Does Red Widow Make for Good Mourning?

GORAN VISNJIC, RADHA MITCHELLDid Red Widow cause you to shed tears of joy… or something else?

ABC’s newest drama debuted Sunday night at 9/8c and introduced us to Marta (Silent Hill‘s Radha Mitchell), who starts the series as a upperclass wife and mother who has worked hard to distance herself from her father’s  Russian mob life. But when her husband Evan — who’s a little shady but nowhere near as shady as the characters we meet later on — is murdered in their driveway, Marta learns that his business partners were mixed up in the theft a whole lot of expensive cocaine from an international crime boss named Nicholae Schiller (ER‘s Goran Visnjic).

Schiller doesn’t care that Marta and her children are reeling from their loss; he demands that she import a shipment for him. So she asks her father (Rade Serbedzija, 24)  and a family friend (Lee Tergesen, Oz) to show her the criminal ropes, which leads to a botched training run with a customs official. She’s sure that once she fulfills this one task for Schiller, she’ll be free from his control. (We’re thinking that’s not the case.)

Meanwhile, Marta’s brother Irwin (Wil Traval, Australia’s All Saints) is getting his face bashed in while doing prison time for gun possession, her kids aren’t handling their dad’s death well and Marta still doesn’t know the complete truth about her late husband’s business dealings.

Rounding out the cast are Clifton Collins, Jr. (The Event) as the FBI agent investigating Evan’s death and Jaime Ray Newman (CSI: NY) as Marta’s sister, Kat.

Did you think Red Widow was a mourning glory? Will you be back to see how Marta’s mission pans out?