Exclusive Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: Maggie's Back - and Messing Things Up (Again) for 'Ezria'?

Leave it to Pretty Little Liars‘ baby-hiding Maggie to pop up again just when things are getting back to normal for Aria and Ezra!

The following exclusive first look at this Tuesday’s installment of the addictive drama (ABC Family, 8/7c) finds Larisa Oleynik‘s alter ego back in Rosewood for a visit with Ezra (and looking to permanently relocate?). Turns out, she doesn’t blame Aria for Ezra learning the truth about Malcolm; rather, she’s glad to have Mr. Fitz back in her life. (A little too glad if you ask us…)

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Watch the ladies mingle uncomfortably in the clip below, then hit the comments with your thoughts: Is Maggie trying to sabotage ‘Ezria’?

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