Idology: Season 12 Men Flop, More Female Front-Runners Emerge! Plus: The Charlie Problem!

We’re now halfway through American Idol‘s Season 12 Vegas round — during which the judges are narrowing the Top 40 singers down to just 20 semifinalists — and a few things are becoming abundantly clear:

* The women’s side of the field is deep and contentious.
* The guy’s side is more peculiar than Nicki Minaj’s hat rack.
* Randy Jackson remains TV’s most underappreciated source for unintentional comedy gold.
* And Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe is as infuriatingly/deliciously manipulative as ever.

On this week’s Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I talk about the triumphs and catastrophes from Week 1 of Vegas — including the rise of Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb, the mysteries of Elijah Liu and Charlie Askew, and the ridiculous theater/conspiracy of the “tiebreak” (yes, those are intentionally ironic quotation marks).

So press play below to watch this week’s Idology, and for all my Idol-related news, interviews, photo galleries and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Vice says:

    Very well done yet again Mr Slezak!

  2. Marta says:

    Spot on comments about Curtis and especially Angela. They are the two best examples from last week of contestants with potential that need to be constructively critiqued- especially this early on. Charlie would be in this category for me, but at this point I’m not seeing his potential through the schtick AT ALL. This judging panel appears to WANT to go there (honest critique-wise)- I just hope the producers and show let them. But as Slezak has noted- they ARE the same producers who thought viewers wanted the audition round cat fights….so here’s to optimistically holding our breaths! Keep at it, panel! Don’t give up!

  3. Volcfom says:

    I agree with Michael about dumping Elijah and Charlie for JDA and Kevin (who gave my favorite vocal of the night). And I agree with Melinda that the judges were right to keep Tenna over Shubba. She never really did it for me, and I was upset that she credited “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” to Xtina instead of the brilliant Etta James.

    • ben says:

      I can’t agree with keeping JDA. It just wasn’t very good (as interesting as it was). Charlie should have been retained – his performance was shaky but I think that will sort itself out, and in the mean time he will be popular and different. I definitely would have kept Kevin, who was an aggregious snub given the low quality of the guys night; he was my favourite vocal of the night too. Elijah and Paul were the weaker picks for me, and as much as Johnny Keyser annoys me I think he probably deserved the second of those spots.

      Also kind of agree about Teena over Shubha. Teena could be this season’s Paige Miles, if she doesn’t get it together, but without a doubt underneath the mess of a performance was a strong voice and a great tone. Shubha had an absolutely fantastic performance, but in my view it masked the fact that there was nothing particularly special or different about her voice. I probably would have kept Isabelle over them both, though (although I have to admit she is a little dull and probably would have been cannon fodder, but Teena probably is too).

    • Volcfom says:

      I should probably clarify that I like Charlie, but I’d prefer him to come back next year, or the year after. It was honestly tough to pick five from the bunch that I’d want to put through. Kevin is the only one that earned it. They’ve put all the strong guys together for this Thursday’s show, which will help ensure that only half the guys will have potential and thus make it easier for a girl to advance.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        ” Kevin is the only one that earned it. ”

        Preach. And totally agree about Charlie. Love, love, love him. But it might be a year or two to soon. He was a hot mess – and I win him to be great. I just don’t know if he understands what that means yet. That takes time…

      • ben says:

        I do think Curtis also earned it, I just can’t handle his parallels to Jacob Lusk. And yeah, I would have preferred to see Charlie come back later too, I agree.

  4. Sol says:

    Can’t forget Constantine Maroulis’ version of “My Funny Valentine”! :-)

    I love Charlie’s voice but I’m not sure about him being in this competition, he might end up getting mocked eventually. Also, I would have rather seen Isabelle or Shuba go through over Tenna.

  5. Name That Tune says:

    Who got robbed award definitely goes to Kevin & JDA. I think the mystery of why Nate Teo got is solved. Go back to group night in Hollywood. Nate was in the same group as Elijah. They chose Elijah over Nate. Must have been Nikki’s hormones working overtime.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Nate arguably has the better voice but Elijah apparently has “the look”.
      Kind of reminds me of Milli Vanilli for some reason. ;-)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I disagree about J’Da. He did absolutely nothing for me. I tried closing my eyes because I am not a fan of the Boy George look (didn’t like it in the 80s) and I didn’t care for his nasal quality. Plus, I’ll probably get flamed for hating gay people (and I don’t – I have gay friends) but I don’t think his act is appropriate for American Idol. I think he’s better suited for “The Voice” (would love to see the look on Blake’s face when he turns that chair around) or “X Factor”. I know a lot of people with young children and grandchildren that watch American Idol. It’s nice to have something on TV that families can watch together – besides “Spongebob”.

