Can The Americans Be Beat? Why'd Glee Blab? Did Community's Pop Top Castle's? And More Qs

GirlsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, White Collar, The Americans and Community!

1 | How did Hannah, Girls‘ perpetual victim, never once mention her OCD before the latest episode? Wouldn’t that have been exactly the kind of thing she would’ve used to solicit sympathy in a fight? And after chewing on spoiled milk solids, is there any disgusting thing Adam won’t do?

2 | The Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia sharing the same cold — a little heavy-handed for a show so steeped in subtlety, right?

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| Where were Once Upon a Time‘s Rumplestiltskin, Bae/Neal, Emma and Henry coming from when the last episode opened? Are we to believe that they simply “put a pin” in their ginormous reunions/discussions to all go out for a slice of pizza?VIKINGS_seer

4 | Is anyone out there ‘shipping Vikings‘ blind, disfigured seer and Once Upon a Time‘s own? Or is he not in her league? (Would either of them even know…? Oh wait, we suppose they would!)

5 | Did Switched at Birth‘s all-ASL episode, which required viewers’ undivided attention, make you realize just how much you multi-task (meaning: probably a lot) while watching TV?

6 | How did The Carrie Diaries‘ straight-laced dad get himself into such a hip nightclub?

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7 | To Dallas‘ Christopher: We’re sure Elena is nice and all, but did you get a good look at that hottie Department of Transportation honcho? Because she sure seemed to be sizing you up. And more questions: Are Harris Ryland and his mother giving us Bates Motel before A&E’s Bates Motel can? How come some of the show’s high-rise office scenes look legit, while others have window views that seem lifted from ABC’s V? All that said, how great was it to see ol’ Gary?

8 | Did Bones‘ Cam pull a Beckett when — secret romance be damned! — she hugged Arastoo in front of her coworkers? And wasn’t it perfectly fitting that Hodgins, and no one else, engaged in weird, celebratory clapping at the announcement of their relationship?

9 | Have the cheeky viewer tweets The Bachelor has been featuring on-screen this season ever been funnier than during the “Women Tell All” episode?


10 | How different would the outcome of this week’s The Following have been if Ryan hadn’t made so much ruckus and alerted Joe to his presence in the building?

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11 | When did Epiphany become head of General Hospital‘s nursing program? Is she secretly teaching on the side? What gave her the authority to give Sabrina a chance to re-take her big test? Also: Sabrina, we know you’re smart and all, but don’t you maybe wanna review your flashcards or something before betting your professional future on repeating your perfect score?

12 | It is possible for us to just once get a modeling show about actual modeling and not catty girl fights and histrionics? (Yes, The Face, we’re looking at you.)

hart of dixie13 | Um, Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon, wasn’t that a scrunchie we spotted in your hair when you dissed Shelby’s collection of them?

14 | White Collar‘s Peter sure had to do several things just plain wrong (Grab the murder weapon bare-handed!) to get pinned for the senator’s murder, didn’t he? And why did Sara look like she was dressed for a funeral during her romantic (fake) proposal?

15 | Have you had your fill of Ron Eldard’s Justified thug?

16 | On Suburgatory, was that audio of a dolphin, or actual noise from Carly Chaikin, during Dalia’s hilarious, “tearless” cry?

Americans Keri Russell17 | The Americans‘ Keri Russell whaling on Margo Martindale: Did that scene promptly land in the TV Spy Show Hall of Fame? Do you think/hope Boyd Crowder was tuned in to see Elizabeth pummel ol’ Mags Bennett? But how did Elizabeth and Phillip not teach their kids about stranger danger?!

18 | Was American Idol‘s bizarrely paced, keep-the-singers-in-a-holding-pen Top 10 announcement a direct result of producers trying to avoid an onstage meltdown from emotionally fragile Charlie Askew? And while we’re talking about the teen and his Wednesday breakdown, how come his parents didn’t insist on him withdrawing from the competition after a publicly televised cry for help?

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projectrunway27519 | Wouldn’t it have been more interesting — and more in character with his season’s worth of emotional growth — if Glee’s Finn had manned-up and kept his secret about kissing Emma to himself, instead of acting like a weepy child and confessing his trespasses to Mr. Schue?

20 | On Project Runway, didn’t Layana and Stanley’s design and model remind you of Blair Waldorf?

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21 | Was Community‘s surprisingly deep reunion between Jeff and estranged dad James Brolin everything that Castle‘s reunion with estranged dad James Brolin wasn’t? And did you, as we did, spot the poster in Shirley’s garage early on, knowing it’d have a Shawshanky hole behind it?

22 | Which Big Bang Theory sequence was more winning: Raj’s all-texting date, or Bernadette and Amy empowering future female scientists while dolled up as Disney princesses?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!