Walking Dead Recap: War and (Zombie) Pieces

wdblogIn Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and the Governor sit down to hammer out a peace treaty. Which, as you can imagine, goes about as well as a tête-à-tête between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

POLITICS AS USUAL | Though Andrea’s managed to bring the rival factions to the negotiating table, one side — ol’ One-Eye’s — isn’t the least bit interested in negotiating. (What is this, Congress?) First, he tell Rick that he only agreed to the meeting so that Team Jailhouse could surrender. Then, he gets under the widower’s skin by blaming his own near-rape of Maggie on Merle and bringing up the possibility that Judith is Shane’s daughter. (You Cyclops bastard, you!) Finally, the Governor makes Rick an offer that he considers unrefusable: Team Woodbury will stand down if and only if the sheriff gives him Michonne.

PRISON RIOT | Back at the penitentiary, Glenn has to forcibly stop Merle from interrupting Rick and the Governor’s showdown with an assassination attempt. Later, Glenn apologizes to Maggie for his self-absorption following her hellish experience in Woodbury — “I made it all about me,” he realizes — and is rewarded with some enthusiastic, post-apocalyptic nookie. Meanwhile, Merle tries (and fails) to convince Michonne to side with him and “Shogun the Governor’s ass” while they have the chance.

MACHO, MACHO MAN | While Rick and the Governor’s powwow is still going on, Daryl and Milton take turns calling each other names. (Daryl refers to Milton as the Governor’s butler; Milton refers to Daryl as Rick’s henchman.) Then, before bonding over cigarettes and zombie-bashing, Daryl and Martinez do pretty much the same thing. Hershel and Milton get along well, though. Milton is so intrigued by the way Hershel’s amputation saved his life that he wants to see the doc’s stump. “We just met,” he replies. “At least buy me a drink first.”

TRUE LIES | Though Andrea returns with the Governor to Woodbury, having been kicked out of the “peace talks” like she was an office intern seems to have driven home the fact that she has no place there. And even Milton is appalled when the Governor reveals that, whether he gets Michonne, he’ll still slaughter the rest of Team Jailhouse. Back at the prison, Rick (kinda) lies that the Governor wants their stronghold. “We’re going to war,” he tells everybody… except Hershel, to whom he confesses what Evil Eye really wants.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Rick will hand over Michonne in the end? Will Andrea do what she should’ve done ages ago and killed the Governor in his sleep? And Lord have mercy, what end-times gym is Martinez working out at? Those arms could star in their own spinoff! Sound off below!