      • Name That Tune says:

        In my mind, it’s a toss up. If this is a singing competition, you keep Kevin and Johnny, because parts of JDA’s vocals were a hot mess. But Johnny was kind of bland. I am split with Michael and Melinda on this. Either way, a decent singer got robbed in favor of Elijah and Charlie.

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        Once again I’ll have to say what in the world does that have to do with family friendly?? How is it bad for kids? What does it do to them? What if some of the kids are gay and then they think back a few years to when they had to have their eyes shielded? Maybe that does harm.
        That said I can’t say I care for that look myself in the least. The whole man’s features and beard mixed with female make-up or the whole Boy George just looks blech to me. But in the end, whatever and it’s hardly something unfriendly to families or that will do anything bad to kids- that I don’t get at all. Why is humiliating someone ala especially X-Factor family friendly and someone dressing like that not??

  6. emmuzka says:

    Augh, Michael and Melinda are obviously already bracing the contestants while I have no attachement yet. So how about those judges? Mariah clearly wanted to step up to not to be shadowed by Nicki. Also at times it felt like the judges were droning on and one. I hope it was intentional way to stretch the show, othervise there will be troble in live shows..

  7. Bill says:

    Angela <3

  8. Rob says:

    That was exactly what I thought about the tie breaker. It made absolutely no sense and probably scripted for dramatic purposes.

    • I think that the tie breaker refers to “two judges want him to stay and two judges want him to go”, it’s not about breaking a tie between two contestants, but about a tie between leaving and staying.

        • Alienate says:

          I call your *sigh* and raise you a *duh*
          I can’t be bothered to “show all work” on my math.
          The tiebreaker was for morons only.

          • ben says:

            Exactly lol. What Michael fails to take into account is, if Jimmy said no to Paul, you only have four people going through. But five were going through. The tiebreaker was nonsense, and I can only assume that Jimmy broke the tie beforehand, when they were deciding who was going through. They completely mishandled it, as it would have been much more interesting (and made actual sense) to have Jimmy have to pick between two contestants.

  9. Joe says:

    Charlie is this years Hee Jun. He’s a novelty act who if he makes the live shows everyone will be sick of. If you don’t believe in Idol conspiracy theories, this is not the season for you. They have completely rigged the selections so there’s not one worthwhile guy. A woman will win by default which is fine with me, but I would’ve liked to see some guys who can carry a tune. Curtis was the only one who actually approached being a professional singer and even so I’m waiting for him to scream “Sexual Chocolate” & drop the mic at the end of his songs. As for the Girls, Kree is sensational. Angela probably is going to have the fate of the usual contestant who peaks in Hollywood. She’ll be an Andrew “straight up” Garcia. Teena’s just there because of the Camp Mariah connection. It’s a girls year and what they need to do is go to the live shows with more girls than boys. If they pick 6 of these guys to go to the live show, their ratings will approach X Factor levels. The guys are horrid. And JDA should’ve made it to the point American got to vote whether they wanted to see him/her or not.

    • ben says:

      I still love Hee Jun; and it’s for his voice, not his novelty act. His tracks are the most played of all last seasons on my iPod.

      The point being, that Hee Jun (and Charlie) get through because they stand out. They are different. No, they may not be the best singers, but they potentially have the most interesting tone. I really don’t want 10 guys who all sound the same. Unfortunately, that’s why we should have kept Kevin too, as his tone was also very interesting.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Good point about variety, Ben. This is why I don’t have a problem with the producers “casting” certain roles every years. (Here’s hoping Charlie is the crazy, quirky kid so we can send Zoanette packing!) I am a creative writer, and every year my favorite part of the season is taking all the songs the finalists sing and record (yes, I buy every single one) and building a big, long story around them. I have a fan fiction for all 11 seasons (12 is in the works, of course) and every year has a different theme. We should have a unique, stand out character like that each year to liven things up, not only for the viewing audience but for the fantasy world I create at the end.

