Zero Hour Sneak Peek: Hank Tells the Team About His 'Chilling' Encounter

ZeroHour_FrozenTwinABC’s Zero Hour this week answers the age-old question: “How does your mild-mannered (if intrepid) self tell your mild-mannered (if intrepid) magazine staffers that embedded within an arctic tundra, in a 70-year-old Nazi submarine, you came face-to-face with your frozen twin?”

You just might be surprised by the sparsity of oohs, ahhhs and GTFOOH!s. Then again, Rachel and Arron are part of today’s cool Internet generation; Vine has shown them so much.

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But if there’s one thing this video sneak peek shows, it’s that Hank still has his priorities straight (namely, MIA wife Laila), even after running into his refrigerated ringer.

Will you be tuning in for Zero Hour hour 2, this Thursday at 8/7c?

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