Supernatural First Look: Angelic Castiel Returns... With a Demonic Special Guest!

Supernatural‘s heavenly angel Castiel is back in the March 20 episode (The CW, 9/8c), and his latest appearance in Dean and Sam’s lives coincides with an unexpected event: the return of Meg Masters (played by Rachel Miner)!

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Per the official episode description, Cas tells the boys that Crowley’s let loose some demons in a small town. While interrogating one of his henchmen, the trio discovers that the King of Hell has been torturing a now-blonde Meg — is she trying to impersonate TVLine’s Meg Masters?! — and that the demon gal knows the location of a crypt that holds a valuable asset. Hmm, what could it be?

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Katie says:

    UGH MEG. She’s the WORST.

    • Dennis says:

      I like Meg

    • Ella says:

      Agreed. I hate Meg and I didn’t think she could be any worse than in season 1 but it seems it doesn’t matter which actress plays her. Plus, I think she’s playing the boys with Crowley. Serious do NOT want any Megstiel moments either.

    • Spencer says:

      Really. I don’t understand why they keep bringing her back, because she is really, really annoying. The actress makes me want to turn the show off.

    • hellkitty says:

      OMG I LOVE rachel miner as meg… she is great in that role. snippy and scarcastic, it is funny and puts a spark into the epsiodes.. I didnt care for the old meg but miner does a wonderful job….. she plays that part wonderfully!.. I get sick of all the women just wanting dean and cass and sam all the time.. I mean they ARE the show but come on… let us have a story line, you can enjoy other characters…and MEG is an awesome one… Death is another great character.. My godd people expand your brain

      • zipmaster says:

        I love Meg, too! I particularly liked her better as portrayed by Rachel Miner as she has been at her best by being sarcastic and snippy. I am not happy that Crowley appeared to have killed her in this episode as I felt she had become a valued ally of the Winchesters and Castiel. A part of me hopes that she is not gone forever, but I fear that we have seen the last of her. That said, I am happy to see that Misha Collins will become a series regular once again next season! And with Castiel in the wind with the “angel tablet”, I can’t wait to see how Crowley and Naomi will work together to capture the tablet. And when are we going to see the Alpha vampire and Benny again this season (Remember? The Alpha vampire promised to see the Winchesters this season the last time they met in an episode last season.).

        • hellkitty says:

          Im simply pissed that meg is dead and I like you hope that she really isnt dead. I dont want another actress to play meg either cause rachael miner is wonderful in that role…. I also love Benny and I like the alpha vamp as well…I dont care for the naomi storyline…….still so bummed that it looks like meg is dead…what a waste

  2. Dilys says:

    Am not thrilled to see Meg again. I would far rather the episode just focused on Cas. But I am THRILLED BEYOND MEASURE to have Cas back. Love him and can’t wait for Dean to figure it all out and rescue Cas from Naomi. I hope Dean kicks some Naomi angelic ass for hurting his angel.

  3. liz says:

    I <3 Misha!!

  4. Mel says:

    I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of Meg. I liked her well enough as a villain, but what they did with her in season 7, trying to make her “good” (to a degree) just did not work for me. Nonetheless, I’m uber-excited to see Cas back, and this episode is written by Robbie Thompson, who has quickly become my favorite writer on the show, so this episode should be great.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, I agree: I think Meg works better as a villain, and I hope she’ll be restored to that in this episode and maybe for season 9. She and Crowley would be a great double act. :-)

    • Katie says:

      Exactly. Meg hasn’t worked for me since Rachel Miner took over the role.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah I’m not a big fan of Meg…especially not since Rachel Miner took over the role…And I refuse to believe that the brothers don’t just kill her at this point.

      • Carrie says:

        She’s been helping them out for a long time. Why kill her unless they’re provoked? As far as they know, she hasn’t been hurting anyone. At some point, they may have to get rid of her, though.

  5. Kate says:

    Looking forward to seeing Cas back, though I’m worried about what will happen between him and Dean after seeing the promo. But I hold firm to the belief the profound bond will win through in the end. :-)

    I totally think Meg is conspiring with Crowley. And I also think it would be great to have some continuity reference back to what Meg did to Sam previously if he and Meg are working this case together.

