CureOn Thursday, The Vampire Diaries descended on small town America as Elena and Rebekah tracked down Katherine – and bumped into an unexpected visitor to the ‘burbs: Elijah!

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Elena and Rebekah arrive in Willoughby, Penn., and realize that Katherine has compelled all of the residents into letting them feed on her. Unfortunately, she didn’t account for her doppelganger showing up. The three gals head off to talk cure business at a diner. Katherine’s not giving up the magical do-over’s location, since she plans to give it to Klaus in exchange for her freedom. Elena and Rebekah snag her cell phone and find out that Katherine is supposed to be meeting “em” that afternoon. New plan: Elena decides to pose as Katherine for the meet-up, hilariously mimicking her insults and stealing her jacket and heels to play the part. (Rebekah’s right, she needs more eye makeup, but what really gives her away are the limp curls.)

Whoever Elena thinks “em” is, she certainly isn’t expecting who shows up… or what he does. Elijah greets her, planting a kiss on her. Allow Katherine to explain their relationship: “When I say friend, I mean friend.” Rebekah, Stefan and Damon’s priceless reaction: “Ugh!” It soon dawns on Elijah that the person before him is not his beloved Katerina, who hopes that Elijah will broker a deal with his brother for her freedom.

“You fell for her trap like every other one of these idiots,” Elena replies. Katherine is using him, and he’s too blinded by his feelings to see it — just like Stefan and Damon once were. However, it looks like he’s waking up to the real Kat when he finds out that she killed Jeremy.

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Meanwhile, the Salvatore brothers break up Rebekah and Katherine’s bonding session fight and force the brunette to take them to the cure. In her pad, Katherine pretends like it’s missing from the safe, but Damon spots a treasure chest in a fish tank. The giveaway: There’s no fish in the tank. But there is vervain water in there, which is what he gets a face full of via Katherine. As she’s about to escape, Rebekah captures her and threatens to kill her. Seeing a no-win situation, Katherine throws the cure at her and skedaddles. At last, Rebekah has her magical potion, but psych! It’s not the real one. Turns out one of Katherine’s compelled minions is keeping it at her home. The vamp eventually gives the vial to Elijah with no demands to convince him her feelings are real. Now, he decides their next step.

As the Original siblings head back to Mystic Falls for a family reunion, Elena meets up with Damon and Stefan and gives them a warning: Accept her as she is or there will be consequences. But they’re not ready to give up on her, even though Stefan admits to his bro that once Elena becomes human, he plans to get a life of his own. And Damon, though his attempt to stop Rebekah from taking the cure was half-hearted, truly does want it for Elena even if he loses her, he admits. Plus, as he explained earlier, without her humanity, Elena “is a stone-cold bitch” that they can’t trust. Her reaction to their defiance? She kills a waitress and says there will be more dead bodies on their conscience if they don’t stop trying to fix her.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapAnd what about Klaus, you ask? He’s still suffering from the world’s worst splinter, not to mention, Silas is taking on the form of Caroline to torture him even further. Eventually, the real deal blonde shows up. Not knowing it’s her, Klaus lashes out.

“I’m supposed to be running three different prom committees right now and you keep phone stalking me!” she responds. That’s our girl.

Caroline tries to broker a deal of her own with Klaus: She’ll take out the White Oak stake if he lets Tyler come back and promises not to hurt him. Maybe then, they’d actually be friends, she reasons. But like always, the Original can’t get out of his own way and do something decent. The two get into a screaming match and then kiss (it seemed like it was going to happen, right?)  Klaus’ pain stops: It was all in his head, and Caroline took his mind off it. Although he no longer needs to make a deal with her, he still points out that he hasn’t exactly been scouring the Earth for Tyler. And gosh darn it, Klaus’ smile as Caroline leaves definitely says, “I think we’re BFFs now. Maybe.”

Vampire Diaries fans, did Elijah and Katherine’s returns live up to the hype? Were you surprised that Elijah is still so hung up on her? Are you scared of the killer new Elena? And how would you grade her Katherine impression? Hit the comments!