      • Joe says:

        ben – if you like Hee Jun enough to still be listening, you’re a super fan and I can’t knock you. I just think Charlie playing that crazy guy role wasn’t earned like it was with Casey before HeeJun. Casey was uber talented and lost his way playing the schtick up too much. Hee Jun did the same thing. But at least both of those guys had some great performances prior to them deciding to be class clown. Charlie sounded awful the other night, acted like the show is his playground & his tone sounded nasal and off pitch. It was a joke performance. Like Shatner doing Rocket Man. To each their own though. I just think there have to a be ton of guys who auditioned sitting home saying WTF to Charlie moving on. He’s not going to win the show or go far. He clearly looks like he’s about to have a nervous breakdown out there. It’s going to go off the rails.

        • ben says:

          You may be right Joe – to be fair to you, I missed a chunk of the middle of this season, and only have seen Charlie twice (his audition, which I liked, and rocket man, which wasn’t as good but felt mostly due to nerves). And I don’t think either of his performances have been to Casey/Hee Jun standards. I’m hopeful Charlie improves as he gets comfortable, and unlike others I don’t think he is ‘cocky’ or ‘believes his hype’ – I just think the easiest way for him to deal with nerves is overperformance.

          • Joe says:

            ben – I don’t think he’s cocky at all. I think he’s terrified and has no idea who he is yet as a person/artist/etc.. All the acting out is fake bravado to try to cover the sheer terror he’s in. His hands never stopped shaking. Even after he performed and he was interrupting the judges and playing to the crowd he was trembling. I think the Producers of the show know this kid could crack on live TV. Maybe, that’s what they want. He did a nice version of the Gotye song in Hollywood week, but I think he’s been embraced more for his repartee with Nicki and less for his music artist potential.

    • Erin says:

      OMG! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Your “Coming to America” reference was fantastic! :0)

  10. Sandi says:

    cannot stand charlie. he an annoying brat. please, please, please not another sanjaya

    • Terry says:

      most of the people i’ve talked to about idol so far this season say that charlie is their favorite. go figure!

      • deedee says:

        Yeah, it’s the anti-Idol vote. The Sanjaya factor. Kind of like VFTW picks. Poor Charlie is going to become the symbol of all that is not what American Idol wants, and he’ll be a bit of a cult anti-hero for the season. But as much fun as he might have for awhile, it won’t do him any favours in the long run. That’s why I hope he doesn’t last too long in the live voting rounds.

        • ben says:

          It’s not an anti-idol vote. People can like Charlie and have him as a favourite. Sanjaya too! They don’t do it to rankle those people who think that somehow they are above it. They just do it to vote for who they like. I still can’t understand why anyone thinks idol is a singing competition? It never has been, never will be, and to treat people like Charlie as only being popular as an ‘anti-idol/VFTW’ statement is to completely misunderstand the reason many people vote.

          Charlie is popular because people like him, and it will keep him in for a fair while. Eventually, the show comes to a point where likability is insufficient to trump talent, and Charlie will go. I know because everyone I know in real life who watches idol votes this way – they’ll vote to keep those they like early and those they think deserve to win late. It’s why we often have people like Charlie, Sanjaya and Hee Jun get to that 7-9 range.

          • Mary says:

            It is also the reason good contestants get voted out. I actually liked Charlie the first time we saw him but he is wearing thin on my nerves.

          • ben says:

            Indeed – good contestants who people don’t really engage with. The winner normally with have both, strong likability and strong talent.

          • deedee says:

            Oh, I know people like Charlie. I like him, too. What I’m saying is that a large segment of people will vote for him, knowing he’s not Idol material. They will keep him on the show for as long as possible as a sort of mascot — not because he’s such a great singer or viable performer in the “real world”, but because he’s an entertaining novelty.
            I liked Sanjaya, but he slowly turned into a caricature over the weeks of live rounds. I hope that doesn’t happen to Charlie because, even if he might enjoy the attention and notoriety, he will become another side-show on Idol. That never goes well for people, I don’t think.
            I hope I’m wrong and Charlie either gets booted very early in the game, or turns into a serious contender who gets legitimate praise for his artistry and talent.

          • ben says:

            Can’t disagree with that deedee, on any level.