  6. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Finally he’s back!! I missed him so much! I even accept Meg being back, cos ugh I hate her. I hope they don’t try to make us feel for her. She is a demon and will always be one. Anyway. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! \o/

  7. lOR says:

    I love this season, but the lack of Cas has been disappointing :( I’m very happy he is back again and I hope we’ll see him more on season 9!

  8. Dot says:

    So excited for Castiel to be around again in season 8. I’m loving this season overall, but could always do with more Castiel on my tv screen. I’ve been missing him! (And so happy he’s going to be a regular for S9).

    Also I like Meg and I enjoy Rachel Miner’s performance, glad to see her back (and hopefully scheming away) and Crowley who is always a fun bad guy.

    • Ella says:

      Maybe the blonde hair will help lol. Blonde demons seem to do a better job on Supernatural than their brunette counterparts: see Meg, Ruby.

  9. Shannon says:

    I thought the actress who played Meg originally in the earlier seasons did a lot better job and was more convincing as a villain and creepier than the actress now. The actress who plays meg now does not give me the same vibe that the other actress did. At least we got rid of Ruby for once and for all they should never have re-casted that role to the person they did. They should bring back Bella she was a hoot too. Seriously, the best seasons/episodes were the 1st three. i am a little biased because I have been watching the show from day 1. This season has kind of been nonchalant as if they have writers now who have not watched the show from the get go. The special effects have been awesome though.

    • Ella says:

      Maybe the blonde hair will help lol. Blonde demons seem to do a better job on Supernatural than their brunette counterparts: see Meg, Ruby.

  10. Meg is awesome. I’m glad she is back. I’m excited that her and Sam seem to have some scenes just the two of them. Meg is a really complex, fascinating character, and I like that the show explores her character in shades of gray. I’m also beyond thrilled that Cas is back. We’re winding up to the finale, and I’m nervous for what is going to happen. Thankfully Misha is confirmed to be a season regular again next season.

  11. Alan says:

    yay meg is back, its been too long since her last appearance. the blond suits her, she looks like she did back in her first body. and crowley too, can never get enough of mark sheppard playing bad guys.
    storyline looks interesting, hopefully cas is fully integrated into the story rather than just being squeezed into the episode to appease fans like he all too often is.

  12. Rita says:

    So excited for Cas!!! Can’t wait to have him back with the boys! We’ve missed Misha!
    Also love Meg, I think she’s great. Is it the 20th yet???

  13. ec says:

    Yay! So glad Cas is back – also, LOVE Rachel Miner as Meg. And I happened to really like the demon/angel googly eyes from season 7.

  14. Tina says:

    I’m happy to finally have Cas back, and Meg, too! This season has a sad lack of Castiel, and the gap between episode 10 and 17 was far too long, especially considering the way episode 10 had ended. I hope I’ll be able to enjoy the next season more, but in the meantime I’ll take any Cas episode I can get. I’m also curious as to how Dean will react to the controlled Cas and how Meg and Sam are going to interact with each other. That episode is certainly going to hurt.

  15. Bender says:

    I must be in the minority, but I think castiel has been on too long. Should have kept bobby.

    • Alan says:

      you are in the minority but you can add me to that minority, he should have stayed gone after his death at the end of season 5, that was the perfect end for the character.

      • Dilys says:

        Yes you are in the minority. Most of SPN fandom is wildly thrilled to have Cas back. And the over 12,000 people that got pictures taken with him at the Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend clearly agree.

      • Cheryl says:

        Not in the minority at all. But I don’t mind Castile with Carver in charge as Carver has strongly established the brothers are the focus of this show not Castile or any other characters and we just had 6 amazing brotherly only episodes

    • Carm says:

      I would rather have Bobby than Cas too.

    • Dee says:

      I don’t think we are the minority, Bender. The most vocal, fervent and downright loud are the Castile loonies for sure so everybody thinks that thats what we all want.

      Not the case, at all!!!

      Men of Letters ROCK!!!! :)

  16. So glad to have cas back seven episodes with out him was too long. Im a little nervous about what Naom is doing to Cas she is more of a threat to the Winchesters then Crowley. Because she can control Cas and force him to harm the winchesters andthis is making me very concerned . Hope fully the winchesters will find out what is wrong with Cas and help him. Oh glad to see Meg back but i dont trust her.

