Veronica Mars Movie: 7 Big Spoilers -- Including V's New BF, Who Won't Be Back and More

Veronica Mars Movie SpoilersWith nearly $4 million in the Kickstarter coffers, the Veronica Mars movie is not only happening, it’s happening on a grander scale than anyone — most notably series creator and film campaign architect Rob Thomas — could’ve imagined.

With an official green light from Warner Bros. in the can, now comes the hard part for Thomas: making a movie fans old and new will want to see.

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“If we turn in a lousy movie, that would be a sad ending to the story,” observes Thomas with a laugh.

That seems unlikely, considering Thomas’ script will find Veronica and her former classmates descending on Neptune for their 10-year high school reunion. “Fans want to see those all those characters back together again,” he says. “And the reunion set piece allows me to do that.”

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At this point, only Kristen Bell is signed on for the pic, but Warner Bros. will soon start making deals with the rest of the core cast.

But who won’t be invited back? And will Veronica be spoken for when she resurfaces? Also, what will the film be rated? For answers to all of those questions — and then some — flip through the following spoilertastic gallery.

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  1. Isaac says:

    All it needed was two million. Can I suggest that Rob Thomas uses the extra two million be used on the Party Down film?

    • he can only use that money on the VM movie, otherwise it be fraud.

    • ABBY says:

      I think $2 million wasn’t really all he needed, I mean yeah he could have and would have made the film if that’s all they raised but he gave an interview and he was talking about wanting to film a fight at the reunion but as lot of effort and time goes into filming fight scenes, if they only got to 2mil they’d have been a verbal argument instead and I can imagine that’s the case with a lot of his ideas, they would have to have been scaled back to work with the budget he had. $4 mil hardly makes a VM movie flush with cash and every penny of that should be spent making the best possible movie for their fans, and I’m sure it will be.
      And as others have said they can’t ask people for cash too make one film and then use it to make an entirely different one about another TV show.

      • wordsmith says:

        Yeah, $2m for a feature would probably get you something that looks like an above-average web series, i.e. the bare minimum. Hopefully $4m will get them closer to something that looks like the original show or better.

        • Tim says:

          Unlike independent films which are made in the $1-2 million range, Warner Bros. is paying for the film’s other stuff like distribution and marketing. This money is just for production (think set design, costumes and employees). So Thomas et al won’t worry about the non-production items, a concern for smaller budget films. And the cast’s big-money actors are likely going to work for free (instead recouping a piece of the profits), so the production isn’t going to be as costly as other features starring a Kristen Bell-type actress. In shorter breaths, the $2 million goal wasn’t bare minimum to begin with and $4 million is likely a lot like a movie with a $6-7 million budget.

          • The bonus items costed US$ 600,000 alone, out of the donations, as per Thomas himself.

            Back in the day, a Veronica Mars episode costed 1.8 million to make. (42 minutes). This is the next decade. 4 million is still a paultry sum.

          • And indies don’t pay for distribution or marketing either. They sell at festivals and buyers cover those.

    • Marie says:

      Kickstarter takes 5% then they have to pay the costs of the donation gifts so they would have needed more than 2 million anyway in order to be able to spend a full 2 million.

      • jb says:

        My guess is that they tried to account for those expenses when determining the final figure of $2 million.

      • Tim says:

        Not only this, but there are people who pledge donations who, when the time comes, don’t follow through. Whether the credit card is expired or canceled between pledge and collection time, some of that $4 million won’t be collected. Now that it’s that high, the $2 million total isn’t in jeopardy, but before it opened to donations and the fans blew up the campaign, it might have been.

  2. tvaddict says:

    this makes me so happy!

  3. Win says:

    GAHHHHH. there have to some callbacks! don’t be selling out on me! Papa bear, this doesn’t feel too good.

  4. Bummed about Veronica not seeing Logan in 9 years, but I suppose it makes sense. They both could have used the time apart to grow as individuals. I’ll just hope that they are together by the end of the movie. :)

  5. Jamie says:

    Hasn’t seen Logan in 9 years? I’m really disappointed in this remark. What about their “epic” romance? Hoping that maybe she sees him later on in Neptune because I really want to see Logan in the movie and Mac!

