Exclusive Grimm First Look: Rosalee Solves a Crucial Mystery, Makes Monroe's Day

After a beastly long break, NBC’s Grimm returns Friday (9/8c) for the second half of its sophomore season — and as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peak from the episode, one of your favorite Wesen is finally coming home.

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But even before Rosalee boards the bus that will bring her back to Monroe, she manages to make a crucial connection regarding Juliette, Capt. Renard and their intense obsession — based solely on Monroe’s brief recap of what’s gone down in her absence. (Oh Rosalee, we’ve missed you!)

Press PLAY on the video below to see the cute couple catch up, then hit the comments: What do you think is ahead for the Fuchsbau and her Blutbad — not to mention Nick and Juliette — for the rest of the season?