  17. Dying lameMeg’s hair blond won’t make her blondMeg and won’t make her cool. Just bring back the fun actress.

  18. Minion says:

    I would have been happy enough to have a new episode with Cas in it to look forward to, but also knowing that the episode is written by the incredible Robbie Thompson and also has Meg and Crowley in it just makes me that much more excited and eager for this episode! But mostly I just can’t wait to see Cas back with Dean and Sam! I’m very much hoping that with Misha being a regular for Season 9, we won’t have any more stretches of episodes without him like we have this season. Even though I’ve loved many of the episodes and adored Dean and Sam as always, I’ve missed that angel so much lately!

  19. Jason says:

    Original Meg, like original Ruby, was leaps and bounds better.

    • Anna says:

      Both original Meg and original Ruby were SO much better. I know everyone loves Jared’s wife, but she and this new-Meg actress kind of ruined the characters for me.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        Ummm, this. I prefer original Meg and also Katie Cassidy as Ruby.

        And no, I don’t love Jared’s wife. She stole my man!!!

  20. TVDIVA says:

    Glad Castiel is back, but they can gank Meg for me. I would rather have Ellen and Jo back in place of Meg.

  21. Mel says:

    Just glad this show is still on!

  22. Nicole says:

    Am I the only one here who likes Meg 2.0? I think she’s great. It was Meg 1.0 that irked me.

    • Alan says:

      i love rachel miner as meg, she has good chemistry with the boys. i also loved nicki aycox as meg, she played her a bit more overtly villainous and i felt that was perfect for the first major recurring deamon. i really enjoy the development of the character over the years.

  23. Fallon says:

    I Love Meg! I enjoy that there is one demon they always go back to. and We know she’s evil and that when it comes down to her semi alliances with the Boys and Cas and her hatred of Crowely its really all about protecting Meg. I enjoy that they play around with howshe does it but she’s really only loyal to Herself

  24. Kathleen says:

    Please everybody tell me if my wiki page on Meg Masters is great or not thank you.

  25. Natalie says:

    I’d like to see Bobby come back, some how!

  26. Grace says:

    Glad Cass is back.Let him and Meg have some FUN. Cloud seeding for Cass

  27. James says:

    I get that they are only allied with Meg due to their war with Crowley, but aren’t they forgetting Meg is on the demon side who wants Lucifer to rule. Unless she’s radically changed that view, I’d think it’d be safer to kill her off than let her live.

  28. Bree says:

    Meg stopped caring about lucifer a long time ago. Meg 2.0 is also amazing. I love her. I want her back! Bobby had to die because he couldn’t be with the boys forever—that’s why John is dead. And probably Jo and Ellen, too. It’s the boys and it will always be the boys. I think the only one who will make it in the end with them is Cas.

    • hellkitty says:

      meg is a great contrast with the boys…. and truly funny with cass….. she is the ultimate buffer for them all.. and shes both evil and funny and sometimes helpful.. its just such a waste to get rid of her . she can be wrote soooo many ways. None of the others can . im truly sad that she seems to be gone

  29. A says:

    I think Meg was great! Of course I love Dean and Sam, but its nice to see the possibility of other deep relationships in the show. I hope she’s not dead.

  30. nox says:

    Meg is rad… I love the character and the actress. .. the people that dislike have no cited reasons why and are just haters that probably watch the show for some shallow bs reasons anyhow… let’s all pray she is still alive and she and Cass get some pizza man play time… they both need and deserve it.

  31. Brandon says:

    I love Meg and Cas. Glad both of them are/were back. Both Cas and Meg bring complexity to the storyline. They have both done good and bad… a angel and demon with redeming traits and faults as well. Miner’s portrayl of Meg is wonderful! Ever since she took over I’ve loved her snarky, quick witted, attitude with the Sam and Dean. I also like how thye have hit upon an odd connection between Cas and Meg, Cas being “Sweet on her” and all. To kill her off imho removes a part of the story that took it away from the I’m bad, you’re good lets kill each other simplicity. Makes characters more real and gives the story depth. Miner needs to return for more episodes. Can’t wait to see what they do.

  32. Paige says:

    I LOVE RACHEL MINER AS MEG If they bring meg back then I want it to be rachel miner so bad and I think she played a much better meg than the first meg. I DO ship destiel but I think if they bring her back in season 9 I will feel a lot better and her and cas are the best couple on there (canon)