Exclusive White Collar Video: Neal and Sara Have a Flirty Interlude by a Fantastic Fountain

When you’re dating someone who looks like White Collar‘s Neal Caffrey, it’s hard to keep the relationship casual — as Neal’s on-and-off girlfriend Sara discovers in the following exclusive video from Tuesday’s episode (USA Network, 10/9c).

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Sara’s got a new client who has created a perfume line inspired by Marie Antoinette’s signature scent. When the con man asks if Sara has a date to the launch party, she replies, “Would it matter if I did?” Based on his swoonworthy response, we’re guessing yes — and that their casual status may soon be a thing of the past. (Major props to Russell Fine, who directed this episode, for the beautifully staged, fountain-set scene!)

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Suz says:

    I love White Collar and can’t wait to watch the last three episodes of season 4. I’m sure the writers and cast have an amazing finale in store for us as usual!!!

  2. YES!!! Thank GOD they’re revisiting these two. I’ve missed them so much and this season hasn’t been the same without them. Their chemistry is still as fantastic as always. Please, please, PLEASE don’t give up on them, Jeff Eastin. They’re perfect together.

    • whitney devlin says:

      I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE! Hopefully Jeff will listen! Neal needs romance! It will be good for his soul!

    • Ella says:

      THIS. I don’t think there is ANYONE better for Neal than Sara. I adore him, I adore her and I adore THEM.

      • whitney devlin says:

        Yes Ella, that’s what has been missing in White Collar this season…NO LOVE INTEREST! Neal sparks whoever he is with, so BRING IT ON JEFF! We are almost patiently waiting…smile

  3. whitney devlin says:

    I love White Collar and especially NEAL! I would be absolutely delighted if he and Sara got together. Neal deserves a little happyiness. It looks like she may fit the bill!

  4. OMG!!!! I LOVE nEAL AND sARA TOGETHER…PLEASE JEFF EASTIN…They’re perfect together.

  5. Cynthia says:

    They’re so adorable<3

  6. Liz says:

    So glad they’re continuing with the Sara and Neal storyline. I need more Hilarie Burton in my life.

  7. Silver John says:

    I think i die a little bit more every time i see this..I love them!

  8. yenifer cruz says:

    me gusto ese capitulo no lo vi completo pero lo poco que vi se me hizo muy interezando lo bueno es que vi la parte del beso de Neal Y Sara me encanta esa pareja *.*

  9. White Collar fan says:

    Sara seems tolerable in this clip. Just wish she was more natural and less of a put-on. I don’t know if it’s the character of the actress, but there is something fake about her demeanor, making the dynamics between them forced, inspite of Neal’s awesomeness.

    I have to say tthis hair looks pretty good on her though.

    • dee123 says:

      It’s the actress. She’d be a great character if it was played by someone who could, you know, ACT!

    • JLB says:

      Yes! Someone finally says what I’ve been feeling about her acting. Her acting skills consist of showing all of her teeth and biting her lower lip when she wants to look sexy. When she’s not doing that she speaks her lines like she’s reading an instruction manual. And I don’t find her particularly attractive what with arms like twigs and overall too skinny. To think a guy like Neal who could pretty much have any woman he wants would be investing so much time with Sara stretches credulity a little bit.

    • tessa says:

      I think so too. She could be more warm and relaxed. There is just something there that Sara is putting a barrier up…maybe that is what she is trying to convey. They have some tender moments and actually, in the finale, where they were Neal is “chasing” Sara around the dinning table…I see and feel some chemistry there. Flirty, but didn’t feel forced. And the kiss was tender. I want to see them doing some thoughtful things for each other to give me a warm & fuzzy feeling about this couple.

      A plus on their relationship is that it didn’t go well. Like many, it can be hot, then fizzle, then rekindle, etc. Now lets see some real, genuine caring for each other. I’m ready for them to get closer…slowly….

  10. A says:

    So happy Hilarie Burton is back! Loved her way more than Kate/Alex. Kinda wish she was still a brunette though but she’s still gorgeous and I like her on the show/with Neal

  11. Pat Bomer says:

    Give me MORE! I’ll watch anything and everything that has Matt Bomer in it. LOVE White Collar and can’t wait to see what the remaining S4 episodes will bring. The chemistry between Neal and Sara seems very natural, very sexy and really adds to the story line. I would hate to see Sara written out as I think she is very good for Neal and is a positive force in his life. Keep up the good work, Jeff Eastin and team!

    • whitney devlin says:

      I have reversed my position about Neal and Sara! Initially, I was for the relationship because I want Neal to be happy! And he certainly looks like it when he’s with Sara. Lately, I’ve been feeling that it just seems forced! He is kissing her chin for goodness sake! lol Sara’s personality it too over the top for Neal! I preferred Kate’s type for him: sharp, attractive with just a hint of sweetness! Maybe Sara is just too worldly and sophisticated for my taste! I noticed the way she walked in the above snippet, her strut was more than his swagger! Let’s not accept just anyone, because that’s our only choice, and we want him to be happy with a special someone in his life! Let me emphasize, IMO ONLY! Yes, I am over thinking this…smile!

