Glee Sneak Peek: Will Woos His Runaway Bride

Emma Pillsbury may have fled the scene of her own nuptials on the most recent episode of Glee, but fret not: Fox’s high-school musical won’t be morphing into Without a Trace: Lima, OH in an effort to track down her whereabouts.

In fact, judging by a new set of photos from the show’s next episode — “Girls (and Boys) on Film,” airing March 7 in a special 9:30 ET timeslot — scorned groom Will Schuester goes directly to the window of his fashionable, cold-footed love and tries to win her back with the gift of song (and a little help from the kids of New Directions). Hmmm…no sign of Finn Hudson, though. Did will find out his young BFF coveted his mentor’s wife-to-be?

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In other news, the movie-music-themed hour finds Blaine Anderson rocking a tux (finally, a viable reason for a bowtie!); Marley and Jake getting their Ghost on at the potter’s wheel (oy!); and Emma rocking a coat from the Brobee collection. So click through the photos below, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories about what’s coming next on Glee.