Revolution Recap: A Casualty of War -- Plus, Grade the Midseason Premiere

What to WatchWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers for Monday’s episode of Revolution. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now!

The return of Revolution on Monday found our heroes on the run from Monroe’s helicopters as they searched for some powerful weapons of their own. With the battle in full force, one of the rebels paid the ultimate price.

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POWER PLAYS | Monroe is not wasting any time with his domination plan now that he’s got the amplifier. “We have light, power. And it’s time we started letting everyone know it,” he declares. First up, destroying all the rebel camps before moving on to Georgia, the Plains Nation and California. “It’s all going to be the Monroe Republic, from sea to shining sea,” he continues.

FAMILY FEUD | While the Matheson clan is coming together for the first time in years, Neville and his son are coming apart at the seams. Jason’s not keen on their new war tactics. “We’re not fighting. We’re butchering,” he tells his dad. “I didn’t sign on for this.” Neville replies that his job is to follow orders, but Jason’s not going to do that this time. The two erupt into a brutal fistfight before Neville tells his “shameful disappointment” of a child to never come home again. With no place to go, Jason finds Charlie for some comfort to warn her of the impending airstrike. Despite the heads up, Charlie is still weary and doesn’t let Jason come with her. Neville, meanwhile, tells Monroe that his son is dead. The real death of a son is still to come.

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WEAPONS QUEST | Rachel suggests that they get some power of their own to battle Monroe. She and Miles head off in search of an old coworker named John who’s got missile launchers. On the way there, they have a particularly loaded conversation as Miles reveals that he thought he saw her dead body. He apologizes and promises he never would have left her behind if he knew she was really alive. For the second time since they’ve been reunited, it looks like the two are about to kiss – until Rachel asks him to take a step back. Was the idea that Monroe killed Rachel the thing that broke up the guys’ friendship? Was Miles in love with her?

At John’s, Miles and Rachel are like kids in a candy store, checking out the arsenal of weapons. But the fun is cut short when John reveals that the mysterious Randall got to him. Rachel is horrified to learn that Department of Defense suit got into the tower – presumably the place where he currently has Grace working to get the elevators operating so he can get to level 12 – and tries to reason with her pal about the “unbalanced” DoD figure. Taking a different approach, Miles is able to get out of his restraints and overtake John before Randall arrives.

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REBEL, REBEL | Nora and the rest of the gang arrive at the resistance’s central headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland. Rather than running, the rebels decide to stay put and face Monroe’s helicopters. Everyone, including Danny, volunteers to be part of the first line of defense. Although they have many in number, the fighters are clearly out-powered once the gunplay starts. Thankfully, Miles and Rachel arrive with the missiles just in time to even the playing field a bit. When Miles gets blown back by an explosion, Danny grabs the missile launcher and takes down one of the helicopters. But the victory is short-lived as he’s outlived his story purpose riddled with bullets.

Later, Rachel says her goodbyes to her dead son – and then cuts into him. From under a scar – the one from the experimental procedure Danny had done a year before the blackout? – she retrieves a blinking blue gizmo. Is it the work of Randall, who earlier this season promised to help her sick unborn child? Was it part of the treatment? What the heck was wrong with the youngest Matheson? Or was the gadget something Randall inserted into Danny in exchange for treatment? Speaking of the baddie, he and John drive to see Monroe and offer their services to him.

Revolution fans, what did you think of the show’s return? Were you surprised to see Danny killed off so swiftly? Got any theories about what’s on level 12 or that thing inside Danny? Are you as intrigued as I am about Miles and Rachel’s history? Hit the comments with your thoughts — but first, grade the episode below!