  12. kjmac says:

    cant wait to see what happens with Neal and Sara but I don’t know why but I think something bad might happen so James (Neal’s dad) as they haven’t said a lot about him recently but i could be wrong

  13. Jacob says:

    Why can’t you people make these videos the will work on the ipad or iPhone?!?!?!? It’s so annoying to have to use the computer.

  14. JBC says:

    As far as love interests go: Sara has had the most episodes with Neal as the show folks just made her “the girlfriend”. It was always more lusty than loving. Since she was forced into season 2 and made a regular in season 3, she has had the most exposure. So she has been the one people have seen the most. Some like her, I personally don’t. Kate was killed off 3 seasons ago, and she is not coming back. Alex was in only 1 episode in season 4 after not being in the story since the end of S2.. Yet, Alex has a long time history with Neal and the writers did a good job with her intro and all the subtext as they began to unfold their relationship that I enjoyed this character from the start and Neal and Alex have tons of sparks whether kissing or conning together. It is always a treat to have her in the story. Maya, was someone Neal genuinely seemed to pursue, and I enjoyed watching them, it was romantic, tender and sweet, love to see her come to NY. Then there was Sophie, and I liked their opening up to each other and the realness of their conversation. So, Sara was never believable to me as the girlfriend because they just shoved her in the story and that is not endearing in any way. I do hope we have something fresh in S5 and that Sara’s arc will finally be ended. I would like the romantic storyline to not be the focus as in S3 . Season 4 was so much better with the Cases of the Week, and the Neal and Peter dynamic and the better integration of the core cast because they didn’t have to write episodes fitting in a girlfriend.

    • what? Alex? Maya? Sophie? hahaha… Sara to lifetime… Sara is great,amazing,badass,beautiful…and with neal she is fantastic… great chemistry

    • Dee says:

      Really great commentary!
      I love Neal with Alex. Matt Bomer has the most chemistry with Gloria Votsis and I don’t understand why Jeff Eastin stopped pursuing it. The whole Sara romance always feels forced and unnatural.
      Bit over this season too. Neal used to have great little conversations with Diana and now she just gets to say mean things to him which don’t seem right. The writing is a bit off this season in regards to the characters. Glad we have seen more Diahann Carroll this season though.

  15. AS says:

    I don’t care for Sara, never did never will. I am kinda over season 4. I am hoping for a better season 5.

  16. Sara is great,amazing,badass,beautiful…and with neal she is fantastic… great chemistry

    • JLB says:

      Wow, Virginia Rebel, are you really Hilarie Burton? Sounds like you are a crazed fan-girl unable to see just how bad Sara really when she is with Neal.

  17. Sara was hotter as a redhead, but I think they were trying to get away from theshow’s brunette fixation…I disagree that Hilarie is a terrible actress – Really watch her expressions up close, she works tiny, like a soap opera actresss…It’s all in the eyes, guys…
    Hilarie & Matt are Friends and it shows; it’s not about getting the clothes off, they laugh & tease & flirt; as Neal once said, “Flirting…is like a dance…” When Matt pulls her close it looks like they’re dancing, and he dips her like in a tango…That fun aspect can turn into heat if you play the music right, and Neal knows how to play like a master…
    I think her opinion of him came back up when he returned the Raphael (painting) in Season 3…

  18. videl says:

    heard that dead weight is gone after this season, can’t wait..

    • SG says:

      Me neither. This season has been so much better with much less of Sara. It’s a shame she has to be back in the season finale, but hopefully this will be the last we’ll see of her.

  19. CC says:

    Love Neil and Sara hope to see more of them.

  20. Kristy says:

    Yuck. So. Over. Sara.

  21. whitney devlin says:

    I have had more time to think this over, seriously I really don’t know why! SMILE … but I’m not happy with Sara, and really never was! It was Neal’s reaction to Sara that made me want to like her and have him happy! I don’t mind admitting that I was wrong to post that I had liked her. He can do so much better. Sara is pretty enough, but her personality is all wrong for Neal! He needs someone to nurture him and not be so omnipotent! Sorry Sara, I like you, but not with Neal! He needs more…

  22. whitney devlin says:

    Is it me, or is he kissing her chin? Further proof that Sara is not for him!

  23. He’s “taking” her lower lip, that way her mouth is pulled open for his tongue to enter…Neal doesn’t mess around…Notice that he pulls her up hard against his body…No mxed signals, he tells her exactly what he wants…
    Neal kisses like a European…

  24. sayit says:

    Sara looks like she just walked in from another show maybe “Sex and the city”? What’s with that walk? Yes Neal has a certain swagger but goes with his aura of a conman. With her it just seems out of sorts and overdone. Awesome kiss though, gotta say. Frankly, I don’t care if he is with Alex, Sophie, Sara, or someone else, I just want to be drawn into the story/scene being depicted and Sara always somehow takes me out of the scene she is in.

    • JLB says:

      Exactly! She always seems like she should be somewhere else and that swagger is over the top. For me it’s unrealistic because I don’t think she’s particularly hot. Kind of like Toddlers and Tiaras when a little girl tries to make sexy moves; it’s just a little off and creepy.

