All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Exclusive Preview: It's La Toya Vs. Omarosa Vs. Sanity!

NBC’s underrated comedy All-Star Celebrity Apprentice is back with a new episode this Sunday (9/8c), and the competing teams are tasked with performing a Soap Opera scene for Crystal Light.

Of course, because uni-monikered villainess Omarosa has built a career on perpetuating “angry black woman” stereotypes — as well as (apparently) running “half the West Coast for OK magazine” — she responds with disporportionate vitriol to La Toya Jackson’s request to “please be quiet.”

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“Look it up and take notes, because being disrespectful will never work for me,” huffs Omarosa, and the showdown just gets more absurd from there. Press play on the exclusive clip below for the whole Omarosa Vs. La Toya bout — complete with dubious commentary by Lil John.

Excited to see these ladies duke it out? Any verdict on who “wins” the war of words? Hit the comments with your thoughts!