    • kelsey says:

      His voice isn’t even good and I’m already annoyed, it’s only a matter of time before his act gets old

  11. Mel says:

    I see Angela as following Colton’s Idol footsteps: plays the game, becomes a chameleon, gives the audience what they want & leaves 5th-ish. I find her boring but will respect her shrewdness if she plays it smart.

    • Name That Tune says:

      She’s definitely headed to a “Most Shocking” elimination edit. She might make top 5, but I could see her leaving as soon as top 7.

      • deedee says:

        But by now, none of us are ever shocked anymore. We know what causes a “premature” exit, so we’re prepared well in advance :D. Idol audiences love a story arc, and nothing’s worse than peaking too soon. Viewers like to pretend they’ve “discovered” someone that the producers didn’t think highly enough about to pimp heavily. It worked for Jordin and Cook and Kris. If Angela is lucky, she’ll crack the top 5 and get to perform in the second half of the tour show, after intermission.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          But then Lauren Alaina made it to the Top 2 and she might have won the whole ball of wax had she not lost her voice.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Didn’t someone from Idol say that Scotty won in an utter landslide? I don’t she had a chance even with a voice full on. I liked her singing better but I really think she had zero chance.

    • Alienate says:

      The Jesus Freaks are coming out of the woodwork to support her because of her “original” song.
      They couldn’t save Colton, and they can’t save her.

      • ben says:

        I didn’t see Angela’s original song, don’t particularly find her engaging, and didn’t really like Colton either. But I have to say I think Angela is completely incomparable to Colton. She actually has a sound I could hear winning and being commercially successful. Colton was just dull.

      • teatime says:

        She has a great voice, is a talented musician, is a talented songwriter, has good stage presence, is comfortable talking with Ryan and the judges, and is also very pretty.

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        Plenty of others loved her original song too.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        “Jesus Freaks?”

        Really. If you don’t like Christians, find, but don’t be disrespectful.

  12. danimal12 says:

    I think the Judges “conveniently” omitted potential WGWG winners like Johnny Keyser, Chris Watson, and Jimmy Smith for not-so-hunky long-shots like Elijah (the asian Justin Bieber), tomato-target and talent-show-reject Charlie Askew, and the tremulous Paul Jolley. The producers want a girl to win, clearly, and since the talent now favors the ladies and we’ve parted ways with teenybopper favorites, the live shows are set up to accomplish that prerogative. Cree or Angela Miller are the likely champs.

    • ben says:

      Chris Watson and Jimmy Smith were terrible. And Johnny Keyser is hardly in the vein of Phil Phil, Scotty, Kris and Lee, all of whom had charm and humility. Let’s just see what happens with the other ten guys before we start crying its a fix.

      • Name That Tune says:

        The word “manipulation” is more appropriate. The eventual winner has to appeal to the voting demographic of this show. That voting demographic is largely Southern females. The last 3 winners have been attractive white males from the South who are nice Christian men. Lee wasn’t Southern & David Cook came from a “borderline” Southern state (according to Nielsen). Nigel is very aware of the statistics. If you want to break the WGWG trend, you eliminate males who fit that mold. This season’s judges are anything but Southern so their choices are not going to reflect that demo. That Paul Jolley made it through is remarkable because he is almost a perfect fit for the WG crown. Except for the question of his sexuality.
        The other side of the manipulation is to understand that only one female who won is not from the South. The strongest females this year are all from the South. If you are trying to manipulate the outcome, limiting the final candidates is one way to do it. Eventually we will be looking at a contest between Kree, Janell, Candace &possibly Angela

        • Joe says:

          Name – You hit the nail on the head here. I totally think they’re serving up/giving the core audience Paul Jolley as the WG from the South but they also know his sexuality will come into question causing him issues in that voting block. Kree or Janelle will win this. They want a new Carrie/Kelly badly. Candace, while ridiculously talented, comes off too driven/focused to win this which will turn people off. They want deer in the headlights/girl next door. That’s part of the reason Jennifer Hudson got cut when she did. She was all business and stinkface while the sillier more “likable” contestants thrived.

          • Name That Tune says:

            After watching the show again, it is almost incredible that the judges were split on Paul’s performance. He was better than Charlie, better than Elijah, better than Chris, Johnny ,& Jimmy. You can make a reasonable debate vs. Kevin & JDA, but I think he was the third best singer of the night. I’m almost certain that the drama over the tie breaker was another piece of the manipulation. Most of us really didn’t make it distinction, but we now know who Paul is. If he corrects the over singing and the theatrics, he could be around for a while. .