    • Brooke says:

      Disappointing but not unrealistic. Romances that seem epic in high school and college often seem a less so as we get older and experience more in life.

      It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine when movies (or TV shows, or books…) show an adult pining over a high school romance.

      • Alichat says:

        Agreed….not unrealistic, but disappointing. While their relationship wasn’t the healthiest…..she had serious trust issues……he a self destructive nature…..I always felt they’d keep in contact at least. Emails….an occasional letter….something. If there had been a season 4 and beyond, I had wanted to see Logan bond with Keith, even if he and Veronica never came together again. I think it would have been interesting to see Keith become somewhat of a surrogate father to Logan since he’d never had a good father in his life, and basically he has no family since Trina is MIA 99% of the time. His concern and worry for Veronica’s safety seemed, to me, to not only be worry that he’d lose his girlfriend, but also a big fear that he’d once again lose a family member. So the not having seen each other in 9 years is really sad.

        • Carrie says:

          You took the words right out of my mouth. I would love to see that Keith and Logan formed a bond over the last 9 years. With the hope that Keith’s support and love it would help Logan grow up and mature and have healthy relationships. that also being said I still hope he would keep a little of his bad boy/snarky side LoL

      • M. says:

        I agree… But since fans didnt get a propper ending to the series, I remembered Veronica and Logan shared a “look” the final scene they had together, and that led me to believe they would end up together again somehow! At least thats what I thought since the ending of the series was really open.

      • J says:

        Shut your face, Logan and Veronica are epic. :P I doubt they’ve been pining for each other, but I hope that the sparks immediately fly when they’re back in each other’s lives. :D

  6. Kira says:

    As long as the main cast is Veronica, Keith, Logan, Mac, Wallace, and Weevil I will be one very happy woman :) Oh and Dick too lol

  7. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    Veronica better end up with her soul mate, LOGAN, or I am going to seriously regret the $200 I coughed up. Okay, I won’t, because I totally heart VM, but I won’t be happy!

    • Matt H says:

      LoVe was my least favorite part of VM. And I blame the shippers for screwing up good noir with that stupid romance. BtW I’m coughing up $200 as well.

      • JE says:

        THANK YOU, Matt H. I also feel the shippers ruined it and the “relationship” with Logan ruined Veronica as a character.

        • Lulu says:

          Totally disagree (like MAJORITY of viewers) : LoVe was one of the best element of Veronica Mars BY FARRRRRRRRRRR

          • J says:

            It can be good noir and have epic romance. Why do people always have to poo all over good things. :( I’m obsessed with Logan’s character and they had some of the most amazing TV chemistry ever.

          • Carrie says:

            Totally agree, I dont understand when fans bash other fans for liking one set of couples together over another. Everyone is different we all have different likes and disslikes. Why should you fave couple pairing be better than mine. I was not a fan of Veronica and Duncan being together but I wouldn’t bash the fans that did like them.

          • Josh says:

            So late to this but I’m not in that majority I guess..I felt like LoVe ruined Logan and did hurt Veronica. Logan use to be a wise ass, snarky character but by the end of season 3 he turned into some romnatic hero who cried while hugging pillows, hug out with little girls and served no other purpose and started to take away things that made the show work(Veronica’s independence, a severe dialing down of Veronica’s time spent with Mac, Wallace and her dad)….I think once the show moved to a show about LoVe instead of a show about Veronica Mars(which season 3, sadly, sort of was) it did lose a lot of its quality. Rob Thomas admitted to making choices to please fans, but sometimes, if you want a better story, you might need to upset the fans.

  8. Betsy says:

    i have not stopped SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing like a fangirl for a week. I trust Rob to make it all happen.

  9. Mari says:

    oh wow finally Ausiello is writing an article about the movie. I thought he wasn’t a fan anymore.

  10. Elyse says:

    I. can’t. wait.

  11. Min jinx says:

    I hope papa mars comes back. Veronica mars won’t be Veronica Mars without the daughter/father relationship.

