First Look: CBS' Golden Boy Shares His Secrets -- Then Shows Off His Skills

GOLDEN BOYYou don’t rocket up the ranks of the NYPD without having mad skills, and CBS’ titular Golden Boy is here to show off his, in a first look video from this Tuesday’s series premiere.

Downton Abbey‘s Theo James stars as Walter William Clark, Jr., an ambitious beat cop who will become the youngest police commissioner in NYPD history. Until then, and as told in flashback, he must navigate the tricky waters of having earned a conspicuously quick promotion to homicide detective.

Settling into his new gig, Clark is partnered not with hot-shot Detective Arroyo (True Blood‘s Kevin Alejandro) but pokey Detective Don Owen (Pushing DaisiesChi McBride), a veteran two years shy of retirement. In this clip, Owen nudges his partner to open up about an issue impacting his work. Clark in turn displays observational skills that will serve him well in his new job — if he can stop walking around like an entitled prodigy.

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Golden Boy will air Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Tuesday, March 5 at 10/9c, before moving to its regular Fridays-at-9 time slot on March 8.

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