Ratings: Vampire Diaries Beats Its ABC and NBC Rivals, Beast Rises, Community Dips

Vampire Diaries Ratings Beats ABC, NBCThe CW’s The Vampire Diaries this Thursday rose 30 percent week-to-week to score a 1.3 demo rating, thus besting its rivals on both ABC (Zero Hour, down 21 percent from its premiere to a 1.1) and NBC (where Community and the Parks and Rec wedding episode averaged 1.2).

In total audience, TVD was up 26 percent to 2.9 million viewers.

Beauty and the Beast in turn ticked up 11 percent and a tenth to 1.56 mil/0.6, even with an extra hour of Idol in the mix.

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Over on ABC, Grey’s Anatomy (8.54 mil/3.0) rose two tenths week-to-week (and opposite Idol), while Scandal (7.6 mil/2.7) shed a few eyeballs and was flat in the demo. Zero Hour had 5.3 million viewers.

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NBC’s aforementioned Community (3.1 mil/1.1) added some viewer yet ticked down a tenth, while both Parks and Rec episodes (3.0 mil/1.3, 2.9 mil/1.4) were down from last week’s 3.2 mil/1.5. Freshman 1600 Penn (2.3 mil/1.0) fell 9 percent to its lowest rating to date. This week’s SVU repeat (3.3 mil/1.1) did 57 percent better in the demo than the last Do No Harm.

Fox’s two-hour American Idol blast drew 13.5 mil and a 3.9, rising 7 percent and two tenths versus last Thursday.

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CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (17.4 mil/5.4) led Thursday in total audience and in the demo, yet dipped some. Two and a Half Men led out of that with 13.4 mil/3.9, up on both counts. Sarah Shahi’s kick-ass Person of Interest episode (14.1 mil/2.9) dipped a tenth in an atypical American Idol face-off, and Elementary (11.1 mil/2.3) was steady.

What were you tuned into this Thursday?

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  1. Elysa says:

    Didn’t Scandal do the same as last week when it was deemed a winner? Last week 2.7 was good and this week its flat?

  2. Andre says:

    Yeah, BATB! Cancel 90210 and TCD! BATB will be renewed!

    • Elyse says:

      I say cancel 90210 and Cult and renew TCD and BATB :) I don’t watch BATB but if it gets picked up for a second season i’ll check it out on netflix before next fall!

      • luli says:

        Renew hart of dixie and nikita, cancel 90210, cult, and the carrie diaries

        • Hyde says:

          Could not agree more. I wish more people would watch Nikita, it’s very good.

        • Elyse says:

          I would be more upset if they canceled Hart of Dixie or Nikita. I watch the Carrie Diaries but for me it won’t be like Secret Circle last year where I was devastated when it was canceled.

          • Whatever says:

            If the CW cancels Hart of Dixie and keeps Cult they are nuts.
            They should of kept Secret Circle for another season and skipped Cult all together.

    • Gillian says:

      As long as Hart of Dixie is also renewed, I’m all for that!

      • sarah says:

        Prediction CW will cancel: 90210, Cult, Nikita.
        Keep 2 of these 3: Carrie Diaries, HOD, BATB.
        Already renewed: TVD, Arrow and I think Supernatural.
        They have way to many pilots and like last year will cancel some good shows to make room for ones they are cancelling.
        Personally I want 90210 back for a shortened final season like the gave OTH and Gossip Girl (which I did not watch).
        I think Cult is great and has potential. Matt Davis said he was not happy with the way Alaric was written and wanted off the show for a long time, so as much as I loved Alaric he will not be back.

  3. Hollybell says:

    RIP Community. If only you didn’t become so weird last season…

    • Gem says:

      Since Community is up against THE most watched show on Thursday with one of the best demos on TV right now it still has a chance. The network it is on makes a difference. It did BETTER in the demo this week even with TVD scoring so well. So keep faith, we still have 10 more episodes to go.

  4. Elyse says:

    WOW. The Thursday at 8pm slot really is the death slot for ABC! I checked out Zero Hour last week but it was just too much. Sorry Zero Hour :(

  5. Renee says:

    Glad Beauty and the Beast went up, but I was actually hoping for higher. I’m not sure a .6 will get a season 2. Wanted a .7 or .8 so I could feel more sure of renewal.

  6. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed Zero Hour last week….I was really holding hope that ABC found a great 8pm show but it seems that this is likely to be cancelled as well. That sucks. I wonder why ABC at 8 is such a hart time slot for a show.

