The Following Exclusive: Find Out What's Next Now that Joe Carroll Has [Spoiler]ed!

The Following took a killer turn in this week’s installment when incarcerated cult leader Joe Carroll busted out of prison thanks to the help of his many (many) devoted acolytes — but what’s next?

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As our exclusive behind-the-scenes peek reveals, the addictive Fox drama will continue to move full-steam ahead next Monday (9/8c) — starting with the introduction of Ringer‘s Mike Colter as Nick Donovan, a no-nonsense agent from Quantico who’s hungry to recapture Carroll. The newbie, of course, will butt heads with Kevin Bacon‘s Ryan Hardy… but who hasn’t at this point?

Elsewhere in the episode, a reunited Joe and Emma giddily play house with their makeshift “family.”

Press PLAY below for a glimpse of what’s ahead on The Following, then hit the comments.