What to Watch Tonight: Suburgatory Makeover, Psych OKs Cupid, Americans on Alert and More

REX LEE, CARLY CHAIKINOn TV this Wednesday: Suburgatory turns a Wolfe into a fox, Psych looks for love (and finds it!), a Crock-Pot killer simmers in Southland and The Americans make like Harry Potter and watch for the snitch. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites (CBS) | A medical emergency endangers one castaway’s ability to play the game… and probably his or her overall health and well-being. But, y’know, let’s focus on the important things.

8 pm Whitney (NBC) | Natasha Leggero (Are You There, Chelsea?) guest-stars as Whitney’s half-sister, who’s visiting to share a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, the guys try to cheer up a newly dumped R.J.

8:30 pm The Neighbors (ABC) | Amber seriously reconsiders her refusal to let Marty teach her how to drive when she meets her unconventional driver’s ed instructor Ms. Porsche (Sandra Bernhard, Roseanne).

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9 pm The Rachel Zoe Project (Bravo) | Season 5 premiere: A gossip-column story threatens to derail Zoe’s spring collection debut at New York’s Fashion Week. (Style fix not satisfied? Stay tuned at 10 pm for the Season 2 premiere of It’s a Brad Brad World.)

9:30 pm Suburgatory (ABC) | Dalia shepherds Mr. Wolfe through his break-up with Chef Alan, complete with a makeover and a plan to get revenge for his heartbreak.

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10 pm The Americans (FX) | The fragile trust we’ve watched Elizabeth and Phillip forge over the past few episodes will take a hit when the KGB starts hunting for a mole within its ranks. (In related news, Stan’s plan to keep the actual mole safe has the opposite effect.)

10 pm Southland (TNT) | Lydia and Reuben track a murderer who slow-cooked his victim like a juicy brisket, and John and Lucero handle a day full of strange calls.

10 pm Psych (USA Network) | Gus gets a girlfriend (played by ER‘s Parminder Nagra), while Shawn sees green when Juliette goes undercover on an online dating site to catch a killer.

10 pm Duck Dynasty (A&E) | In back-to-back episodes, the guys ease young John Luke through his first break-up (it’s been a theme tonight, no?) and the new store pet, a lizard, goes MIA.

10:30 pm Kroll Show (Comedy Central) | Season 1 finale: Tonight’s sketches include Bobby Bottleservice starting a new venture and Ref Jeff running a bouncy house emporium. (Already renewed.)

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!