Should the Good Wife Cut Loose? Who Needs to Be Dead? Parks & Rec's Big Hero? And More Qs

Red Team/Blue TeamWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, The Following, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Can Saturday Night Live‘s Olya Povlatsky please show up as often as possible? (And wasn’t it fun to see Seth Meyer’s uncontainable giggles?)

| Who’s rooting for The Good Wife to make Florrick, Agos and Associates a reality? If there’s anything this week’s episode proved, it’s that Alicia and Cary vs. Will and Diane is gold. And wasn’t it only fitting to see Kalinda “go both ways” when snooping for the red and blue teams?

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3 | Given how the Once Upon a Time seer’s previous tellings were vexing cases of semantics, what could she really have meant by “the boy is more than he appears” and “will be your undoing”?

4 | Even for the two people in the world who didn’t know that Downton Abbey was going to be offing Matthew, wasn’t the telegraphing of his demise… well, overkill? Who doesn’t expect a tragedy to befall any character who, at the happiest moment of his life, goes for a drive grinning as broadly as a Muppet?!

| How did Revenge‘s Nolan know that Nate shot Jack? Can Declan’s laptop camera see through walls? Also, are you surprised at how much Amanda grew on you? And in the battle of the CGI-ed boat scenes, who wins: Ringer or Revenge?

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6 | Although the Governor is ostensibly the Big Bad of this season’s Walking Dead, isn’t it going to be just as satisfying — if not more satisfying — when Merle finally gets served his just desserts? If ever there was a $#*!-eating grin begging to be wiped off in as painful a manner as possible, isn’t it his?

7 | Who knew the WWE loved The Office so much? After all, aren’t they paying homage to the long-running Michael/Dwight “Assistant to the Regional Manager” thing with this Brad Maddox/Vickie Guerrero storyline?

8 | On Bunheads, did anyone else think the condom might be Fanny’s?

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9 | Did we miss the scene where Castle loops in Meredith, even via a one-way phone call, to their daughter’s abduction…? And didn’t Kate’s unabashed workplace embrace of Rick speaks volumes about her feelings?

following27510 | Could The Following have painted any larger of a bullseye on the local lawman who all but tinkled himself while assisting Ryan? And really, not one other member of the Albany PD or the FBI managed to respond to the call from that elderly couple that found Joey, nor made it to the farmhouse where Ryan had tracked the quartet of psychopaths?

11 | On The Bachelor, isn’t it amazing that Desiree’s brother was painted as a villain for calling Sean a playboy and questioning his intentions, whereas in any other situation outside of the dating show, he’d be the voice of reason for calling out a dude making serious overtures toward his sis and three other women?

12 | We’re all for General Hospital‘s nostalgia-fueled comebacks, but is anyone else getting a weird, incesty vibe from Frisco every time he speaks to and about his daughter Maxie? And can we blame years of Sonny-centric focus/little need for Port Charles heroes for the “deadbeat dad” label Frisco sadly got slapped with?

13 | Who on The New Normal do we have to pay to see more than a brief blip of the Glee-skewering Sing!?

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14 | Why is Hart of Dixie trying to break our hearts with the latest out-of-the-blue Wade developments?!

15 | Should Cult have swapped Jessica Lucas and Alona Tal’s roles?

16 | Wait, we’re really supposed to believe Smash‘s Karen is increasingly attracted to douchey Brooklyn songwriter Jimmy after he’s made snide remarks about her looks, mocked her taste in music, implied she got her big break via the casting couch and then finally repaid her efforts to help his career by storming the rehearsal room for the Broadway musical she’s starring in and making a spectacle of himself?

Dodger17 | Has the fleshing out of Arrow‘s vigilante squad almost made that part of the show too much more fun than the rest?

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18 | Poll! Did a single one of Modern Family‘s 10 million viewers not guess that Gloria had sneaked off for a spa day?

19 | Is The Americans reminding you how much more tense and spine-tingling spy dramas were before cell phones, omnipresent traffic cams and such? That said: Should Elizabeth been a bit more subtle quizzing Stan about the assassination intel? And for having been buried in the ground for two decades, didn’t Elizabeth’s firearm container look like it just came off an IKEA showroom floor?

20 | Can’t Southland‘s Lydia ever catch a break?

21 | Did no one at American Idol realize the “tiebreaker” twist in the Season 12 Vegas rounds came off as pure fictional theater? Seriously, if the judges were split 2-to-2 over whether or not to advance Paul Jolley, it stands to follow that a second contestant’s fate also stood in limbo. So how come Jimmy Iovine was only asked to break the tie on Jolley, without any knowledge of who he’d thus send home?

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greys27522 | As fun as it was to see Grey’s Anatomy‘s Catherine ride to Seattle Grace’s rescue, is there anybody — anybody! — who wouldn’t have preferred for her to claim that seat on the board herself instead of giving it to Jackson?

23 | Can we attribute Scandal‘s Olivia needing 50 minutes to realize what was really up with “chaste” congressman Caldwell to her just being off her game in the wake of Fitz’s jilting?

 24 | Can we all agree that the best part of this week’s Community was the tag, in which a typically emotionless Abed declares his hatred for Pierce after he single-handedly destroyed Inspector Spacetime? (Though Luke Perry and Jennie Garth were also a nice touch.)

25 | Whose Parks and Recreation‘s wedding-saving skills were more impressive: Project Runway fan/dressmaker Ann, or ring-smelter Ron?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!