Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Once, Scandal, HIMYM, Big Bang and More!

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Question: Any How I Met Your Mother scoop about Barney and Robin? —Anette
Ausiello: First comes love, then comes marriage, but in-between, there’s… cohabitation! In “The Fortress of Barnitude,” Barney — presumably in preparation for moving in with his fiancée — holds an open house in hopes of unloading his bachelor pad. (Cue flashbacks to one-night stands in 3, 2… ) Somehow, along the way, at least one potential buyer is given the impression that Ted and Marshall are a couple — and Lily, an intolerant homophobe. P.S. Hey, where is Future Robin’s wedding ring…?

Question: Any news on Parenthood? When is it coming back? —Kimberly
Ausiello: Next fall.

Question: Is there any chance we’ll see Tony’s Bucket List again anytime soon on NCIS? Maybe even Tony doing something from the Bucket List? —Caro
Ausiello: Either you have the NCIS production offices bugged or, as exec producer Gary Glasberg suspects, you’re “reading the writers’ collective minds.” Either way, Glasberg confirms that the topic of Tony’s Bucket List “recently came up as we were discussing the season-ending arc.” The boss says no decision has been made whether they’ll revisit that particular story this season, but he does offers another piece of intel to satisfy your scoop craving. “Prepare to see an aspect of the Gibbs mythology the audience has never seen before,” he teases, before adding this telltale clue: “Ever wonder where Gibbs gets his hair cut?”

Question: I absolutely love The Good Wife! I gotta know, does the Alicia/Will dynamic ever come back into play? —Olivia
Ausiello: Rumor has it that the flashback-heavy episode featuring Fringe‘s John Noble revisits the brief period in Fall 2011 when Alicia and Will were an unofficial couple. (When I hand you the dots, it’s your job to connect them). Bonus Scoop (which may or may not pertain to your question): Do not miss this Sunday’s episode.

Question: I have a theory that you’re going to hit me with a really big Bang scoop on this week’s Ask Ausiello. —Joshua
Ausiello: I have a theory that you thought that question was cleverly worded. This Thursday’s Valentine’s Day episode interestingly evokes both Castle (in that Leonard touts himself as a “romance ninja” versus a “gift ninja”) and Bones (in a way we won’t reveal but lays the foundation for a heart-tugging future moment). But it’s a moment between Sheldon and Amy that will quite possibly have everyone grabbing for a Kleenex.

Question: Any word on when Mistresses is going to air? — ‪@Alyssa_Milano via Twitter
Ausiello: There’s no official word from ABC, but you should probably go ahead and make sure your schedule is clear the second and third week in May. I have a hunch you’ll be heading to New York for a few days of press ahead of the show’s launch. Please reserve a 30-minute window for TVLine’s weekly web series phenom Spoiler Alert! Keep in mind that Thursday afternoons tend to work best for us, but we’ll do our best to work around your schedule. Can’t wait to see you!

TBQuestion: Any chance Steve Newlin’s wife (played by your BFF Anna Camp) will make an appearance on True Blood this season? I kind of want to know what happened to her. —Pink
Ausiello: You and Ms. Camp both. “There’s a lot of unfinished business,” the Mindy Project/Vegas actress maintains, adding that Sarah Newlin “is probably pissed” that her husband is now an out-and-proud gay man and vampire, thus making a mockery of the Fellowship of the Sun. “She wants to come back and make her presence known.” Camp, who at this time is (sadly) not scheduled to appear in the HBO drama’s upcoming Season 6, suspects that “Sarah’s been holding down the fort at the Fellowship. Maybe she has a baby now. I wish Sarah had a baby! She’s very good with children.”

Question: The synopsis for this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time says, “Rumplestiltskin realizes his destiny while fighting in the Ogre Wars.” What does this mean, and what does it have to do with the seer(s) that have been cast for this episode? —Bezi
Ausiello: What it means is that a seer shares with Rumplestiltskin a warning about his fate… but neglects to include some extremely pertinent details. What follows is a painful, painful* lesson in, “Always ask follow-up questions!” (*The second “painful” is for the backstory you’re about to get on Rumple’s limp.)

