What to Watch Thursday: Glee Cues Up No. 500, Idol's Top 10, Person of Interest Picks 6 and More

glee 500 300On TV this Thursday: Glee marks a milestone, Idol lines up its finalists, Community goes Pop, Pop! and Person of Interest hunts a half-dozen. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm American Idol (Fox) | You voted for ’em, and tonight you’ll get to meet this year’s finalists.

8 pm Community (NBC) | At Thanksgiving, the study group goes to Shirley’s for an awkward evening, and Jeff visits his estranged dad (guest star James Brolin aka Castle‘s estranged dad).

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | Leonard, Sheldon and Wolowitz speak to junior high girls about careers in science. (Why do I feel like this will be a debacle of “Math class is tough!”-Barbie proportions?)

8:30 pm Two and a Half Men (CBS) | After a fight with Walden, Alan moves in with Herb (who, we learn, is more than a bit cuckoo about his model choo-choos).

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9 pm Person of Interest (CBS) | The Machine deals six numbers, leading Reese and Finch to a town where they must ride out a storm with a group of strangers – one of whom is a killer. Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years), Luke MacFarlane (Brothers & Sisters) and Becky Ann Baker (Freaks and Geeks) guest-star.

9 pm Project Runway (Lifetime) | The designers use duct tape to create prom wear.

9:30 pm Glee (Fox) | Special time: The New Directions kids are assigned to sing their favorite song from a movie, which results in the series’ 500th musical performance. Meanwhile in New York, Santana crowds Rachel and Kurt’s loft. (Check out a sneak-peek video and photos!)

9:30 pm Anger Management (FX) | Charlie and Kate face off as expert witnesses in the same trial.

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10 pm King of the Nerds (TBS) | Season finale: The King of the Nerds is crowned. Lay down your pocket protectors in reverence! (Already renewed.)

10:30 pm Legit (FX) | Jim discovers Janice has become a hoarder and attempts a (misguided) intervention.

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