Grey's Anatomy Recap: Who's the Boss?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Grey Sloan Memorial HospitalOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson faces so many obstacles as Seattle Grace’s new Big Kahuna that it’s a wonder he doesn’t sing a chorus of “Take This Job and Shove It.” But, bless his heart, he hangs in there, and before the hour’s over, he not only begins to get the hang of things, he even wins over his resentful fellow doctors/board of directors. How does he do it? Read on and find out!

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THE BLAME GAME | Right out of the gate, Jackson ticks off the board (aka Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina) by telling them that the Harper Avery Foundation hasn’t yet decided whether or not to reopen Seattle Grace’s ER. Furthermore, they’re thinking that Owen should be pink-slipped. Yikes! Catching wind of this, Owen flips, and, during an argument that starts with Jackson and ends with Derek, he quits. Later, Derek reassures Owen that he doesn’t blame him for the plane crash, he’s just pissed at the world and, in particular, at Mark.

LOSING PATIENCE | Though catching Jo and Chesty (who’s real name is Jason, it turns out) canoodling in an elevator puts Alex in a snit for the whole episode, there is an upside to his upset: It allows him to construct a convoluted analogy that convinces a young patient on dialysis that she should “take this kidney so some dude with big arms doesn’t get it.” Later, after Alex tells Jo that she’s not needed during the transplant – he already has a pretty substitute scrubbed in – Meredith tells him how hard his gal pal fought to get him the organ. This, in turn, prompts him to crash Jo and Chesty’s date to apologize.

DYING WELL | When April pushes an ALS patient too hard not to exercise his right to die and donate his organs while they are still viable, he fires her. Soon after, however, off a conversation with Cristina, she “gets it” and tells his family about all the people his sacrifice will help. Meanwhile, Cristina is tasked with making a “62-year-old getting a 70-year-old’s hand-me-down” heart sound appealing – in spite of the fact that the geezers are long-ago romantic rivals!

SINK OR SWIM | When not drowning in incomprehensible paperwork or being peppered with questions he can’t answer, Jackson overhears Richard telling Catherine that, by putting her son in charge, all she’s really done is set him up for failure. Yet, rather than let that straw break the camel’s back, Jackson mans up. First, he unclogs a clusterf— at the OR, then he tells the board that he – not the Harper Avery Foundation – has made three decisions: 1. He will reopen the ER. 2. He will rehire Owen. And 3. with their blessing, he’ll rename the hospital Grey Sloan Memorial.

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