Was Castle's Gift Belated? Paternity Puzzle on Glee? Too Much Office Angst? And More TV Qs!

MARGARITA LEVIEVA, NICK WECHSLERWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey and Castle!

1 | Jack’s marriage on Revenge isn’t legally binding since his bride is lying about her name, right? Or is Jack technically married to the real Amanda Clarke because that name is on the license?! And how’d Nate Ryan manage to hide on The Amanda? The boat never seemed that spacious…

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2 | Why would Once Upon a Time‘s Mr. Gold spend five hours behind the wheel to take a one-hour flight (from Boston to New York City) instead of spending that stretch kicked back on a plane out of Maine’s Bangor or Portland airports?

3 | Shockingly, no one seems to be discussing the real controversy to come out of Sunday’s divisive Girls: How the hell has People magazine never declared Patrick Wilson the Sexiest Man Alive?!

4 | Was it romantic that The Walking Dead’s Carol defended Daryl’s decision to dump her and their makeshift family for his despicable brother… or was it disturbing in a Lord-she-still-doesn’t-put-herself-first way? And will downton275watching Rick and Carl (again) reunite after a(nother) separation ever stop giving us a lump in the throat?

5 | Would it have killed Julian Fellowes to have allowed Downton Abbey‘s Lady Edith even a moment’s happiness before he pulled the rug out from under her again? Or are we supposed to just be glad that her new love interest is only married to a madwoman and not, say, an ax murderer?

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6 | Was How I Met Your Mother quietly testing the waters for an Absolutely Fabulous-esque spin-off starring Lily and Robin as gossipy 40something boozehounds?

VANESSA MARANO, STEPHEN LUNSFORD7 | What happened to Switched at Birth‘s other new pilot program guy, Teo?

8 | We loved how The Carrie Diaries‘ titular teen got all MacGyver-y and transformed her sapphire cocktail dress into a tulle-tastic gown in mere minutes, but why didn’t we get even a glimpse of how she pulled off such a feat?

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9 | Is one of The Following‘s most “killer” elements its music choices?

10 | Why is it that Dallas‘ Cliff Barnes doesn’t make us quake in our boots as much as J.R. does? (Could it be the mock turtleneck look?) And again: Judith Light as Mitch Pileggi’s mom?!

photo11 | Why does Acorn Stairlift advertise during RuPaul’s Drag Race? Is it because the gays will most likely end up caring for their elderly parents?

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12 | How is it that Castle barely put Nathan Fillion in a single scene with Firefly castmate Gina Torres? And as meaningful as Kate’s gift was, wouldn’t/shouldn’t Rick have had “a drawer” by now?

13 | Is it going to take Arrow‘s Oliver Queen as long to notice Felicity as it did for Smallville‘s Oliver Queen to set his sights on Chloe?

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spnglasses27514 | Can Dean and Sam wear glasses in every episode of Supernatural?

15 | Who had nightmares after seeing Dallas’ Blowtoxed face on Suburgatory?

16 | Nashville fans, it’s time to declare your allegiance: Damaged-but-swoonworthy Deacon or hottie Liam?

17 | Does the idea of The Americans‘ Elizabeth having an affair — one in which she opened up emotionally — not quite jibe with the cold woman presented in the pilot?

18 | On Southland, did anyone else gasp, thinking the woman being thrown off the balcony was real?

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19 | Did Katherine’s reappearance on The Vampire Diaries remind you how much an injection of fun has been missing from the show recently?

20 | Scandal’s Jake (played by Scott Foley) creepily staring at his wall of monitors — eerily reminiscent of The Walking Dead‘s Governor admiring his zombie-fish-tanks, no? And can we safely assume that Olivia “meeting cute” with Jake at the coffee shop was no accident? Also: Why would David, an experienced attorney, lie to the cops and not simply exclaim, “I just woke to a dead woman in my bed”?

21 | Wasn’t it silly — and insensitive — of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina to quit along with her pals? What she was doing (and why) was clear, but wouldn’t the gang have accomplished the same goal without her stabbing Owen in the back?

22 | Did you think The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon was going to cave aThe Office - Season 9nd give Amy the brain-cell drawing? Or was his real Valentine’s Day gift so much better? And who do you think will propose to her guy first: Penny, or Bones‘ Brennan?

23 | No, seriously: Can The Office‘s Jim and Pam please work things out ASAP? Our hearts can’t take much more.

24 | In the final scene of Glee, did you notice that as Rachel fretted over her calendar, it appeared she was flipping to “March 2013,” indicating a possible time lapse? Considering her hookup with Finn took place on Valentine’s Day, and presuming that her pregnancy test comes up positive, is Ms. Berry going to need to book an appearance on Maury to determine her baby daddy?

25 | Is the commercial for A Good Day to Die Hard 20 percent louder than anything on TV? What happened to the C.A.L.M. Act that was supposed to regulate such things?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!