  12. Kristin says:

    She better end up with Logan or I will be very upset!

  13. Trista says:

    Please don’t let her still be with PIZ. UGH – I never thought it was believable that Veronica would fall for him.

    • Drew says:

      I was actually happy to see Veronica wind up with someone who was nice, treated her well, and didn’t break the law as often as humanly possible.

      • D.A says:

        Because Veronica was so nice? And treated everyone so well? And never, ever broke the law? Please, Piz didn’t get her at all.

    • Carrie says:

      Totally agree, I can understand a little why she thought she wanted Piz at first but she was WAY to strong of a personality for him. She would have gotten board with Piz.

  14. Kim says:

    Somebody remind me how she foiled Keith’s chances at re-election? I don’t remember the last case. . .

    • Liza180 says:

      She broke into kane’s house and stole his harddrive of names from some skull and bones fraternity. We actually never found out if papa mars won or lost. It was left open ended.

    • Ashley says:

      Well she voted against him (apparently, I was never clear due to the camera angle). I think we’re supposed to believe she was the deciding vote…

      • HT says:

        Keith was charged because the footage of Veronica breaking into Jake Kane’s house was erased. This is publicized by the local newspaper, causing a bad rep. Veronica goes and votes for her father.

        Why would she vote against her own father? The camera angle clearly show her doing so.

      • ZmaX says:

        No, She voted for Keith. The names and bubbled weren’t allied properly, but Keith was the first on the list and Veronica bubbled the first circle. And on twitter a while back when Rob was answering fan questions, he said that Keith did in fact lose the election.

  15. Courtney says:

    I know everyone wants her with Logan, but if they really haven’t seen eachother in nine years, wouldn’t it be weird for them to get back together? Yeah, they had an ‘epic’ romance, but really, they dated a little bit near the end of season 1 and before season 2, and again at the end of season 2, to the middle of season 3- then they don’t see eachother for NINE YEARS. It’s a highschool romance, I don’t see it being realistic that they just fall back together.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m probably going to be hunted down and lynched for this, but I wish the Veronica/Logan shippers (I refuse to use the cringe-worthy shipping title) would just give it up.

      As others have said, it was a dramatic high school relationship. It was only “epic” because they were kids and didn’t know better (and “epic” was Logan’s words, not Rob Thomas’).

      • Anne says:

        I hate to point out the obvious, but seeing as Logan is a fictional character and Rob Thomas is his writer, yes, yes it is Rob Thomas’s words.

        • Ashley says:

          Yeah but doesn’t mean everything he says is Rob Thomas’ belief. They often say well developed characters will write themselves.

      • Simon Jester says:

        I agree. It was the ‘modern noir’ elements of VM that made it stand out from the pack. I could care less about the ‘shipping aspect.

      • Courtney says:

        Wait- what? I’m not alone???!!! I never want to say anything about it because I don’t agree with the rest of the fandom, but, yeah, I’m not big on the two together. I honestly think VM being the kind of show it was (and they want the movie to be the same way), the best thing to do would be to kill Logan, and just have them say ‘I love you’ to eachother before that or something? Just to give that to the fans, but not end it so nicely, and for the people who don’t ship them.

      • Andy says:

        Maybe it wouldn’t be considered typical for them to end up back together, but it still could be realistic. My mom and step-dad dated when they were in high school, didn’t see each other for 20 something years, but then just reconnected and fell back in love again once they saw each other again after all that time.

      • Courtney says:

        Also, I hate the idea of Veronica coming back to town with a new guy, and leave him for her highschool boyfriend.

        • Lulu says:

          Maybe YOU hate it bit MANY others love it, like you will be the one to get your wish…whatever..eyerollllll

          • Courtney says:

            The only one to get my wish? I just said I didn’t like the idea. Jeez.