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            I’d have to watch it again (I WON’T!) but I didn’t think Paul was better than Devin or Johnny, although I will give you Charlie and Elijah.
            Although, to be fair, I was tuning in an out all the time and only caught about half of each performance for about half of them.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I agree with HTGRWHOM – Devin and Johnny were better than Paul.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Never said Paul was better than Devin. The 2 best vocals were Curtis and Devin. Followed by your pick of Paul, Kevin,& Johnny. I give Paul #3. & John#4 I because the start of Johnny’s vocal was a little rough & a little bland. Paul hit every note.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Well,somehow Johnny was less annoying than Paul. :-)

  13. fanology says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this whole round is somewhat fixed?? I mean, by splitting them into groups of ten, The Puppetmasters didn’t leave any room for a sitch where, say, eight of the ten best guys just happened to be in group two. Except for a few in each group who were probably on the bubble, it had to be predetermined, right? Which sucks for any who may have gone in as cannon fodder but gave the performance of their life. Who knows… Maybe that’s what happened w Amber (and why we never saw her before). Hence they had to drop one of their ‘planned’ go-throughs (ie Shuba or Isabelle). Or I’m just a big conspiracy theorist. But the whole splitting thing really makes no sense to me. Beyond generating eight extra hours of “suspense.”

    • deedee says:

      I’m with you. Splitting the groups is dumb. At least when the whole group was competing against each other, it gave the illusion that the judges were picking the best of the bunch, and everybody had a fair shot against everybody else. With group-splitting, contestants who get cut in one group might not be cut from another, possibly less talented group.
      I don’t like the new system at all. Shows their manipulation more clearly, and I don’t like them to put that in my face! Let me suspect, and wonder, and theorize, rather than just … see it clearly in front of me. You know?

    • ben says:

      Yeah fan, I’m sure they have a clear idea in their minds beforehand about who the top 10 of each gender were and split the groups accordingly. But they might change their mind.

      The thing we have to remember is, we are being made to invest in this cut more but the reality is it’s no different to the Golden Mile/Sing for your life rounds. No matter how you shake up the judges picking who goes before America’s vote, I’m not sure you can really complain about it being fixed; the alternative is just that they handpick who goes through in a different way, not that they don’t handpick.

      I just think of it this way. This is an opportunity for me to have seen two complete performances of anyone I might need to vote on, rather than having a bundle of contestants that have come out of nowhere, are buried in the middle of a pack of twelve, and are really essentially stuffed over by the edit. By the time we vote, we should feel like we know everybody.

      • fanology says:

        Exactly. I liked the stripped down part of it, that we got to meet the rest of the top 20 for the first time. And I don’t even mind that its so choreographed. The lengths they go to to obscure it confuse and amuse me. Again, I just feel bad for the bubble people and cannon fodder. Who prolly knew going into the round that even singing their damnedest might not be enough to get them through.

  14. Stacy says:

    I’m still very much rooting for Charlie. I don’t agree that he was “buying his own press” or whatever. I find him very genuine actually. I think what we got on performance night is a kid who shows his nerves by talking too much and going over the top (rather than pulling in and getting quiet). His voice and personality are unique, and I think he could be a star. This week was not good for him, but if he can get a handle on the nerves then I’m excited to see what he can do.

    Also, Michael, the comment about JDA’s stubble comes off as really transphobic. Not cool.

    • ben says:

      Really to the last sentence? Michael transphobic? How long have you read Michael’s columns for? It doesn’t matter who people are, including what their sexual orientation is, I’ll say if I find an aspect of their appearance or styling detracts from their overall package. JDA’s stubble did. But hey, some of the best artists ever had physical traits which detracted. In the end, it’s not what is most important – but neither is calling out such a detraction ‘phobic’.

      If I think stubble detracts on a het guy, I’d say the same thing – and both JDA and hypothetical het guy are capable of shaving (And I say this as someone who is a guy with perpetual stubble which is not exactly attractive, because it grows back in a few hours. Just make it among the last things you do before taking the stage.)

  15. Yo says:

    There were millions of watchers scratching their heads over the “tie-breaker” that wasn’t. I couldn’t believe the producers thought that would get by the audience. I was doing a “Huh?”

