Exclusive First Look: The Following's Jacob Gets Downright Nasty With a 'Disobedient' Claire

Fun fact about The Following: Joe Carroll does not disapprove of his evil acolytes doing bodily harm to his “wife” Claire. He’d just rather they not mess up that pretty face of hers.

Case in point: This exclusive first look at Monday’s episode of the freshman thriller (Fox, 9/8c), which finds a now dark and dangerous Jacob keeping tabs on Natalie Zea‘s disobedient alter ego. Unable to stomach her reticence, the newly minted killer (played by Nico Tortorella) puts her in place the only way he knows how. (Oh how far our young psycho has come since his innocent days setting victims free at the farmhouse!)

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Press PLAY below to watch the aggressive interaction unfold, then hit the comments with your thoughts on these two questions: Are you digging this cold-hearted Jacob as much as we are? And, be honest, doesn’t this scene make you think of Belle refusing her host’s dinner “request” in Beauty and the Beast? (Seriously.)

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