Exclusive Once Upon a Time Video: Emma & Neal Have 'The Talk,' Rumple Has a Brutal Reunion

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThis Sunday on Once Upon a Time, as Rumplestiltskin and Bae aka Neal struggle to move past the “awkward” stage that typically follows the reunion of a father and the son he let fall through a time-/realm-jumping portal, they discover that a common foe has wormed his way into the Big Apple — and TVLine has a video sneak peek.

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Leading up to that violent reunion, Emma and Neal try to have a “talk” about her, him, their son and whatever else Mr. Cassidy might have going in his metropolitan life. Suffice it to say, he can’t just pick up and transplant himself to Storybrooke.

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Press PLAY to witness the twist that will add a new dimension to Cora’s hunt for Rumple’s dagger.

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