The Walking Dead Recap: The End Is Near

The Walking Dead Season 3 Andrea Reunion PrisonIn Sunday’s Walking Dead, the Governor begins arming the citizens of Woodbury — yes, even Noah, the asthmatic kid! — in preparation for an assault on the prison. But there remains one weapon that can be used to defeat him: sex. Will Andrea pull the trigger? Read on and find out…

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A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE | As the hour begins, the jailbirds — knowing it’s only a matter of time before the Governor attacks again — sing The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Hershel is ready to make a run for it in spite of the fact that he has only one leg; Rick, however, is determined to stand his… er, their ground. Not only does his stubbornness enrage Doc Crutches, it prompts Carl, of all people, to gently suggest that his dad stop being their leader. Ouch to the nth!

LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES | In Woodbury, the Governor tells Andrea that when he went to the penitentiary — to negotiate, not retaliate — the brutes opened fire on him. “They’re bloodthirsty,” he insists, pants bursting into flame. Determined to find out for herself WTH is up, Andrea enlists Milton’s help in getting out of town. In turn, he runs straight to the Governor, thus making it obvious that he never learned the moral of The Brady Bunch’s very special show about tattletales.

THE “SIN” IN “SINCERE” | Though Glenn maintains that, whether the jailbirds stick around or fly the coop, Merle has got to go — “I wouldn’t ask you to live with Shane after he tried to kill you!” he says to Rick — it’s clear that Daryl’s brother isn’t going anyplace. At least, Hershel seems to get through Ol’ One-Arm’s obnoxious exterior a bit by using the Bible as an ice-breaker. Later — and, of course, whether he means a syllable of it is beyond debatable — he apologizes to Michonne for her attempted murder. “Just business,” he swears.

NEW RECRUITS | While Andrea is (quite literally) disarming a walker to offer her camouflage on her journey to the prison, she and Milton are surprised by the appearance of Tyreese and his group. (That is, they’re surprised that they appear, they’re not surprised by how they appear. They appear quite normal.) Once Milton’s led the newbies back to Woodbury, it’s all the Governor can do to contain his one-eyed smize when he learns that they can — and are only too happy to — detail the layout of the prison for him.

WELCOME BACK | When Andrea is at last reunited with her old gang, she’s greeted like an enemy. (At least Carol has a hug for her old pal.) Michonne is especially merciless. “You chose a warm bed over a friend,” she seethes. Then, to add insult to injury, Michonne admits that she joined in the assault on Woodbury to expose the Governor to Andrea for what he really is… because she knew that that would hurt her. (Mission: accomplished.) Before Andrea leaves, Carol suggests that she shag the Governor’s brains out, and when he falls asleep, “end this.” Unfortunately, Andrea only executes step one of the plan: She shags the Governor’s brains out alright but can’t bring herself to slit his throat.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were the jailbirds too hard on Andrea… or not hard enough? When she couldn’t go through with the Governor’s execution, didn’t you expect him to turn the tables and kill her? Is there any hope of redemption for Merle? How awesome was it to see the tenderness between Daryl and Carol back on display? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.