The CW's Cult: Will You Be Following?

CULT“Well, hey, these things just snap right off.”

No, we have no idea what that means — but that was just one of the questions raised by The CW’s Cult, which debuted Tuesday night.

Cult follows a disgraced reporter named Jeff (played by Vampire Diaries alum Matt Davis) as he investigates the vanishing of his brother, who’d gotten too close to the strongly rumored and literal cult fan base of a TV series called, yes, Cult.

On the CW show-within-a-CW show, Robert Knepper (Prison Break) plays the actor who plays cult leader Billy Grimm, while Alona Tal (Veronica Mars) plays the actress who plays a police detective nipping at Billy’s heels.

Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place) is Skye, a production assistant on the Cult-within-Cult, who helps Jeff sniff around the series’ rabid fanbase (they congregate in trendy bars to sit at laptops and visit websites about the show!) and delve into its dark secrets.

As the pilot drew to a close, Jeff discovered a DVD matching one seen on the show. When popped into his MIA bro’s laptop, it triggered a panicky phone call from his sib, begging him to back off of his investigation. Billy Grimm (or was it the actor who plays Billy?) then came on screen to warn Jeff on a loop, “You’re next.”

Oh, and one of the local cops “aiding” in the investigation but dismissing Jeff every step of the way — remember, he’s digsraced — is apparently a member of the cult.

But enough of that. Really. Tell us what you thought of the premiere. Including: Would you rather simply watch the Cult-within-Cult starring Alona Tal?

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