Spoiler Alert!: Big Bang Baby, Downton's [Spoiler] Problem Solved and Bachelor Final 4 Revealed!

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers Season 6I’d hate to oversell this week’s episode of Spoiler Alert!, but it feels like an understatement to just say that it’s a keeper!

Not only does Matt Mitovich’s and my special guest, The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch, discuss a possible Howard/Bernadette baby, Raj’s “rocky” romantic future and Penny’s stage debut, but she also sizes up The Bachelor’s final four (and the “ballsy” move one of them made).

Heck, she even solves Downton Abbey’s Matthew (RIP!) problem: Lady Mary, she suggests, “should be the next Bachelorette!”

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Oh, and as if that’s not enough, we cut the ribbon on TVLine’s new high tech renewal/cancellation headquarters, calculate Touch’s odds of survival and introduce my latest stalker. (Hint: She might look familiar to fans of the Wrestlerettes.)

So what are you waiting for? Press PLAY below, then hit the comments even further below!