Question: I’m really hating that Belle has amnesia on Once Upon a Time. I already went through it with Charming, now I have to go through it with my favorite female character. Please tell me you have some Belle scoop. —Becca
Ausiello: Though Belle’s memory is still MIA in this Sunday’s episode, “Manhattan,” that doesn’t keep her from kinda-sorta pointing Regina to the location of Rumplestiltskin’s most prized possession. (And in doing so, she gives that nosy Greg Mendel yet another damning bit of evidence that Storybrooke is no ordinary burg.)

Question: Would you ever consider doing Dancing With the Stars? —Heather
Ausiello: For the right amount of money, I would consider doing Len Goodman.

Question: I need some scoop on The Lying Game! Any new love interests on the horizon for Laurel now that Jordan is out of the picture? —Stacie
Ausiello: Who says Jordan is out of the picture? Certainly not Allie Gonino (aka Laurel), who tells us the twosome “end up doing something together” in the very near future. “It’s not anything serious,” she clarifies. “Laurel just goes along with it.” OK, sounds like he is out of the picture. Regardless, Gonino says Laurel is “pretty apathetic” about romance at the moment, adding, “She’s a strong girl. I don’t think she seeks validation or associates who she is with whatever guy she’s involved with. She’s kind of just along for the ride.”

Question: Love The Following. Can you tell me what’s to come for Natalie Zea’s character, Claire? —Meaghan
Ausiello: More fear and dread about the fate of her kidnapped son, Joey. “It doesn’t get better,” Zea ominously previews. “That’s not to say that they aren’t reunited — because I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that even if [they are], the intensity continues to grow and grow and grow.” Zea also teases that the inevitable showdown between Claire and Joey’s captor, Emma, will be “surprising.”

Question: What’s your choice of best comedy and best drama (currently airing original episodes) right now? — John
Ausiello: Drama is easy: The Good Wife. Comedy is tougher, but at this moment I’m going with a tie between Happy Endings and Enlightened, with New Girl, Girls and Suburgatory all getting mentioned honorably.

Question: Scandal scoop, pretty please! Anything on POTUS if you have it. —Mandy
Ausiello: If you thought that Cyrus got a free pass from “enlightened” Fitz — and that is why we didn’t get to see the president confront his chief of staff about the rigged election — Shonda Rhimes is here to set the record straight. “That is not true,” she told us. “When we come back [this Thursday] and it’s 10 months later, you begin to see the aftereffects of what happened with Fitz and his relationship with Cyrus. You will see how that consequence is played out.”

Question: I would dearly love some hints to narrow down who’s dying soon on The Vampire Diaries. Is it a male or female character? And does the death stick? —Audrey
Ausiello: Fun fact: Lost amid all this departure chatter is the potentially bigger news of an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return.

mqQuestion: I need some Castle scoop. Is it true that Molly Quinn (Alexis) is leaving the show? —Laura
Ausiello: Hadn’t heard that one. But I did a little digging and multiple sources assure me that it most definitely is not true. Those same sources suspect the rumor probably got started because Alexis gets kidnapped in the Feb. 18 episode, the first half of the annual February sweeps two-parter.

Question: Any scoop about TV’s funniest, most underrated comedy, Suburgatory? —Keith
Ausiello: Not only scoop but sexypants scoop to boot! In an upcoming episode, the guys compete to represent the hottest months in a racy “Dads of Chatswin” calendar. “Dallas thinks I don’t do anything fun,” previews Jeremy Sisto, in character  as George, “So to prove her wrong, I get really competitive about this modeling thing and try to go for the December fold. We’re all competing against each other. It’s wacky.” As an added bonus, Men in Trees alum Seana Kofoed has been cast as the calendar committee chairwoman who’ll decide which fella gets which month.

Question: Can you tell me anything on Enlightened? No one seems to pay attention to this show! –Anna
Ausiello: Considering I just named it my favorite comedy series of the moment [scroll up 331 words], we know that at least one person is paying attention to it. (Two, if you count my colleague Michael Slezak.)  So that’s the good news. The bad news? You know how Tyler is fretting about the future of his fledgling romance with executive assistant Elaine (Molly Shannon), seeing how his “gift” of new music paved the way for Amy and Dougie to access her computer and peruse the Abaddon CEO’s personal emails? Well, that bit of corporate espionage is going to lead to some serious heartbreak — and no amount of Amy’s “fight the power!” prosthelytizing is going to be able to mitigate the anguish.

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