    The only person of all the contestants seen so far that I would vote for is Kree. She should have had some competition. And the males were just appalling. This is gonna be a long and sad season.

    • deedee says:

      Hoo-boy, do I ever agree. I’m so bummed about this season so far. Some of the city auditions gave us such promising talent, and yet … where are they all?? They’ve all been cut in favour of forcing an outcome that the producers want to make happen come hell or high water. This is not enjoyable. As manipulative as they’ve always been, I think this year it’s gone too far and I’m not having fun :(

  16. MB says:

    I am so disappointed with Idol this season. Their quest to have a girl winner has totally ripped the heart out of the show. Hopefully this week we see some decent male talent because at the rate it is going we were left with a bunch of guys who would never had made it past Hollywood week in seasons past. The one guy with talent is just so unlikeable he will not go far. The judges who I really thought would be an improvement this year was a hot mess Thursday night especially Nicki who was a total embarrassment to woman. She acted like a man hungry witch who would eat a couple of those guys alive. I am not even looking forward to watching this week. I went to a party yesterday and talked to a few die heart Idol fans who feel the same way. The talent is just so lukewarm this season except for a couple of girls but even they aren’t setting the world on fire.

  17. LeahKittyS says:

    Forgive me if I come off sounding stupid, but I think what happened with the “tie-breaker” is obvious. Jimmy sat in the meeting room, heard the judges’ dilemma during that commercial break, and made his decision then whether or not to keep Paul. That way, the judges had their 5 picks solidified before the show came back. Jimmy’s decision to keep Paul was not instantaneous and he was just making his announcement on TV for grandeur’s sake.
    So far my votes are going to Angela (my home girl) and Kree, and if they pull off more memorably good performances, I will shed some for Devin, Adriana, and/or Amber. Curtis is a better vocalist than most guys so far, but he came off as too big a jerk in Hollywood. Looking forward to hearing, Candice, Cristabel, Janelle, Melinda, Burnell, Cortez, Nick, and (yes, I’m serious) Lazaro next week. But as I mentioned in another comment on a different page, I’m expecting the talent to be low overall this season. This is Season 12, and every third season tends to be weak.

  18. Joe says:

    Oh an one other thing – I don’t know if Melinda Doolittle ever reads the comments here, but the minute Amber started singing My Funny Valentine I got all worked up over anyone even attempting that song on Idol PD (Post Doolittle). It should be a retired a number in the rafters after the way Melinda schooled it. That said, by the end of the song I was happy Amber did her jazzy riff on it, but I still believe Melinda owns that song on this show. Period. Probably one of the best Idol performances ever.

  19. Princess Adora says:

    During the night the guys sang, did anyone else notice that Randy explained who Robert Plant (whom Randy said Jimmy Smith looks like) is by saying he did a record with Alison Krauss? THAT’S where he goes to identify Robert effing Plant? I’m always baffled how Idol feels they can pass him off as a music expert. Here’s hoping next year they drop him and leave the table to Keith, Nicki and Mariah!

    • deedee says:

      I’m pretty sure Randy Knows that Robert Plant is best known for Led Zepplin. The reason he brought up the Allison Krauss connection is, I think, because she’s a country singer as is Jimmy Smith. So, Randy was (awkwardly) saying that Jimmy looks like Robert Plant – who also sang country at one point in his career. I could be wrong, but that was my take after he said that.

  20. hi says:

    surprised Melinda actually liked Tenna o.O… she was awful

  21. HTGRWHOM says:

    You know after watching the Oscars last night I can’t help but realize that a great talent of the past such as Shirley Bassey, at 76, could wipe pretty much any Idol contestant off the floor…. and almost everyone on the charts today as well.

  22. Evan says:

    The fact that it’s so obvious that the producers want a girl to win (by essentially including no male with a shot at winning) makes me want a guy to win even more.

  23. HTGRWHOM says:

    Thankfully we had Melinda there to call out a certain someone on Shubha. As she puts it, said someone said: 1. she wasn’t good. 2. she reminded one of an SNL skit 3. it was catastrophic…. AND THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REWARDING??!!!?
    +infinity to Melinda on that call out
    I think you should be thankful for it too! She just saved you from turning into a second Randigel!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      While I agree with Melinda on this, I also agree with Mr. Slezak. I appreciated her effort to at least do something a little differently. I am thankful, however, that the judges sent her home. She’s 17 years old and has time to work on her presentation because I think she has loads of talent. I only wish they’d done the same thing for Charlie.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Sorry, by “her” I meant Shubha. As I always tell my husband, “Too many pronouns, dear, whom are you talking about?”

