Glee's 'Most Intense' Mystery Is Solved! Plus: Resolution to the Rachel-Finn-Brody Triangle?

glee lea michele creepGlee fans who follow series star Lea Michele’s Twitter account got a heads up earlier this week that difficult times lie ahead for her ambitious college freshman Rachel Berry: “That was one of the longest and most intense days at Glee I’ve had in a long time! I’m beat!,” she announced. “This scene I’m shooting…requires lots and lots of crying. At first it’s therapeutic. Then it just becomes exhausting!”

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Considering that a day earlier, Michele retweeted a photo from executive producer Ryan Murphy of herself and costar Dean Geyer, titled “Creep Drama” (inserted into this post, above), it raised two serious questions: Is Rachel about to split from her live-in upperclassman lover (who may or may not be moonlighting as an escort)? And was Murphy hinting at a certain rock ballad with his caption?

“I’ve always wanted to do that Radiohead song, ‘Creep,'” Murphy revealed at Wednesday night’s PaleyFest Icon Award presentation in his honor. “And [Radiohead] has been really lovely, saying that when we had [an appropriate] story, we’d talk about it.” Suffice to say that Murphy found the right arc in which to introduce the ditty, and got the band’s approval.

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“Lea had to sing [‘Creep’] — which is a hard song — for half a day. It’s very operatic,” Murphy went on to explain, while declining to say how exactly the tune is being utilized. “She was brilliant in it, as always,” he added. “She always gives her all to things like that.”

Still, given that Glee‘s most recently aired episode, “I Do,” hinted at Brody’s, um, extracurricular activities and found Rachel and Finn falling back into bed together, we wondered if Michele’s on-screen waterworks mean a possible resoultion to the Finn/Rachel/Brody triangle. “Ummm…half of that will be resolved, yes,” Murphy answered, with a laugh. “I can’t get all of these couples together! [Laughs] Everybody always wants me to, but you’ve got to wait until the finale of the show, right? [Or] maybe not that long…”

Finchel ‘shippers, do with that what you will. Everyone else, hit the comments with your thoughts on how the season — and Rachel’s love life — will play out. –Reporting by Megan Masters

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