  25. ash says:

    I love Sara and Neal together and here’s why…they have really good chemistry together and Neal in a way is softening Sara up. Sara has been through a lot in her life, she lost her sister and we don’t know what happened to her parents..she is pretty much an orphan. Hence why she puts up a tough exterior and when you see her opening up to Neal, she really does become a softer person. Like the episode right before Neal’s commutation hearing (Peter talks to her and then she talks to Neal) or when finds our Neal has the treasure, she really becomes another person when she realizes there are people that she could depend on or that she cared about. I also do agree on the fact that their relationship was a bit rushed in the beginning and this whole casual thing is a bit weird but something that they would both do.

  26. Marie says:

    I’m so happy Sara will be gone at the end of the season. Maybe Bomer can work with some real actresses instead of wasting his talent trying to make Burton look like she’s got a clue.

  27. Karon Wojack says:

    Team Neal and Sara

  28. ok…i fans di ALEX hanno colpito ancora… I LOVE SARA ELLIS and I love Sara with Neal… fortunately there is people that thinks differently from you…GO SARA/NEAL GO …

  29. Cindy says:

    Love it! Love Sara! She’s the best match for Neal, for sure. So glad the creative team behind the show love Hilarie Burton. Neal and Sara have to be endgame.

  30. Kristina says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Hillary Burton again! Her character’s great and it’s always fun to watch Sara and Neal’s interactions.

  31. simy says:

    yay sara is back!!!!!!! so happy

  32. whitecollarfan says:

    Hilarie Burton portrays Sara beautifully, and works best with Matt Bomer. The episodes featuring Sara and Neal always make the plot more interesting, more exciting, and definitely more fun to watch. Sara is the best female counterpart for Neal, and both complement each other fantastically! I hope to see more of Sara in the coming episodes.

    • JLB says:

      Then you know nothing about acting or relationships.

      • IRT says:

        Lay off JLB you are taking this way too seriously. I love Sara and Neal and if you don’t great for you but stop posting snide comments about how you hate them as a couple because a lot of other people like them together. Hilarie Burton is a great actress and portrays Sara perfectly and Sara is perfect for Neal, and just so you know you really need to stop saying their relationship is forced because in tv dramas most of them are. It’s called acting, but their realationship doesn’t seem forced because they’re awesome actors! Sorry if I offended you in any way because I notice you get angry when someone disagrees with you. If you disagree with Sara and Neal lovers good for you we don’t care.

        • JBC says:

          JLB has a right to his/her opinion as much as you do IRT. So if you write that you like Sara and Neal and Hilarie Burton’s acting abilities portraying Sara that is ok. You like them and nobody is telling you to not say those things, but others may have a differing opinion and that is fine for them to express their opinions too.

          • IRT says:

            I have no problem with her opinion but every time someone posts how they love Sara and Neal she or he posts how they know nothing about relationships or how they might in fact be Hilarie Burton because they seem obsessed. It’s her or him that has a problem with different opinions, sooo…

  33. marcy says:

    I love Sara!!! Neal & Sara forever!!! the best couple!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.|

  35. JBC says:

    Jeff Eastin once wrote in article something about Neal Caffrey at the end of the series still being a conman. I like this. I don’t want to see Neal turning to become an upright citizen. I like that he stays Neal Caffrey conman with a heart, who stills flirts with the women, and likes nice things and uses his skills for helping the FBI, but doesn’t tell them everything.. I don’t want him to change. He should stay the Neal Caffrey we all fell in love with.
    When Neal and Sara were dating in S3 she left him because she said that there was a line she couldn’t cross, and that was when she found out about the treasure. So I see no future with Sara and Neal, as he is currently living off that same treasure. Does he tell her about it, and all of a sudden she becomes a criminal too, or it doesn’t bother her now and her new version doesn’t turn him in? Neal needs to stay free, flirt about, and get back to solving crimes with Peter. I hope the producers/writers bring back the witty and fun and flirty conman that we fell in love with and stay away from all the melodrama of soap opera characters.

    • whitneydev says:

      YOUR COMMENT WAS BRILLIANT. THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFULLY STATED! I believe that’s what we all know and love, the Neal Caffrey who is still a conman, who flirts, likes the good life and is smarter than Peter or the FBI could ever be!

    • IRT says:

      A lot of people don’t like that Neal is still a conman in heart because it might ruin his relationship with Peter and instead of catching thieves he’d become one once again but a lot of people don’t get that he still is a conman. All the times he is undercover as a theif he brings back the old him and realizes that the old him was never really gone. Neal Caffrey is still a theif and he always will be but now he is doing bad things for good reasons. That is what I love about Neal! He can still hang on to the old him but it doesn’t ruin his relationship with Peter and he can still work for the FBI. So if anybody thinks he might give it all up and be right back where he was before don’t worry about it.

  36. Sachin says:

    What is the French words Neal quotes just after kissing Sara..?

  37. Kathie says:

    How can they take such a good show like that off the air. White Collar is the best in a while I have ever seen. All the stars on that show click so well. Whoever is doing the casting is very good at it. Hilarie and Matt are so good. II would even love to see all 5 of them in a movie together. I would love to know why it is going off air?