          • Josh says:

            And this is why LoVe sort of hurt Veronica. Angry fans who cried whenever they didn’t get what thye wanted. PLus, more often than not, they’re women so when Veronica ever wronged Logan, they’d say “I hate Veronica!”…

            I think Rob Thomas just needs to remember what made his work in the beginning and what made it sort of lose ground in season 3. One was a sharp focus on a girl; her quest for justice, her relationship with her father, and learning to trust again and accept people in her life…then it sort of just became a show about a girl and a boy….

            The LoVe fans are great, but many of the more vocal ones tend to be pretty loud and Rob listens to them which is no good fo r the show…I mean look at Lulu. Should anyone really be listening to her?

    • Just saying says:

      You know what annoys me? People who say fictional relationships aren’t ‘realistic’ enough . Veronica Mars was a TV show about a teenage girl who was the only person in her town able to solve murder and rape mysteries! It’s not supposed to be like real life! If it was nobody would want to watch it!

    • Vicky says:

      So, you’ve never seen those films in which two strangers fall in love with each other over the course of the movie, which is generally two hours? Better yet, you’ve never seen those films in which two former friends don’t see each other for years, but when they reconnect again, they end up falling in love?

    • K. says:

      Yes, I do want her and Logan to end up together and for the 9 years apart, who cares! They make movies where two people meet, date, fall in love, break-up and then marry each other all in 2 hours!!

    • D says:

      Well, in the latest of the “American Pie” movies, aka “American Reunion”, Oz and Heather went back to town for their 13-year high school reunion with the person they were dating at that time and in the end of the movie they realized that even after 11 or 12 years without seeing each other they were still in love with one another and ended up together, so I won’t discard the idea of the same happening with Logan and Veronica, and I hope Thomas won’t either.

  16. Courtney says:

    “…he declines to say whether her suitor is an existing character or someone new.” How would it make sense that after all these years she’s fallen back with Piz or Duncan, or starting dating Wallace, Dick, or whoever else? Either it’s a new character, or it doesn’t make sense. I really hope it’s someone we don’t know. Unless it’s Troy! (Do most fans hate him though??)

    • ByronAlways says:

      perhaps Leo

      • Courtney says:

        How did I forget him?! I would love for V to be with Leo- unless she just leaves him for Logan (again).

      • I just love the fact that Max Greenfield wants to be in and Rob Thomas has a plan for Leo. But as much as loved Leo and Veronica, I loved Veronica and Logan more, if they are going to go with the Veronica-dumps-Current-BF-for Logan. I’d rather not to be Leo.

    • Nick says:

      She was still with Piz at the end of the series. Also it’s not uncommon to marry people you knew in high school or college. I married my high school sweetheart after going to separate schools and losing contact.

      • Courtney says:

        Yeah, but her look was clearly a guilty one, as she still had feelings for Logan; and his look was clearly one of being aware of that. Rob Thomas even said so. So, yeah, she was with Piz at the end, but there’s no way they stayed together after that.

  17. dragenphoto says:

    How are these spoilers?

  18. bee says:

    as long as rob thomas is giving us some closure about veronica and logan I’m really happy – a “real” happy ending might just be too much to ask for. I’m sooo looking forward to seeing them all on the big screen…

  19. gabby says:

    I need Logan and Veronica together though. It actually breaks my heart that they haven’t seen each other in so long. I get that it makes sense but still….my heart hurts.

  20. ByronAlways says:

    I want Mac and Wallace. And a romance between Wallace’s mother and Keith.

  21. ByronAlways says:

    Thee return of Lynn echolls’s mysterie?

  22. ByronAlways says:

    I find that Teddy Dunn has a good physical resemblance with Shane West.

  23. Jooshua says:

    Does this mean that the season 4 proposal video Veronica Mars: FBI.. isn’t part of the continuity?

    • HT says:

      That was just an attempt to keep the show on the air in some form.

    • Veronica Mars as a disgraced former FBI agent fits perfectly into the character of our snarky heroine. Wish Thomas would take that route.

      Jealousy in the Bureau (Veronica is smarter than her boss’s boss) would make her vulnerable. Then there is her complicity with Duncan in kidnapping his daughter and embarassing the FBI. And if Agent Morris (Lucy Lawless) exposed her, that would be the end of her career there. Works for me. They might even get CA to pull her PI license. Plus, the enemies she made of the secret society led by Duncan’s father would also tend to be career limiting.

