What Makes Castle's Ice Hot? Might Glee Still Go There? A Follower Offed Too Soon? And More Qs

goodwife_knight300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including NCIS: LA, Justified, Scandal and Community!

1 | Is Degrassi really telling us that Fiona doesn’t understand what the GPS feature on Twitter means? And after watching the ensuing break-in, are we the only ones who feel validated in our decision not to join Foursquare?

2 | Was it a bit of a creative leap to think T.R. Knight’s otherwise genius Good Wife campaign strategist would’ve grilled Zach about his love life without first consulting Peter? Surely there was a more plausible way for Jordan to exit the show.

3 | Did any Once Upon a Time viewers/Disneyphiles by chance catch the Space Mountain theme playing during the car chase? (Apparently the music cue was Lana Parrilla’s idea!)

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4 | Shameless‘ Mandy is no angel, and hitting someone with your car is very, very wrong, but Karen is the worst, right?

5 | To echo many a Walking Dead viewer/commenter: Why didn’t Andrea A) appropriate the Governor’s truck or B), assuming he had the keys and there was no time to hotwire, at least disable it? And we know the Governor is all sorts of badass, but how in the world did he make it out of that building full of biters alive?

6 | After the Girls finale cut to black, what are the chances that Adam promptly set Hannah down and said, “…but you need some serious help, and I am not the answer”? And how many episodes into Season 3 before Marnie and Charlie’s renewed (and ill-advised) relationship falls back to pieces?grimm275

7 | Did The Following kill off Paul, thus ending his storyline with Jacob, too quickly? There was still so much potential there! And why didn’t anyone try to stop Amanda as she was running out of the diner?! Speaking of the killer drama…

8 | Can someone put out an APB for The Following’s Joey? And Grimm‘s Adalind?

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9 | Did you catch the Three’s Company shout-out at the end of this week’s Bones? (Sweets, you’d better hope Mr. Roper doesn’t catch on!)

10 | Did the Deception finale seriously not tell us why Robert killed Vivian?

11 | How is Dorrit’s new love interest on The Carrie Diaries such a smooth talker at such a young age? We think he made us blush!Castle_0318_BeckettIce

12 | What exactly does Castle‘s Beckett do with ice…?

13 | Which nod to General Hospital‘s past was funnier: Scotty’s recollection of Luke and Laura’s iconic wedding (“There was quite a number of people watching her marry that string bean”), or Lucy’s dig at Luke’s old ‘do (“That was 1981; everyone … had a lot more hair”)?

14 | Which Justified sequence had you most on the edge of your seat: the cornered convoy… Ava squaring off against Nicky Augustine… Constable Bob vs. Yolo… or Raylan holding down the fort at the school?

15 | As you watched NCIS: LA‘s planted spin-off — knowing who all would be in the Red cast — were you counting the minutes until Kenneth Mitchell’s Agent Goose Dead Meat Danny was killed or gravely injured?

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Smash - Season 216 | Why did Smash not let us see the Bombshell team telling Ivy Lynn she’d finally won the part of Marilyn — especially since NBC’s press site has a photo of Eileen, Tom, Julia and Ivy Lynn toasting in the rehearsal space?

17 | Is it wrong that we want to send Arrow‘s Helena a gift basket for (inadvertently) breaking up Oliver and McKenna?

18 | Why does Supernatural insist on beating up Dean’s pretty face — via people he loves?! First, Sam/Lucifer destroyed it in “Swan Song,” and now his pal Castiel took a fist to it.

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19 | Which SVU fans had “Brian Cassidy” going to the finals in their Olivia’s Mystery Lover bracket tournament?Community - Season 4

20 | As we approach the midpoint of Season 4, what’s your assessment of Community — better, worse, or about the same post-Dan Harmon?

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21 | On Glee, did Sam’s intense facial expressions during Blaine’s “Against All Odds” performance hint there’s still a chance the straight-gay besties might get a Brittana moment? And wasn’t Sam’s reaction to Blaine’s crush surprisingly sweet? Also: Isn’t the show way overdue for a purely NYC-centric episode (or five)?

22 | Given how often Vampire DiariesStefan and Damon call each other to check in, do you think tvd275their cell phone bill is astronomically high? Or do they have a family plan?

23 | Is there a drinking game for every time a character on Beauty and the Beast says “cross-species DNA”? Speaking of which, won’t the dead “vigilante” planted in the burned warehouse not possess any?

24 | On Scandal, did you peg the dry cleaner as the drop spot from the get-go? And while it would have made for a less titillating follow-up, couldn’t Quinn have just said she needed change for a parking meter? And can Lisa Edelstein recur as Liv’s drinking buddy?

25 | How strong is your sense of déja vu this week, as Tonight Show succession plan rumors and speculation run wild, right down to NBC’s apparent bungling of the transition?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!