Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on The Office, Big Bang, Grey's, Banshee, Good Wife, Smash and More!

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Question: Do you happen to have any more/further news on The Office finale? —Sebastian
Ausiello: If exec producer Greg Daniels has it his way, the May 16 conclusion will expand beyond an hour. “I was very excited with the footage we got,” he told TVLine at this weekend’s wrap party. “It’s very big. I’m going to beg NBC to super-size it or extend it.” Meanwhile, Jake Lacy — aka Pete — described the finale as both “satisfying” and “beautiful,” while Jenna Fischer urged fans not to miss the “last six [episodes] — particularly the second-to-last episode and then the last episode. That’s where a lot of the real satisfying, meaty stuff is going to happen.” In other Office news, did you see this?!

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Question: Any scoop on Breaking Bad‘s series finale? There’s a Smurf-head cake pop in it for you! —Joe
Ausiello: According to Matt “Badger” Jones — who was also on hand at the The Office‘s farewell bash — the AMC smash goes out with a “musical” episode that ends with “Walt ascending to heaven.” Just as I predicted!

odetteQuestion: I’m a diehard TVLine reader and have never requested a single thing… until now. Banshee Season 2 scoop? —Carole
Ausiello: This one’s hot off the proverbial presses, Carole: Odette Annable has officially signed on to reprise her role as hit woman Nola Longshadow in at least four Season 2 episodes of the Cinemax hit.

Question: Can we get some scoop on Grey’s Anatomy‘s “JApril” please? So many fans are eagerly awaiting some kind of news from them, but nobody seems to have any! –Jennu
Ausiello: Though for the short term, April is focused on The Virgin EMT Matthew, their road may become a bumpy one. Previewing the April 4 episode, Sarah Drew says, “[April] winds up working on a patient with Jackson, and he winds up being there for her in a way that she needs when she has a crisis of faith. But when she tries to talk to Matthew about it, he misinterprets what she’s talking about and leaves her even more confused than before!”

Question: I know that Sookie is getting a new love interest on the upcoming season of True Blood, but is there any chance for some Eric-Sookie romance? I mean, last season they only had about 20 minutes on screen together! —Cynthia
Ausiello: Can’t speak to a revived Eric-Sookie romance, but I can share this tidbit about Sookie’s new beau, Ben: The show is currently casting the roles of his mom and dad, both of whom will be seen via flashback.

Question: Got any scoop about The Vampire Diaries? —Audrey
Ausiello: Elena will do just about anything to find the cure, and that includes going to first base with [spoiler].

Question: Would love some intel on Southland‘s April 17 season (and hopefully not series) finale. —Tracey
Ausiello: Tom Everett Scott reprises his role as Russell when Lydia — desperate for a shoulder to lean on — tracks down her disgraced former work hubby. “He was the closest partner she ever had,” notes Regina King. “And now with all of the things going on and her mother no longer there, you look to the person that you know the best or that knows you the best.”

bonesQuestion: Thank you for the lovely video interview(s) with Bones‘ David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Did they reveal even juicier scoop off camera? Spill. —Rachel
Ausiello: They didn’t, but exec producer Stephen Nathan sure did. Despite buzz that the show’s April 29 finale would solve the big Pelant alarm-clock mystery, Nathan told me that there’s a good chance that particular reveal will be held until next season. “We might not find that out in the finale,” he says. “But we will certainly find out more about Pelant. Since the finale is probably not the end of him, there’s no reason to revisit the alarm clock yet.” Meanwhile, Nathan confirmed that the lingering marriage issue between Booth and Brennan will play a part in Season 8’s swan song, but — and this is a big but — “I’m not going to divulge whether it necessarily moves forward or not.”

Question: Can we hope to see Booth’s son Parker or brother Jared on Bones now that his mom is reappearing in their lives? —@geraghtyvl via Twitter
Ausiello: Yes. “Not this season,” said Nathan, “but they’ll definitely be back.”

Question: Please tell me that we’re actually gonna see some action between Cary and Kalinda on The Good Wife. This last episode just killed me! —MaryBee
Ausiello: Depends how you define “action.” If it’s “any kind of physical intimacy,” then yes, you will see some action between them in this Sunday’s episode. Bonus Scoop: The aforementioned episode’s biggest twist centers on Diane, and it could have long-lasting repercussions.

Question: Any interesting Once Upon a Time tidbits you can share? —Stef
Ausiello: This may already be out there, but the show is casting the potentially recurring role of Felix, the tough, natural born leader of a “sinister group of boys.”

Question: Any scoop on The Americans? —Caroline
Ausiello: Season 1’s penultimate episode will re-introduce viewers via flashback to Gabriel, Elizabeth and Philip’s handler before Margo Martindale’s Cold War ice queen Claudia appeared on the scene.

Question: It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Smash fans! Any spoilers to cheer me up? About Derek maybe? I’m loving his renewed friendship with Ivy this season. Will it turn romantic again? —Lila
Ausiello: Ivy will be getting a love interest soon, but showrunner Josh Safran isn’t identifying her mate. “I don’t want to spoil that, but it’s a huge portion of her story this year,” he teases. “It’s complicated and beautiful, and as is always the case with Megan Hilty, beautifully acted.”

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The Cooper/Kripke InversionQuestion: Any Big Bang Theory on Penny/Leonard? —Colleen
Ausiello: Would you settle for something on Sheldon/Amy? Hope so, ’cause it’s all I got. An upcoming episode will find Amy helping Sheldon overcome his psychological fear of unfinished business. “Sheldon has a problem leaving tasks uncompleted,” explains Jim Parsons. “If something goes unfinished, that’s going to eat at him and keep him up at night, if not worse. So she tries to free him of that.”

Question: Any scoop on when Castiel will return on Supernatural? He’s been gone way too long. —Monnie
Ausiello: He’s back Wednesday, but it’s his season-ending story that has us intrigued. While Misha Collins says his angelic alter ego will have “a role to play” in Sam’s trials, he won’t be seeing eye-to-eye with the Brothers W for long. “Cas will [ultimately] be pursuing his own objectives that are not on the same path as Sam and Dean’s,” hints the actor. Hmm…. wonder if that has anything to do with this.

Question: Hello, my favorite TV guru! I need some Scandal scoop, like, yesterday. —Liz
Ausiello: Make sure you are home at 10/9c on Thursday, April 4, because trust me — you are going to want to watch Episode 18 live.

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