      Veronica Mars works best when she is isolated from society and with a plethora of enemies. Her Dad is always her rock, but he can’t fix everything.

    • Ashley says:

      I saw an interview with him a few days ago (possibly on this site) that he confirmed that the FBI thing is not canon. In terms of the movie going forward, we are supposed to pretend that didn’t happen. She has had no involvement with the FBI.

  24. Tom Charles says:

    So I shouldn’t be holding my breath for the big reveal that Meg’s death was faked? That’s sad.

  25. ByronAlways says:

    10 years after
    Mac and Dick ara married. Dick is the newn mayor.
    Keith and Wallace’s mothed live together.
    Madison is the Vinnie’s wife.

    • Linda says:

      “Mac and Dick ara married.” No way do I see this especially not since who his brother was.

      • ByronAlways says:

        yes but it’s fun and in high school reunion yhere’s unprobablu couple. A friend Quaterback and currently a McDo’s owner married the chess club champion and currently a PhD in robotics

    • Cici says:

      Mac wouldn’t touch Dick after what Beaver did to her.

      I hope that she’s still smart and has enough common sense to stay as far away from that nutty family as possible.

      Kendall marries keith cause he hit the lottery.

      Meg faked her death and at some point joined Duncan and Baby Lily in Australia.

      Wallace is gay and weevil is in prison.

      The 09er’s burned down the high school.

  26. ByronAlways says:

    Eli works for Keith Mars

  27. Courtney says:

    “Keith Will Not Be Relegated to a Cameo” I never thought he would be. My question is- what about Weevil?! They didn’t focus on Weevil as much in the last season, and his&Vs relationship through the whole series was really Weevil always being there for her, but Veronica never really trusting him. I just want Weevil/Veronica friendship to the max, with plenty of screentime for him!

    • Brooke says:

      if i remember right weevil had a knee injury that took him out of most of season 3. the actor not the character. i apologize for the funky punctuation as my phone is not acting right.

    • Nick says:

      Actor who played Weevil said on twitter he’s all in if he’s asked back. Considering it’s a high school reunion I can’t imagine he won’t be.

  28. ah man! i actually really loved the lily cane flashback scenes… i wish she was in it. let’s bring back slutty madison st. clair! i wish lamb was still alive though :(

  29. Sam says:

    I think Logan and Veronica should end up together. As unsatisfying as the ending of the show was, I always liked the look they shared that was meant to show that they would always have a really strong connection. I’ve found comfort in Rob saying ‘it will always be Veronica and Logan’ and I expect him to stick to that.

  30. ggny says:

    I really really like to her from the other big characters. Logan/Dick and Keith where apart of the video but nothing has been said about Wallace/Mac and Weevil. Can someone please ask Rob Thomas what is going on there and why are they not involved in the Kickstarter stuff

  31. eric says:

    What will happen is everybody will probably be in it. Veronica’s boyfriend will probably be Duncan and his kid will be older. Even Lily will be in it too. There will probably be alot of good things and alot of bad things going on.

  32. Dizzle says:

    LoVe was never the main reason I liked the show and I’m not fussed if it’s the movie’s endgame or not. I just want any relationship to make sense in the context of the film’s story. If they get together at the end “just because” then I’ll be disappointed, but I trust Rob Thomas to only go there if the story he creates enables it.

  33. Jordan says:

    Logan and veronica should meet each other and it gets bumpy but I bet they talk and maybe see each other again

  34. K. says:

    I’d kind of like to see Mac and Wallace together and I do believe Veronica and Logan belong together. They make movies of couples that meet,date,have sex,break-up and then marry each other all in 2 hours, so the 9 years apart thing doesn’t mean a thing!

  35. ByronAlways says:

    The funniest thing is to know what will be like Dick and Logan jobs.

  36. mia says:

    I don’t really care for the idea of Veronica becoming a lawyer. I LOVED the plan that she was going to be an FBI agent; just feels more her than a lawyer does.