  7. Joe says:

    Community , I having I hard time watching the holloween , Thankgiving , and Christmas episodes after the holidays , zero hour opened bad and I’m not going to bother because how quickly shows get canceled these days

  8. Jaclyn says:

    I don’t understand how Parks was down…

  9. Jenny says:

    BATB ratings are laughable if you watch TVD ratings.

    • Claudia Keller says:

      BATB is not TVD, got nothing to do, even the fans are not the same, what is laughable about is people like you spitting hating comments on shows they dont even watch. It just show who you are not who or why people watch BATB. You should give it a try is a really good show it takes you away for the one hour it last.

  10. HeatherC says:

    I actually liked Zero Hour much better this week than I did last week. Hopefully with this show being a sort of 13 episode ‘mini series’ for ABC, they just let the whole thing air anyway and finish out the season. I don’t want to see this one left hanging like they did to 666 Park Avenue (I’m STILL wondering how that one ends!). Glad to see Grey’s ratings go up (great episode last night) and love that Scandal has been strong this year too. =)

  11. Becca says:

    I’m so confused. Did Community get a 1.2 last night or a 1.1? This matters to me since every comedy on NBC this week got a 1.1 or less this week.

  12. Win says:

    Spoilertv had me thinking it was gonna be a .5 for the beast…. That made me happy for HART OF DIXIE. now I’m a little sad.

  13. Michelle says:

    The Parks ratings make no sense whatsoever. I especially am puzzled by the 9pm ep beating the 8:30 wedding ep. I also don’t trust Nielsen’s ratings in general due to their too small/skewed sample.

  14. Ana says:

    Greys beat POI? All its right again! Scandal is so ridiculously good! Shonda gets all the props for this. Since Glee wasn’t on last night and Greys’ numbers went up, I wonder if they share an audience and if that has caused the decline (I’m relation to last season) in the ratings. I don’t understand how Parks and Rec is so low. This is my favorite comedy, bar none.

    • Emily says:

      I watched 7.5 seasons of Grey’s until POI beat it out. I look forward to POI getting back on top; the obviously share some viewers with American Idol.

      • amy says:

        POI is a relatively new show up against Grey’s Anatomy which is 9 seasons in and still holding its own on a highly competitive night, so kudos to Grey’s Anatomy. As far as any show that leads into GA, maybe ABC should try to half hour shows? It couldn’t hurt at this point. I mean even if they do end up moving Grey’s to Wed (a move that I wouldn’t maid and would follow it there), I seriously doubt I am going to stick around for three hour long dramas (even if they are similar) on that night. Just much too much. It will be interesting to see what ABC does to the fall line-up next season for sure.

  15. MJ says:

    Person of Interest was awesome last night.

  16. Josh says:

    Given that it was the best Parks and Rec EVER…and just an amazing hour of TV, I hate that…Even though it was definitely a good TVD(finally! See what happens when you give Elena a storyline that doesn’t involve the love triangle), but Parks and Rec is so amazing. It just shows how horrible this rating system is.

  17. Jess says:

    Go Greys :)

  18. Mike says:

    Looks like Communitu will stay around 1.1 for the majority of the season.

  19. mike says:

    Beauty and the Beast ratings are terrible, but they can’t cancel everything

    • Claudia Keller says:

      I love people hating on #BATB, hey good or bad publicity is publicity!!! Thanks!

    • Not actually that bad for CW. I’ll admit the show was pretty terrible for the first episodes, but over the last few weeks they’ve really learned from Arrow and just thrown everything, storyline-wise, at the show. Last night’s episode was incredible.

  20. Sharie says:

    BATB ratings arent too bad given the competition they face from person of interest,greys,glee and idol. TVD would most certainly plummet if moved to that time…

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      I don’t think TVD will move – but BATB will. One of the pilots on CW list for fall’13 is ‘The Originals’, that spin-off/spin-out of TVD. I’m guessing Originals will get the tough Thursday 9pm slot this fall, and TVD will provide 8pm lead-in cover for Originals. BATB will get renewed (I think), and maybe moved to Tuesday at 8pm, paired with a new genre type pilot at 9pm? I’m assuming Nikita gets renewed on Friday… it not, then maybe BATB to Fridays rather than Tuesday?

  21. Tran says:

    Person of Interest & Elementary still ROCKS but Community may have a slight chance of getting renewed and I don’t know why people watched Beauty and the Beast all because of Kristin Kreuk. Why not booked Erica Durance for a guest starring role soon? Mini-Smallville reunion perhaps?