  24. dj says:

    I’m a little disappointed with Idology this week. I mean, with the kind of material the boys gave you to work with, I expected to be highly entertained. See what Jim Cantiello did with just one minute on the subject.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I don’t think there was anything to be gained by beating the dead horse about how bad the guys were. I was disappointed, however, that Mr. Slezak and Melinda did not discuss the fact that the show appears to be eliminating the Cute White Guys. While Jimmy’s performance wasn’t up to par (although it was NO WORSE than Elijah’s), Johnny Keyser should have been put through.

  25. Mafs95 says:


    What do you guys think of Zoanette singing “Circle Of Life” tonight?

    • Alienate says:

      I think you are a douchbag. Take your spoilers elsewhere.

      • Mafs95 says:

        Excuse me? It seems that YOU are the douchebag. I wrote SPOILER exactly as a way to alert people who probably didn’t want to know that information. Next time, think twice before you write such ignorant statement. Bye!! :-)

        • Alienate says:

          It has been stated on this board many times. NO SPOILERS.
          How hard is that to understand?

          Spoiler alert!!!!!!

          You are still a DB.

          • Mafs95 says:

            I’ve never read such thing and I’ve been visiting this website for 2 years. I think you’re being quite imature IMO. It’s not like I’m talking about who will be eliminated, it’s a freaking song choice!

            Actually, it’s not even considered a spoiler, since Idol itself gives that same piece of information every freakin’ season on Facebook and in their website.

            What I was trying to tell you in a really polite way is to shut up, because obviously you know nothing about what you’re talking whatsoever.

            SPOILER ALERT!!!!! You’re an uneducated idiot. Bye Bye!!! ;-)

    • dj says:

      I’m think it will be epic. Carol Channing-esque.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I think the outcome of that performance is going to cause a whole lot of discussion tomorrow.

  26. Nichola Keefe-Thomas says:

    So pimped women Janelle Wheeler and Candice Glover made it, along with Aubrey Cleland, drag-sounding Breanna Steer and muthereffing ZOANETTE JOHNSON. Yes, Zoannette. Eliminated were husky-voiced Cristabel Clack, singer-songwriter Jett Hermano, disappointing Rachel Hale, popstar-y Melinda Ademi and teenaged Juliana Chahayed.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      This really p*****s me off.

      • Name That Tune says:

        So don’t read it. There are only 2 mild surprises here and one that is going to cause a tidal wave of reaction in about 10 hours. I’m looking forward to it.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Good grief, Name That Tune, had Nichola prefaced her post with “spoiler alert” I would NOT have read it! Normally people are thoughtful enough to post that it’s a spoiler.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          Only two mild surprises?? Melinda was a ridiculous big surprise, many had her a lock for top ten and Cristabel was popping up on a lot of lists too. The picks were a total shock and a total joke.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      WTF! How can they cut who they cut! Melinda was on the top five on many lists overall and now she can’t even make top 5 of half the cut?!!!!!?
      Juliana too?
      And wait Cristabel too??
      Wow just when I had a little faith in Idol. WTH! They gotta be kidding. Haley season was a disgrace and this shows it is just a continuing joke. I think I am through with this waste of time.
      Finally I am DONE with Idol. What a freaking utter joke.
      I guess they want their female COUNTRY star or perhaps J.Hudson and they are gonna be damn sure to make sure it happens.
      Seriously Melinda and Cristabel cut and can’t even make it from half the field?????
      Heck with Idol. At they made the ridiculous BS happen so early I won’t have wasted but more than a few hours total on the show this season and I won’t have to see how they bash everyone not named Janelle (or perhaps Candice).

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      It’s Janelle Arthur. Janelle Wheeler was one of the many blonde girls with guitars from season 9.

  27. silkrose says:

    WHY do people pronounce the “G” at then end of sing (or ring or ding) It supposed to be silent!!!

  28. SS says:

    I like Melinda’s My Funny Valentine but to me Matt Giraud’s version was the best rendition ever sung on Idol :)

  29. karen says:

    Kree for the win.

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