  37. CodeVode says:

    Don’t ruin it with a lawyer storyline. They’re so cliched and far-fetched 99% of the time. Do you know what job is actually not exciting, not interesting, and just plain wretched? Being a lawyer. Trust me. I know all too well

  38. mia says:

    I’d love for Lamb to return as well. Maybe he’s still the sheriff

    • Kim says:

      Lamb died in the final season. i dont’ think bringing him back would be a good idea. It would alienate fans, who are going to be one of the biggest forms of advertising by dragging their friends, and would really not be a good idea.

    • Ashley says:

      Or maybe not, because Sheriff Lamb is most definitely dead. Now Deputy Leo, on the other hand… who is now a BIG TV star… maybe the Deputy got a couple of promotions along the way, and is now the Sheriff? Just a thought!

  39. Kim says:

    Maybe she’s a lawyer because she has to defend somebody like her dad or Logan or Mac or Wallace. Veronica isn’t sentimental. Chances are she would only go to the reunion if it were for a case. Especially if she hasn’t been in contact with most of these people for all these years.

  40. Marta says:

    Rob and company played VERY heavily on the LoVe angle in their pitch video (with the smoldering scene). I would think it is very disingenuous if there wasn’t some pay off for them in this movie. I’m guessing I’m not alone, I know I contributed because I felt they were letting me know that Logan and Veronica have unfinished business.

  41. Monica says:

    Super happy that Enrico will have a large role-love the chemistry between Keith and Veronica and in my little pathetic fan brain I really really really want Veronica and Logan to be together happily ever after, BUT at the very least please let there be a HUGE part for Jason Dohring too!!

  42. BrianR says:

    Oh god no not a lawyer that ruins it for me already.

  43. Amanda says:

    This all sounds amazing!!! I’m so excited for this film. I too think they’ll get the original cast back together and we’ll see a lot of the now famous guest stars that played high school students and others like Max Greenfield who has already said he’ll do the movie for free. Veronica and Logan not seeing each other for 9 years actually makes it even more exciting to me as a shipper. There is going to be so much angst and longing between them. It is realistic too and I’ve seen it happen in my own family and now friends I went to high school with reconnecting years later with past loves. Plus I’ve read many novels involving storylines like that too. But no matter what I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

    • Ashley says:

      Right? I don’t understand everyone complaining about them not having seen each other for 9 years. It’s great, because as fans, we haven’t missed any of the progress in the story of Veronica and Logan. Why would we want to skip the part where they fall back in love and fast forward to the boring part where they’ve been married a couple years and are thinking about having kids?

  44. Sparky says:

    Do we have an expected release date yet?

  45. Sasha says:

    It seems like i’m the only one here who adored Piz!

    :) I love me some Chris Lowell <3

    • Alichat says:

      I think the difficulty with bringing Piz back is that it’s their high school reunion, and Piz didn’t go to high school with them. Unless he’s Veronica’s BF or someone else’s…Mac maybe…I don’t see how they’d fit him into the story. Unless he stuck around Neptune after graduating Hearst. That would only work for me if he had a really good reason to stay.

      • Sasha says:

        I know but a girl can hope.

        He was just so adorkable.

        • Alichat says:

          Ok…I’m probably a few weeks behind everyone in figuring this out, but I forgot that Piz was wanting to get into radio. So, we have our reason for why Piz is around in the movie. Veronica was called back to Neptune to help Logan because his pop star girlfriend is dead. Not Piz’s kind of music, but if he’s a well known music reporter, it would make sense that he’s there. So there you go Sasha…..you will probably get your adorkable Piz! LOL!

    • Alice says:

      I adored Piz – just didn’t think he was up to being Veronica’s bf.

  46. Ali says:

    Well I am thoroughly excited for this. Closure would be excellent. More after the movie would be excellent. The return of Duncan…I would just melt. (Yeah, I’m one of the few who loved Duncan/Veronica together).

  47. Josee says:

    I want her mystery boyfriend to be Casey Gant. It seemed like they liked each other in “Drinkin’ the Kool-Aid” and nothing ever happened, so maybe they got a second chance?