  22. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    I did watch PoI last night start-to-finish since Sarah Shahi was a guest star. I noticed two things – Sarah is magnetic – she’s had her own series [pl], and I’m hoping she gets another – maybe this spring pilot season? She is just so kick-ass cool and beautiful – great combination. Looking forward to seeing her again, whether on Chicago Fire, or anywhere on the tube.
    Second point – I’ve been touting all the networks to revamp their Thursday night lineups for next fall, including moving PoI to 10pm slot. Some folks have mentioned moving PoI to Wednesday, maybe even 8pm. However, after watching last night’s episode, I counted (and eventually lost count) three killings in the first few minutes, three or four more about mid-way, and maybe five or six more once Sarah’s character got flushed out of hiding by the PoI/Caviezell team, etc.
    I’m not a PoI expert, so maybe I’m missing something, but this show is not 8pm compliant – not family friendly. 9pm or 10pm is all PoI can muster, and I’m going to stick with my prediction of moving the show back an hour to 10pm Thursday next fall.
    CBS has some thinking to do about 8pm Wednesday slot, and granted, Criminal Minds isn’t an 8pm show either, but something will have to give regarding where to place Elementary and Criminal Minds… as well as Five-0, Vegas, CSI-NY and Mentalist. CBS has a good problem – too many series/dramas, no room for all of them. Maybe NCIS-LA to 8pm on Wednesday, and the new NCIS3-Red into the Tues 9pm slot?

  23. Jared says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Hart of Dixie and BATB will both get renewed for next season. The real bubble series currently would be 90210..TCD..and Cult.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Yep, I think it is coming to that – BATB I think is 95% renewed. Good cast, genre type show that CW is moving towards in all their series next fall; a young series that can be adjusted for season 2 and placed almost anywhere in the weekly lineup. Its a go for fall’13.

      For HoD, maybe 70-30 chance of renewal? The problem for HoD is that it would need to be paired up with a similar type series – CW tends to do that. I don’t know what HoD would pair well with on a Monday or Tuesday night? Maybe TCD? 90210 is probably done in May – maybe a *very short* order for fall, but I don’t think CW wants to use a slot on the schedule for 90210 unless the CW pilot list turns out to be a total bust.

      TCD? If ratings improve by May, it gets picked up. If rating stay flat, it may be over. Cult? I thought the premiere would do better ratings wise – story wise, it was a bit convoluted. We’ll see if numbers pick up for Cult in second or third showing – if they don’t, it’s over for Cult, which might help TCD renewal chances.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Here’s a possible CW Fall’13 lineup that might keep fan favorites and bubble shows on the schedule, while dropping some older shows and allowing enough room for new pilots. I’m not really thrilled with the CW pilot list, so I’m tending towards keeping bubble shows, less green-lighting of pilots –
      Monday – 8/HoD, 9/TCD ; Tues – 8/BATB, 9/ New-Oxygen ; Wed – 8/Arrow 9/Supenatural
      Thursday – 8/TVD, New-The Originals [RIP Spinal Tap!] ; Friday – 8/Nikita ; 9/The Hundred
      winter’14: New – Tomorrow People [may need a title change – not crazy about the logline of this pilot either, but Peyton List just got signed on, so maybe there’s some hope].

  24. Elizabeth says:

    There is no way that only three million people watched Parks and Recreation last night. I can not and will not believe this.

    Something is wrong

  25. Babybop says:

    Sad for Parks and Rec. :( Last night’s episodes were amazing (like usual).
    P.S. You have a typo. It should say “Community added some viewers…” you forgot the s.

  26. Jason says:

    MATT, I don’t understand why you report only one “demo” rating, instead of just giving us the overall number of viewers who watched a program. There are MANY demos (male, women, 12-24, 18-34, 18-49, 50+)…and don’t tell us that “only one demo matters.” That’s very shortsighted and stupid. Good lord, you’re here talking about 20% increases when the number is 1.3….come ON. There are more of us here who may not “squeeze” into the tiny demo you choose to report on, so just let us know, comparatively, how many viewers are tuned in for the shows.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Adults 18-49 is the primary demo that advertisers buy against and thus ultimately determines renewal/cancellation (relative to a network’s other shows), though some networks/programs theoretically target other groups.

