Are The Following's Feds Failing? Did Glee Find Its Funny Bone? Missing Ellis? And More Qs!

walkingdead300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Following, Dallas, The Big Bang Theory and Glee!

1 | Which Saturday Night Live Five-Timer’s appearance surprised you the most?

2 | Has Walking Dead‘s Daryl been sneaking off to an Aveda hair salon in between zombie attacks? And weren’t you both thrilled and horrified when he kinda manly-man bonded with Martinez? Because don’t we all know that, now that Martinez is getting actual scenes to play, he’s as good as dead by the season finale?

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3 | Was The Good Wife‘s cut-to-black following Cary and Kalinda’s bar flirtation just cruel? After so much teasing – not to mention, several Alicia/Will and Alicia/Peter sex scenes – don’t we deserve to see these two at least kiss? And did you think it odd that Lemond Bishop’s gym opens at 8 am on weekdays? On what planet does a big-city fitness club open that late?

4 | How many weeks in a row now has Once Upon a Time‘s Charming been KO’d? (And just how long does the guy stay unconscious for, anyway?) And how bizarre was it to see wicked Cora, even if ever so briefly, beam at Regina with such motherly love?

5 | With alllll the talk of Revenge “getting back to its simpler roots,” does it still seem like every third scene is Victoria and/or Conrad talking in circles to someone about The Initiative? And please, some gadget geek correct us if were wrong, but isn’t the type of “heavy duty” armored laptop that Emily lobbed into the ocean made to be water-resistant? Also, are you as happy as we are that the show is finally giving Nick Wechsler a chance to show off his chops and do more than look perplexed and/or hurt?

Girls6 | Who wants to tell ABC’s promo department that Red Widow is anything but a new “hit” series?

7 | On Girls, can you give us any reason Shiri Appleby’s Natalia should stay with Adam – or, based on the way he’s acted with both her and Hannah, why any woman would date him?

8 | Call us crazy, but wasn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ odd couple of Walt and Donna kind of fun? We’re almost sad the relationship is already over.

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Following9 | We hereby have The Following Questions/Concerns: Is Debra one of Joe’s devotees or is she just a total waste of law-enforcement space? Like, why didn’t she disable the SUV outside of where Mike was being held… or stick a tracker on the car… or do little more other than yell “FBI!” as the villains sped away? And are we the only ones disturbed by the Roderick strangulation/sex scene and the message it sent? Finally, can we please get back to Jacob and Paul (who’s been bleeding out somewhere for two episodes)?! UPDATE: Series creator Kevin Williamson chimes in with a few answers via Twitter.

10 | How badly did your heart break when Dallas‘ Sue Ellen threw back her second, third and fourth swigs of bourbon? And then as she professed her love for the oily bastard at his casket?? Also: Would you like to see her “sober” buddy Gary stick around?

11 | What kind of horrifying circus was that riding through Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars? And why were all of those kids laughing at the terrifying puppet show?

12 | Be honest, Cougar Town fans: Did you also forget that Andy is the mayor? (Guilty!)

13 | Did you ever imagine that Smash could create a character as awful as repugnant songwriter Jimmy, and make you long for the days of sniveling Ellis?

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14 | You’d have to be a cold, cold bastard not to have felt for RuPaul’s Drag Racer Roxxxy Andrews when she confessed that she’d been discarded at a bus stop as a kid, but don’t you still kinda wish that — in the wake of that — she’d become a nicer person? Wouldn’t her story of overcoming that heartbreak Todayhave been more inspiring if she’d grown into… well, less of an obnoxious bully?

15 | Srsly, Today?

16 | Was Southland‘s long-awaited Cooper/Sherman reunion everything you hoped it would be?

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17 | How are you feeling about The Americans‘ Stan these days? Is it refreshing that he’s not some Boy Scout G-man husband, or frankly disappointing? And not to get nitpicky, but what DC-to-NYC train was Phillip on that would’ve afforded him an East River americans275view of downtown Manhattan (Twin Towers included, see photo)? Not even his subsequent taxi ride (from presumably Penn Station) to his midtown hotel would yield such a vista.

18 | Wasn’t it a little insane for American Idol‘s Nicki Minaj to threaten a walk-out if Curtis Finch Jr. got eliminated on Thursday’s results show when she’d actually missed his Wednesday-night rendition of “I Believe” by showing up 10 minutes late?

19 | Vampire Diaries: Does the Salvatore mansion have plumbing separate from the rest of the town?!

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416416-2_05620 | Isn’t it remarkable how Naya Rivera’s injection into Glee‘s New York City storylines instantly returned the show to its comedy roots? If the producers are pushing any single cast member for an Emmy nod this season, shouldn’t it be the woman who’s brought Lima Heights realness to the Big Apple?

21 | OK, who out there teared up when The Big Bang Theory crew was relaying to Howard the possible contents of the letter his father left behind? And do you think it was Bernadette who shared what it actually said, or do you suspect/wish it was some combination?

22 | Can someone nudge us when everyone on Grey’s Anatomy stops squawking at each other? And doesn’t it feel like this was the fifth time the show has done a Cranky Old Man Donates Organ to His Frenemy case?

23 | Were you surprised to see Beauty and the Beast “go there,” having Vincent ever-so-briefly “beast out” mid-coitus? (Or, frankly, did you even care, the scene being so shteamy?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!