    I just don’t want him to be Duncan or Piz, I disliked them both. As long as she ends up with Logan, it’s all good. Um yeah, this is coming from a shameless Logan fan and LoVe shipper. Sorry not sorry.

  48. S.A.M. says:

    I’d LOVE for her current boyfriend to be Leo. He was a sweetheart and they actually had chemistry, unlike some of her other ‘nice’ boyfriends. But with Logan/Veronica…I don’t really want the movie to confirm that they end up together. I’d much rather they reconnect and leave it open-ended as to whether or not they reunite. It’d be too unrealistic for them to fall back into a relationship in a 2 hour movie after not seeing one another for 9 years. And if they have plans for sequels, the Logan/Veronica hook-up could happen in a future movie, after they’ve spent more time together.

    • martha says:

      I think Leo was too naive for Veronica. At first I wasnt a big fan of Logan/Veronica when they hooked up on season 1.. but then, I mean, I think Logan is the only one that really fits the Veronica Mars world, everyone else just seemed fake to me. Troy was weird, Duncan was really boring and I think though Piz was a nice and funny guy it didnt feel right. The thing is, Veronica is who she is, and Logan is probably the only who gets it. VMars wasnt made for normal romances xD that at least what I think. For me, one of the coolest think on the show was their sarcastic interaction , it was sooo funny.

    • eristash says:

      This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. She shows up with a boyfriend after Wallace and Mac both beg and connive her into going to the reunion, she sees Logan and things are awkward. I’m betting new boyfriend doesn’t know about Logan. Things get complicated and messy and, well, she probably helps Cliff defend Logan and Weevil or some such thing which reconnects them and things are left hanging because we all know Rob wants to either do a sequel or another season or a few. That possibility wouldn’t work so well if things were wrapped up in a nice little bow. I mean, he purposely left things hanging at the end of season 3 so we WOULD be begging for a movie.

      • Lulu says:

        Ok but i would not mind (actually i want Rob ! lol) a love scene between Veronica and Logan even if they are not ‘happily ever after’ at the end of the movie, i want the movie to be sexy and to showcase the killer chemistry between Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, their snarky witty banter was awesome but they also had (still have i hope) amazing sexual chemistry !! One of the best i saw on tv so use it !

  49. j says:

    SO STOKED FOR THIS MOVIE!! Gonna watch the series over and over until it come out! :D

  50. hannah says:

    As I am probably the only Duncan fan I’m curious as to what happened with him. He’s probably off somewhere with the untreated chlamydia given to him from Veronica thanks to Beaver. Ugh, Rob Thomas, I’m still mad at you for that.

    • Courtney says:

      I wasn’t sure that it was ever said; did Cassidy rape her before or after she slept with Duncan? Was it confirmed it was after? ‘Cause I thought it was never said..

      • hannah says:

        Nothing was explicit. The timeline of her sex with Duncan and rape never made sense to me. But considering Duncan woke up the next morning and realized what he had done makes me believe that happened after Beaver. But I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking about them dating in season two, but I guess if they used protection he would have been fine.

        Still I hate what they did to Cassidy’s character.

        • Courtney says:

          Ohhhh, right. I forgot about him waking up to her. So, yeah, I guess Cassidy would have gone first = (. &Same. I thought the bus crash was one thing, but why throw in the rape? That was solved in season 1 and I just don’t understand why they brought it up again. It seemed like an after thought.

        • Lulu says:

          I did not hate at all what they did to the Cassidy character, it made for great drama and storytelling, awesome seacon 2 finale and i loved the Cassidy character but to see him being the ‘big bad’ was a genius move and pretty realistic actually.

    • Lala says:

      untreated chlamydia – LOL!!! I hadn’t thought about that! I understand how they used the diagnosis but that was beyond disgusting AND the fact that her father found out about it during her testimony! AWKWARD!!! hated that Beaver died but that was a great arc.
      Duncan, on the other hand, was beyond boring. They had less chemistry than two siblings sucking face. :-(