Scoop: Smash Boss on This Week's Big Marilyn Reveal, and the Semi-Return of (Gulp) Tech!

Smash Season 2 Spoilers Marilyn Smash is finally pulling the curtain back on its big Bombshell mystery.

Exec producer Josh Safran tells TVLine that tonight’s episode — the first of three final Tuesday installments before the drama relocates to Saturdays at 9/8c on April 6 — will “a hundred percent” reveal whether Ivy or Karen will be playing Marilyn in the musical-within-the-show.

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“I know that the audience is sort of thinking that there’s still going to be a ‘who’s going to do what’ fight throughout the year [between Ivy and Karen],” says Safran. “But there is not going to be. The lines that are drawn in the sand at the end of [tonight’s] episode are the lines that are in the sand for the rest of the season.

“The ball is just starting to roll now,” the boss enthuses, “and it’s going to roll faster and faster and faster.”

To wit, viewers will witness Smash‘s Broadway debut in Episode 12 on April 20 — long before the season concludes. “Bombshell comes out of the rehearsal room very quickly and moves to Broadway,” says Safran. “So you definitely see the previews and dress rehearsals and the entire process.”

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And what about last season’s much-lampooned pre-opening staple known as tech? “We do a little bit of tech,” Safran says with a chuckle. “But, obviously, we were very shrewd to stay away from tech after all of the comments last year.”

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