Annie Wersching: Touch's 24 Reunion Involves a 'Race Against Time, Again!' (Watch Exclusive Clip)

It’s “When Jack Met Renee” all over again when Fox’s Touch (Fridays at 9/8c) this week reunites Kiefer Sutherland with his final 24 leading lady, Annie Wersching.

When first pitched the role of child psychologist Dr. Kate Gordon, “I figured most of my scenes would be with Jake (played by David Mazouz),” Wersching tells TVLine. “But when I saw the script, it turned out everything was with Kiefer. I was like, ‘I’m in!'”

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Setting the stage for this reunion, Wersching says, “Martin is led by Jake to a man who’s on death row, within hours of execution — and this man won’t answer any of Martin’s questions unless he is reunited with his estranged daughter, Kate. So it’s sort of a race against time, again! That gives it a bit of a 24-like edge.”

Watch an exclusive clip of Wersching’s first Touch scene with Sutherland, then read on for more:

Sharing the screen again with Sutherland, Wersching shares, was both familiar and odd. “It was a combination of feeling like it hadn’t even been any time at all since we were [on 24] together to, just seconds later, being, ‘This is so weird.‘ Looking in each other’s eyes as two different people after spending so much time as Jack and Renee was really trippy. Even having a scene where we’re shaking hands and meeting was like, ‘What?! We know each other, very well!'”

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All told, engaging in a many scenes packed with words and emotions “was a blast,” Wersching reflects. “There are actors who when you get into a scene, there’s something else going on, and I feel that [with Kiefer]. My first day was a fun, great day.”

But does kindly Dr. Gordon enjoy a fate better than FBI Agent Walker’s…? Wersching hedges with a big laugh, “We shall see!”

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