      That I also include Total Viewers is mostly a courtesy, but also because I have always felt, no matter for which outlet I have reported ratings, that it’s a digestible barometer of whether a show is simply gaining or losing popularity.

      As for your quibble about noting “20% increases when the number is 1.3,” here is my personal rule of thumb (inside baseball alert!): If the demo change is more than two tenths up or down, I go with a percent number. #TheMoreYouKnow

  27. Adam Bramble says:

    Person Of Interest needs to make Ken Leung a series regular he’s great!

  28. Dennis says:

    i love Community but i hate Britta and Troy for some reason it seems like he’s sleeping with his mom which is gross maybe because i watched the whole series back to back
    Person of Interest was great last night i could see a spin off sarah shahi or adding her and the guy from lost to the team the last scene involving everyone was great

    • Sarabi says:

      I can’t tolerate Britta and Troy together, too. :(

    • Kate says:

      Oh thank god, this is really freaking me out too. I cringed so hard after the “I won’t know what to google” comment about the special gym, he’s been made to be so immature I feel like he’s got the mental capacity of a 10 year old and should not be dating anyone.

  29. Alienate says:

    So, Matt, how many total eyeballs watched Zero Hour? And,will I have to divide that number by two? :)

  30. Claudia Keller says:

    I would love they pair BATB with Oxygen (will remind me to my beloved Roswell) that will be awesome on Tuesdays maybe :)

  31. Whatever says:

    Zero Hour is an average show at best but it will NEVER survive in that time slot .
    What is ABC thinking Big Bang Theory is a ratings giant so is Idol.
    Bad move on the part of ABC.

  32. ABC says:

    I really enjoyed last night’s BATB. I hope it gets renewed.

  33. dref22 says:

    This is amazing…TVD isn’t even good, it’s a hot mess this season. Bad news for network TV?

  34. I feel like all the times I wished death upon fickle Nielsen viewers caused an evil ironic genie to kill off the ones that actually watch the shows that I watch. Still missing are the .8 that watched two weeks ago. I better call my friends to see if they’re okay.

  35. Jacquelyn says:


    Do those rating for the Parks and Recreation wedding really seem accurate to you? I just dont understand how such a monumental episode can be the SERIES LOW when the season high was a month ago. If you could explain this that would be great. Sorry I just dont get it!

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      I’m sure NBC is asking the same question, but the answer is the numbers are good. The Nielsen numbers aren’t perfect, but they are normally not that far off (in relation to other series numbers). It is what it is.

      There is good news – regardless of the Park ratings, the show is definitely coming back in the fall – NBC needs something to return next fall on Thursdays. I’m guessing Park will be placed at 9pm, but it’s just a guess at this point. NBC will be revamping the entire Thursday night lineup – but Park will survive.

  36. yolyco says:

    I think nowadays there is lack of programs that are solely based on quality.. BatB is a quality show with excellent actors which hasn’t gotten the publicly by the network to get the show going. This show has drama and romance which in itself this is lacking in tv. Nowadays it easier to watch reality shows then a show that entertains and brings out messages that are important.I don’t watch TV cause nothing interested me until BatB…Those that haven’t watched give it a chance it so worth it.

  37. Janice says:

    QUALITY PROGRAM???!!! BatB is a QUALITY program?!What are you smoking? cause I’d like some…
    Anyways it got adjusted down to 0.5 in the final so this show is doomed

    • Claudia says:

      You dont have to bash her comment, If she says its quality program than be it. She can express herself. I do think BATB is one of the best shows lately, I like it better than Once Upon a Time, I used to be a Oncer and like TVD but now I dropped all the other shows for BATB, because the romantic aspect of the show is not clitche and its really well done specially the leads have the best chemistry on tv right now. It might get cheesy at times or they might not have the best quality as an HBO, a showtime or any cable tv but it got a lot of heart and soul and its a show followed by many people and different range in ages!!!! I love it….

  38. Mikael says:

    I’m sure next year CW will have a TVD/Originals combo, since TVD is the only show that can hold its own on a Thursday. It reminds me of the WB’s Buffy/Angel lineup days. Nikita I’m sure will stay at least 1 more year, on Fridays, probably with BATB at 9pm. I think CW is trying to get away from the teen girl soaps, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Carrie Diaries and 90210 get canceled. I’ve only seen the 1 episode of Cult, so I can’t say whether or not I think it should return. But I’m very impressed with Arrow and TVD beating one of the big networks at least once this year. They need more shows like that. Let ABC Family have the teen girl soaps.