Much Ado About a Trailer: How Many Joss Whedon Show Vets Can You Spot?

Sigh no more, Joss Whedon fans, sigh no more — because the trailer for his Much Ado About Nothing is finally here.

The Buffy creator’s film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic love caper — which features many of his past and present co-workers — will soon hit theaters. In the meantime, how about we play a little game of “How many Whedonverse vets can Joss stuff into the promo?” 

Here’s how it goes. Press PLAY on the video below, then fill the comments with what you see. Make sure to give the show, actor and timestamp (like “Angel‘s Alexis Denisof at 0:18!” or “Dollhouse‘s Franz Kranz at 0:23!).

How many Friends of Joss can you pick out? Ready, set, go!

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